By Gary Wenkle SmithSpiritual warrior

Before the great light warms Mother Earth,
the Warrior rises.
Looking out to see the new day.
Ready for that which must come.
Knowing that which only a Warrior can know.

Sensing the presence of Great Souls.
The new day breaks.
The Warrior is prepared for the battle of the day.
Freedom for the Nations.
Gaia sends the wind into the soul of the Warrior.

Children of the land sing songs of love.
The soul of the Wolf roams free.
The Eagle sees all that moves.
The Bear is of immense strength.
The Freedom Warrior feeds from the light.

It is a Warrior’s dawn.
Only a Warrior walks the land.
Love is everlasting.
I have seen these things.
I am a Warrior.

SOURCE: Gary Wenkle Smith 2000

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