The Magical Masonic Exorcists of Babylon

The Magical Masonic Exorcists of Babylon

Nergal was the name of the Babylonian God of Hell and Plagues that the Samaritan Levites who were also known as the Cutha (Cuthites, Cush, Kush etc.), which is the same city as the earthly home of the king of Hades (Hell). We can also find the name Nergal being taken on by Samaritan Tribal officials who we find at the siege of Jerusalem.

For example, Nergal-sar-uzur (Neriglissar, Nergal-Sharezer, Nergal-shar-ezer) is one such name that has been excavated from the so-called Babylonian bricks and he is believed to have been the Rag-Mag mentioned by the Jewish prophet Jerimiah. (Jer. 39:3) The name Rag-mag refers to the “Chief of the Magi (Magicians AKA Priests)” which would mean that Nergal-Sharezer was in charge of all magical operations in relation to governing Babylon.

It was around this time that we can then find many names were compounded with the name of Nergal in Babylonia. First, we have King Nergal-Sharezer who is listed as the Son-in-Law of Nebuchadnezzar, who when Jerusalem was taken, came in and sat in the middle gate, with the other princes and officers. Then there are many names containing Nergal which occur in the Babylonian commercial and legal documents, such as Nergal/al-ahh-iddin, or “Nergal gives a brother”; Nergal-ubaUU, or “Nergal gives life “; Nergal-shuzibanni, or ” Nergal, save me!”

In the Babylonian biblical account documenting the genealogy of Nergal (Nirgal, Nergilos or Nirgali), we discover that Ner in the Scripture was the Ancient Patriarch and Father of the Tribe of Saul who was the first king of the land of Israel. He was the son of Abiel (Jehiel), according to (1 Chronicles 8:33) father of Abner, and grandfather of King Saul. (B.C. 1140.), of the tribe of Benjamin, and the father of Cush.

Abner was, therefore, uncle to Saul, as stated in (1 Samuel 14:50) and Saul was the father of Jonathan, Malchishua, Abinadab, and Esh-baal. The son of Jonathan, Merib-baal was the father of Micah. 1 Samuel 14:51 should be read, “Cush, the father of Saul, and Ner, the father of Abner, were the sons of Abiel.” And hence this Cush and Ner were brothers, and Saul and Abner were first cousins (Comp. 1 Chronicles 9:36).

The Biblical description of the end of the reign of the Assyrian King Sennacherib shows us that he was killed by his two sons, Adrammelech and Nergal-Sharezer (Neriglissar – ner’gal-sha-re’zer) – Sharezer (2 Kings xix:37; Is. xxxvii:38).

We can also find a Nergal-Sharezer (Neriglissar, ner’gal-sha-re’zer or Ne.Nun.Gal-Lugal-u-su-ur) Fourth King of the dynasty of Babylon X (Chaldean dynasty). He is some accounts is listed as the son of Belsum-iskum who was a military chieftain under Nebuchadnezzar ( Nabucodonosor ) (Jer, xxxix:3) and the chief of the magi (Rab-mag) under the same king, and present in the same expedition (Jer. xxxix:3, 13).

His name appears as “Nerigassolassar” in the Canon of Ptolemy, which was compiled by Claudius Ptolemy [90 – 168 AD], who lived in the second century AD and worked at the Alexandria Library compiled a list of the kings of Babylon. In the Canon of Ptolemy,” He married Nebuchadnezzar’s daughter and ascended the throne two years after Nebuchadnezzar’s death. A palace built by him has been discovered among the ruins of Babylon, and his name found on bricks.

Nergal-sharezer and Nebuzaradan are listed as high officials of King Nebuchadnezzar II, who in 586 B.C. destroyed the First Temple, as well as Jerusalem, and exiled most of the remaining population of Judah. We can also find an exorcist priest, Nergal-Eres, son of Bel-apla-usur, who was a brewer witness in an allotment for an exorcist at Kutha temple superintendent and guild president at Cutha. They are mentioned at the scene of the destruction in Jeremiah 39:3 and 39:9, and are mentioned in a list of his courtiers that was written on clay tablets.

This proves that the family of Nergal who is listed as ‘courtiers’ of King Nebuchadnezzar II which means they were the sovereign protectors of the king who were also temple superintendents and guild presidents ie: Freemasons.

It is also interesting we find the appellation of “Gal” the pronunciations of the name of this Samaritan official and this same name is later taken by the magicians we know as Jesus and his Apostles. As I explained before, Gal if from gallus or gallinaceous which Latin for the English “rooster, cockerel or cock.” (male chicken).This is why one of the surnames for Jesus was “Jesus the Galilean from Gallillee” and his Apostles like Simon was also surnamed “Peter the Galilean.”

It is said that in Babylon at Cutha was one of several cities from which people were brought to Samaria, and they worshiped Nergal. Saint Bede says that in the Book of Places we read that Benoth and Nergal were cities built in the region of Judea by Samaritans who had migrated from Babylon; the town of Ashima.

