What is Hell? The Answer – “You make your own hell”

“Man is himself the creator of his heaven or hell, and there are no demons except his own follies.” – Elphias Leviheaven-and-hell 2

(This article is Part II on What is Hell?) – There are no horned demons, Mr. Satan, or an official known place on a world map called hell. These man-made titles are nothing but words that describe the energies and chemicals that act and react AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT us humans according to our thoughts and actions; for every action there is an opposite reaction.

Remember Einstein had said that everything is energy, and that of course includes us humans with our thoughts, and actions that create a chemical energy within us, that then affects our without (our life or outer world) and even the afterlife. So if you are looking for hell, look within and then look around you to see what your thoughts and actions have created. (more…)

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FIAT LUX: An Explanation of “Let There Be Light”

FIAT LUX is Latin for “Let There Be Light.”

This phrase does not represent the light of God, Sun or the Stars, but the light of man who is made of all. Man is just the one who wields the power of FIAT LUX here on earth as the creator and shepherd to his fellow brothers.

The phrase comes from the third verse of the Book of Genesis. In the King James Bible, it reads:

  • 1:1 – In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
  • 1:2 – And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
  • 1:3 – And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
  • 1:4 – And God saw the light, and it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

The Latin phrase fiat lux, from the Latin Vulgate Bible, is typically translated as “let there be light” when relating to Genesis 1:3 (Hebrew: “יְהִי אוֹר”). The full phrase is “dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux” (“And said God let there be light, and there was light”), from the Greek “και είπεν ο Θεός γενηθήτω φως και εγένετο φως” (or kai eipen ho Theos genēthētō phōs kai egeneto phōs), from the Hebrew “וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים, יְהִי אוֹר; וַיְהִי אוֹר” (or vayo’mer ‘Elohiym yehiy ‘or vayehiy ‘or).

The key in understanding FIAT LUX is this explanation below:

Since fiat lux would be literally translated as “let light be made” (fiat is from fieri, the passive form of the verb facere, “to make” or “to do”), an alternative Latinization of the original Greek and Hebrew, lux sit (“light – let it exist” or “let light exist”) has been used occasionally, although there is debate as to its accuracy.

The translation above clearly states that fiat is from fieri and where we get the passive form of the verb facere, which is “to make” or “to do.” It is us Brothers and Sisters who define fiat lux by what we create in this world in order “to make” or “to do.” We are the ones who are charged with the God given task of bringing light to this world of darkness by what we create. Nothing more and nothing less. Yes, we are the light bearers who are the morning stars (Lucifers) and our jobs are to make this world a more beautiful place with the illumination of our creations via fiat lux. (more…)

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Luciferian Brotherhood of the Fireflies

Have you ever wondered why a firefly lights up? Would you believe me, if I told you that it was with the help of Lucifer?firefly light 2

Welcome to the not so secret society of the firefly. The Luciferian Brotherhood of the Fireflies, who light up the darkness of the night-time sky.

The reason why these flying insects light up is from the result of a chemical reaction inside their bodies that causes a luminescence (chemiluminescent) in their abdomen that arises from a cycle of reactions between the air and biochemicals called ATP, luciferin and the enzyme luciferase. Luciferin is heat-resistant, and it glows under the right conditions. Luciferase is an enzyme that triggers light emission. ATP, a chemical within the firefly’s body, converts to energy and initiates the glow.

This is why they have the name fire and are also known as lightning bugs, or luminous beetles. Even as an infant in the form of a glow-worm, the baby firefly shows signs of light. The Master God Firefly said, “Let there be light, and so there was light.”

Frogs love fireflies. In fact, they eat so many of them that after time, they start to become Luciferians themselves and began to glow as well. It comes from a mineral called phosphorus, which is found in small amounts in the firefly’s body. These same methods employed by the firefly, and even the frogs to produce its light is the same way we humans use this same chemical. A role that phosphorus plays in nature is similar in the metabolism of plants, animals and we humans.

All living things, not just fireflies, contain ATP and phosphorus. Phosphorus is the major energy storage molecule in living organisms, and a main component of human DNA, RNA and ATP, that combine with phospholipids to form all our cell membranes. It is through our DNA which contains this chemical light called phosphorus, that we become conscious to the world and who we are, in order to live in the light.  It is also known as the universal agent and philosopher’s stone. The word phosphorus means “Light-Bringer”, and the Latin word corresponding to Greek Phosphorus is “Lucifer”.

Hence, Lucifer is really just an allegory to describe the light of phosphorus which resides in our very own DNA, and the same methods used by the brotherhood of the Luciferian Fireflies.

FIREFLY FACTS:Firefly light

  • Fireflies emit light mostly to attract mates, and also to communicate.
  • Fireflies can recognize their own species and the sex of another firefly by species-specific flash patterns.
  • An adult firefly lives only long enough to mate and lay eggs.
  • Fireflies are primarily carnivorous. Larvae usually eat snails and worms. Some species of fireflies feed on other fireflies.
  • Firefly lights are the most efficient lights in the world.
  • There are more than two thousand species of fireflies found in the world.
  • Most fireflies found in the U.S. are east of the Rocky Mountains.


