My theory on why Anthony Bourdain may have committed suicide

My latest walk and talk where I discuss my theory on why Anthony Bourdain may have committed suicide. A philosophical walk and talk about the Dark Night of the Soul where I share my own experience with suicide and why other people decide to pull the kill switch on their souls to turn out the lights to the fake show.

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All Americans Are Liars

The original Gnostic quote comes from the Cretan philosopher Epimenides Gnosis who said, ” All Cretans are liars.”

Today, we find the lying Cretans in America.

Paid Liars in fake American media. Paid Liars in politics. Lies from our Satanic cult down from Santa Claus and our sacrilegious commercial Christmas celebrations and Black Fridays.

Let us not forget our current social media hell with fake social media lies and lying fake friends.

I have knowingly participated in the orgies of lies as an American Liar because just like “All Cretans Are Liars!” –  “All Americans Are Liars!”

Therefore, I can honestly say the truth when I declare today that “All Americans are Liars!”


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Carl Jung On Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a concept first explained by Swiss psychiatrist and Gnostic Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences.”

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The Love of Truth By Manly P. Hall

“Truth alone can lead man to perfection. And this perfection he has to earn by giving his own life to truth.”

Here is a great video of Manly P. Hall on The Love of Truth. Hall describes the history of Truth, and the many martyrs who have died serving Truth such as the philosopher of the early 6th century, Boethius. He states that Truth is not a word or doctrine, but a living thing that has its own life. Hence, why our motto for The Order of the Gnostics is “Some people live a lie, while others who live the truth will never die!” (more…)

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