On Gnostic Warrior Radio and Podcast #9, we have a discussion with the infamous New Zealander and gentle giant, Vinny Eastwood from the vinny eastwoodTheVinnyEastwoodShow.com.

Vinny is probably one of the hardest working in the truth movement and on radio. It was very kind of him to take some of his valuable time to be a guest on my new podcast and it was a great pleasure to finally meet Vinny.

In this podcast you will see a side to Vinny that you may never witness on his own radio shows because he is usually the interviewer. He actually brought me to tears telling his story, and as usual, to laughter, because his humor is very infectious- even to people like me who often find it hard to laugh in this dark world.

Vinny Eastwood Links and Websites:


Vinny on American Freedom Radio

Vinny on YouTube

Vinny on Facebook


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