“The Initiate possesses the Lamp of Trismegistus (Tehuti), the Mantle of Apollonius, and the Staff of the Patriarchs.Quote on the initiate

The lamp of Trismegistus is reason illuminated by science; the mantle of Apollonius is full and complete self-possession, which isolates the sage from blind tendencies; and the staff of the patriarchs is the help of the secret and everlasting forces of Nature.

The lamp of Trismegistus enlightens present, past and future, lays bare the conscience of men and manifests the inmost recesses of the heart. The lamp burns with a triple flame, the mantle is thrice-folded and the staff is divided into three parts.

Additionally, the lamp represents learning; the mantle which enwraps, discretion; while the staff is the emblem of strength and boldness.

The Initiate knows the significance of all symbolisms and of all religions.”

~ Eliphas Levi


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