Welcome to Gnostic Warrior Radio and Podcast, broadcasting from GnosticWarrior.com in San Diego, California, to around the world. In this episodeTobias churton we have the pleasure of having a discussion with the great Gnostic author and film maker, Tobias Churton. Tobias is one of the world's leading experts in Gnosticsism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism and Aleister Crowley. He is really knowledgeable on the occult and this is truly a great Gnostic podcast that you don't want to miss.

For over three decades Tobias Churton has carried on the work of those ancient great occult authors and esoteric scholars that have went before him by releasing his own research and knowledge to the world. He has written 15 books, such as the Invisibles: The True History of the Rosicrucians, The Golden Builders: Alchemists, Rosicrucians, First Freemasons and Aleister Crowley: The Biography: Spiritual Revolutionary, Romantic Explorer, Occult Master and Spy, with two more books soon to be released. Tobias is also an accomplished filmmaker and composer, and the writer of the award-winning drama documentary series The Gnostics, for the UK's Channel 4. Holding a Master's degree in Theology from Brasenose College, Oxford; Tobias is an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University and Faculty Lecturer in Western Esotericism. Tobias has also written a now standard biography on Elias Ashmole (1617-92).


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