calcite crystalBelow is an excerpt from a great article on titled, First Evidence of Viking-Like ‘Sunstone’ Found. In the article it describes a special stone called a “calcite crystal that the Vikings had possibly used for navigation before the invention of the magnetic compass in the 16th century.

Special stones and rocks have always had a significant meaning to the Brotherhood. From the cornerstone of Jesus Christ, to the foundation of Peter the rock in which the Catholic Church was built, and to the Stone of Scone in which many Kings have been ordained. These stories were passed down to us by our ancestors because these very specific stones had a significant meaning to them and it was the life force they had contained that was so special.

One of these secret life forces is known in the occult world as Lucifer. Lucifer in alchemy is truly just an occult name for a naturally occurring chemical element in nature and life called “phosphorus.” The calcite crystal of course contains inorganic phosphate with the effect explained in terms of the initial formation of two-dimensional nuclei between adsorbed phosphate ions on the steps of the crystals.

First Evidence of Viking-Like ‘Sunstone’ Found;

Ancient lore has suggested that the Vikings used special crystals to find their way under less-than-sunny skies. Though none of these so-called “sunstones” have ever been found at Viking archaeological sites, a crystal uncovered in a British shipwreck could help prove they did indeed exist.

The crystal was found amongst the wreckage of the Alderney, an Elizabethan warship that sank near the Channel Islands in 1592. The stone was discovered less than 3 feet (1 meter) from a pair of navigation dividers, suggesting it may have been kept with the ship’s other navigational tools, according to the research team headed by scientists at the University of Rennes in France.

A chemical analysis confirmed that the stone was Icelandic Spar, or calcite crystal, believed to be the Vikings’ mineral of choice for their fabled sunstones, mentioned in the 13th-century Viking saga of Saint Olaf.

I AM still learning about these special stones and crystals, but it is very fascinating to me as if I AM relearning facts from a previous life. We can take this journey together and if you would like to get educated on the truth about Lucifer and find the light in the darkness of the internet in order to help you on your path, please see my previous articles on this subject such as, The Philosophers Stone and Who is Lucifer?


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