The alchemical balance of the divine feminine energies with the masculine is shown in this image to the

right and below with the word rebis. The word rebis is derived from the Latin res bina, meaning dual or double matter. The meaning of the word balance is “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.”

The Gnostic art of being a spiritual human, who lives by nature’s laws, requires that we work at balancing these very alchemical energies that we are made of. The meaning of alchemy is the scientific study based on the supposed transformation of matter.

In the case of our own journeys along the path, this transformation takes place within our very own souls by magically changing them from the darkness of lead into the illumination of the finest gold; from rudimentary rocks into philosopher stones, from beasts of Babylon into Saints on the most high.

This is what real Hermetic and Gnostic alchemy is all about; Uniting the Divine Feminine and Masculine in Holy Gnostic Matrimony, The path of the enlightened ones, The Magnum Opus or Great Work.

Moe is the founder of A website dedicated to both the ancient and modern teachings of Gnosticism.

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