In the biblical account, however, Kuthah was one of several cities from which people were brought to Samaria, and they worshiped Nergal. The “men of Cuth,” when transported as colonists via mass deportations to Samaria by the Assyrians, they introduced his worship into the land of their forced adoption. They were also introduced by the Assyrian Empire into Samaria, in a policy of mass deportations. It was on the Samaritan Temple on Mount Gerizim, opposite the Temple in Jerusalem, where they worshipped Nergal.

We know today that these Samaritans who are known as the Cutheans AKA Sons of Seth and Levites would have traveled with the Romans and were a very early ethnic group, widely distributed and powerful. From Assyria, we can now say they extended their power to Crete, Egypt, India, China, Arabia Petraea, Abyssinia, and many other lands. ”

I believe my bloodline is the same and have traced my DNA Haplogroup in all these same areas and in other Roman-conquered territories all over the world which can be verified by both history and science. These articles are testaments of our ancestral knowledge/gnosis which comes from the same blood.

For we started the Brotherhood…

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To Be a Noble is to Be in the Gno

Gnosis was once the main religion of ancient empires that later became the secret religion of the royal El-ite.

It is from the word Gno that we get the modern word, “to know.” This would later develop in a special name for the royal class who were in the Gno with the word “Gnoble” which became the modern “Noble.”

A compound word composed of the words Gno (Gnosis) and able which means having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something. (more…)

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Christmas: The Festival of Jupiter

From time immemorial, the ancient festival that we know of today as Christmas was celebrated by many different cultures all around the world. As time moved forward and as we see in our modern era, the celebration and exchanging of gifts have become the focal point of these yearly festivities for most people, but the original meaning at the true heart of this holy-day has been lost.


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The reformers and great religious geniuses were heretics

The reformers and great religious geniuses were heretics. It is there that you find the footprints of the Holy Spirit, and no one asks for him or receives him without having to pay a high price.

The price is so high that no one today would dare suggest that he possesses or is possessed by the Holy Spirit, or he would be too close to the psychiatric clinic. The danger of making oneself ridiculous is too real, not to mention the risk of offending our real god: respectability. ~ Carl Jung ‘Answer to Job’


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Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of Vibration

Quote on human energy

“This Principle embodies the truth that “everything is in motion”; “everything vibrates”; “nothing is at rest”; facts which Modern Science endorses, and which each new scientific discovery tends to verify.

And yet this Hermetic Principle was enunciated thousands of years ago, by the Masters of Ancient Egypt. (more…)

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Unconscious is a process and that ego’s rapports with the unconscious

“Only by discovering alchemy have I clearly understood that the Unconscious is a process and that ego’s rapports with the unconscious and his contents initiate an evolution, more precisely a real metamorphoses of the psyche” ~ Carl G. Jung
Quote on conscious carl jung
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There Is No Spiritual Fast Food Drive Through

“The Evolution of Consciousness is about change. One cannot realize Consciousness without change.”

By Storm Wolf – Are we there yet?

Sometimes when speaking to others about Spirituality, Enlightenment or realizing Consciousness it seems as if we are on a trip. Everyone wants to know how long it’s going to take to reach the “destination.” Of course this is quite comical to Me, as in Truth there is no destination, there is ALWAYS more. And yet it seems that the masses want a quick solution just as with everything else in Our culture. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is no “Spiritual Fast Food” Drive Through window!

meditation (more…)

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Consciousness, intelligence, and force are fittingly symbolized by the colors blue, yellow, and red

Many P. Hall had written in the Secret Teachings of All Ages – “Consciousness, intelligence, and force are fittingly symbolized by the consciousness colorscolors blue, yellow, and red. The therapeutic effects of the colors, moreover, are in harmony with this concept, for blue is a fine, soothing, electrical color; yellow, a vitalizing and refining color; and red, an agitating and heat-giving color. It has also been demonstrated that minerals and plants affect the human constitution according to their colors.

Thus a yellow flower generally yields a medicine that affects the constitution in a manner similar to yellow light or the musical tone mi. An orange flower will influence in a manner similar to orange light and, being one of the so-called secondary colors, corresponds either to the tone re or to the chord of do and mi. (more…)

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Santos Bonacci to Meat Eaters: You will NOT ascend at all, Kill yourselves motherf*ckers

Over the last couple years, semi-infamous astrotheologist and wanna be sovereign, Santos Bonacci has been verbally attacking anyonesantos bonacci 3 and everyone who does not agree with his unprovable esoteric teachings and half baked vegetarian theories.

From the Pope and the Vatican, to round earthers and now, to every last woman, child, and man on earth who is a meat eater.

Bonacci says, I mean rants yet again in the message below that if you eat meat, “You will NOT ascend at all and in fact, he wants you to “KILL yourselves motherfuckers.” (more…)

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