I get this question almost every day and it is getting rather old. Please do not put me and my work into your tiny little old Gnostic box from the past.

On this page I post about Gnosis which is a Greek word for knowledge. Gnosis can be just about anything and everything if you choose it to be. Contrary to popular misbelief, it is not just about the Archons, Yaldoboath, Yahweh, the Dead Sea Scrolls and or debating about what the Church doctors had doctored about their fake Gnostic propaganda.

For smart Modern Gnostics, we chose knowledge that will make our lives better and are families more healthy. Sometimes this Gnosis/Knowledge is about current events, our controlled media, the sorcerers cooking another poison sold as medicine, sneaky governmental archons and the parasitical elemental creatures in the unseen world who seek to highjack our central nervous systems to do their bidding.

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