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What is the Morning Star?

Let it be known, that Venus is not the only morning star in our galaxy. Not many people are aware of the fact that the planet Jupiter and VenusJupiter (Latin: Iuppiter, Iūpiter) is also called the morning star, and it is this morning star that is spoken of in the bible. Hence, Venus is NOT the true morning star of mythology, and when the bible says that there fell a great star from heaven, they are simply referring to Jupiter who is also known as Jove, the supreme ruler God on high, to whom the ancient Greeks had called Φαέθων, Phaethon, “blazing.”

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is called the son of the Sun, and has been known since the most ancient of times to astrologers. It is on average the third-brightest object in the night sky after the Moon and Venus. It is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in the Solar System. It is visible to the naked eye in the night sky, and can occasionally be seen in the daytime when the sun is low. (more…)

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By Miguel Conner – In the article, Luciferianism, I explained how Lucifer began as a haughty earthly king in Judaism, evolved into the prince andSophia principle of evil in Christianity, and finally became an archetype for inner transformation in modern mysticism. Lucifer is a powerful symbol for the interplay of darkness and light within the soul. In a Jungian sense, Lucifer is our Shadow Self: the voice in our unconscious calling us to acknowledge the dark lagoons of our greatest fears, but in the end delivering oceans of enlightenment for those who take the odyssey of self-knowledge.

But both the modern and traditional incarnations of Lucifer likely had their genesis in the heresy known as Gnosticism—based on another rebellious figure also symbolizing the soul’s journey across the dimensions of the cosmos.

Her name is Sophia. And she has also returned as an important light-bringer for a world on the brink.

The Gnostics depicted Sophia as the personification of Divine Wisdom. She was one of the Aeons—personifications of the Mind of God that comprised the Eternal Realm. Like Lucifer, Sophia is seen as a defiant and fallen being, in some narratives likewise the font of all evil and even the manipulator of mankind for her own mercurial desires. The reasons for Sophia’s transgression against the Eternal Realm are varied and often murky; but the truth is that why Lucifer fell from Heaven is more legend and speculation than anything actually mentioned in the Bible. The commonality between Lucifer and Sophia’s expulsion does point to hubris and curiosity (an always perilous combination for the human ego, as well). (more…)

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By Miguel Conner – Luciferianism is a modern movement that really can’t be defined as religion. It’s more of an ethos—one of rebellious impulse against all manner of orthodoxy that paradoxically seeks ordered lucifer angelillumination within an individual. Luciferianism certainly harkens back to adaptable yet radical faiths of the past such as certain forms of Gnosticism, the Cult of Hecate, or the Cult of Dionysus. Unlike these traditions, it will never truly have defined qualities, and that has to do with the figure it is based on: Lucifer.

Although mainstream Christianity has always contended that Lucifer is another name for Satan, the reality is that Lucifer, truly by accident and by error, encompasses more elements than being the prosecutor of Yahweh or a fallen angel. In the Bible, Lucifer, as a dubious proper name, makes one appearance:

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” (Isaiah 14:12-KJV)

The problem with this passage is that it is a translation based on Saint Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, where the name “Lucifer” is not a proper name but the Latin for “morning star” or “light-bearer of the morning.” Later translations from the Latin Vulgate assumed it was a proper name and associated it with Satan. Isaiah is actually referring to the doom of a Babylonian king. Referring to earthly kings metaphorically as stars (or fallen stars) was not uncommon in ancient Judaism (it happens in Ezekiel 28:12, which many Christian also believe refers to Satan).

Furthermore, Jesus himself is referred to as the morning star in the New Testament (2 Peter 1:19, Revelation 22:16), in a parallel literary technique of linking the Messiah to the coming of dawn. In both Luke 10:18 and Revelation 9:1, there is a mention of Satan falling from heaven, but this is more of a narrative illustrating how earthly powers, in any manifestation, will always be cast into perdition. (more…)

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Symbol of the Lotus

Horus from lotusIn ancient Egypt, the symbol for “plant” meaning “Tree of Life” was the three sacred lotus lilies. To ancient Egyptians and their children who still honor these customs, the lotus is the symbolic plant of life, immortality, resurrection and sacred knowledge. In the funeral and re-birth ceremonies, the lotus was closely associated with processions and the imagery of the funerary Cult of Osiris, in which we find the God of light and truth; Horus, seated upon the lotus (pictured to the left). Evidence of the lotus being involved in their funeral ceremonies had been found in the tomb of Ramesses II.

The Egyptian Blue Water-lily, N. caerulea, or lotus was chosen as a symbol for the brotherhood because the ancient Egyptians believed that all life had originated from the Lotus and that creation began when the lotus had gave birth to the dual God, Amon- Ra, on the surface of a primordial ocean. Like the sun, the lotus at dusk closes its flowers as it prepares for the dark night and at the first sign of the morning rays of the sun, it opens its flowers again as if it is “reborn by the light.”

This lotus symbolizes the separation of the God Amon-Ra who is both Amon, the Hidden God and  the God of Truth who is our Ammon’s Horn (Hippocampus) and also Ra, the God of light who is Lucifer (Phosphorus) in our DNA represented in imagery by the sun.

33rd Degree Freemason, Master Rosicrucian and author, Manly P. Hall had said this of the Lotus –

May your consciousness be lifted upward through the Tree of Life within yourself until in the brain it blossoms forth as the Lotus, that rising from the darkness of the lower world, lifts its flower to catch the rays of the sun.

Your consciousness comes from both, your Ammon’s Horn (Hippocampus) in which the tree of life, AKA our DNA, is then combined with the light of Lucifer (Phosphorus) in our DNA, so we too are reborn and rise like the rays of the sun or lotus in the morning. (more…)

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The Philosophers Stone

Phosphorus For many ages our great ancestors had known about what we call today, “the philosophers stone.” However it wasn’t until 1699 when the “modern discovery” of the secret behind the philosopher’s stone was first made.

It was in Hamburg, Germany, that a master alchemist named Hennig Brandt had figured a method where he had collected large amounts of urine which he then heated on his furnace to a boil until it was red hot. Once the urine had become red hot, it had started glowing like a bright light and would suddenly burst into fire when exposed to air. This strange fiery liquid substance he collected into jars and then placed it on his laboratory shelves where it sat glowing in the dark.

Hennig Brandt had just rediscovered phosphorus which is also known as the philosopher’s stone.

This is the manna spoken of by Saint John in Revelation 2:17  – He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it. And in Psalm 78:24  –
he rained down manna for the people to eat, he gave them the grain of heaven.

Phosphorus DNA 2Phosphorus is commonly found in inorganic phosphate rocks and phosphate is the body’s source of chemical energy. The phosphorus atom is of the nitrogen family, but having that characteristic of firing.

Phosphorus is the philosopher’s stone that is the central symbol of alchemy, symbolizing the light within our DNA and in nature.  Without phosphorus, there would be no thought or wisdom. This is the atom that fires our blood to produce chemical energy, consciousness, creativity and life. It is the Fiat Lux of all nature.

As a phosphate, it is a component of DNA, RNA, ATP, and also the phospholipids that form all cell membranes. Humans obtain their energy through phosphorus that is extracted from foods within the body by converting it to the chemical energy that is then stored in the body. It makes up 1% of our total body weight and is present in every cell of the body; most of the phosphorus in the body is found (85%) in bones and teeth.

The English phrase “philosopher’s stone” comes from the Latin word, “philosophorum.” The word philosophorum is a combination of the Greek “philosopher” and a Hebrew word “horum.” The meaning of philosopher comes from the word philosophy that is Greek meaning “the love of wisdom.” The word horum which I have found to be related to the Egyptian Horus, the Phoenician King of Tyre, and Hiram, who we also can connect to the Hiram Abiff of Freemasonry. Horus is known as a son of truth, god of light, and the light-bringer. Hiram is also related to the light and truth and Abiff is a Hebrew word meaning “father.” Hence, Hiram Abiff means “father of truth or the light.”

Isaiah 14:12How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!

Phosphorus is also known as Lucifer, the morning star and got its name because it glows in the dark like the planet Jupiter.  It is the light bringer who in Hebrew is known as Heylel because phosphorus is the number one chemical substance in nature and life that brings light to the dark. Nothing in nature compares to it and this is why our ancestors had left us so many clues in ancient writings such as the bible to help illuminate how creation was formed and God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”

Revelation 22:16“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

The philosopher’s stone which we know today as “phosphorus” is the Alpha and Omega of nature and essential for all life.

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I AM Lucifer

Quotes on Knowledge and YouI AM the Alpha and the Omega

The First and the Last

I AM the Lord of Lords and King of kings

The Supreme, the Most High, the Lord of the Rings

I AM Jove, the Dove, the Bringer of Light

I AM the Fire that Burns Forever in the Night

The Light of the Light and Son of the Son

Jupiter, Vulcan, and the Philosophers Stone

The Son of the Morning that Brings Light to the Dark

I AM Lucifer, Heylel and Who Some Call the Morning Star

Secrets of the Stone, Forever Live in my Bones

I AM Horus on the Lotus, I AM the only ONE

The Hidden Manna of the White Stone, the Electricity that Gives Life

I Conquer Time, I Conquer Death, I AM the Dawn of a New Day That has Arrived

By Moe Bedard –  2/25/2013

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Who is Lucifer?

Who is LuciferWhen Carl Sagan had famously said that “we’re made of star stuff,” he wasn’t joking because the facts are that the cosmos are hidden within all of us humans. We are the SO BELOW here on earth in which the cosmos and heavens are the AS ABOVE.

Albert Pike, 33rd Degree Freemason and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite said; “Lucifer the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendours intolerable blinds feeble sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not! ”

And one of Freemasonry’s greatest philosophers that has ever lived, 33rd Degree Freemason and master Rosicrucian Manly P. Hall said this about Lucifer in his book, All Seeing Eye; Lucifer represents the individual intellect and will which rebels against the domination of Nature and attempts to maintain itself contrary to natural impulse. Lucifer, in the form of Venus, is the morning star spoken of in Revelation, which is to be given to those who overcome the world.” (more…)

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