Success in life has nothing to do with money and/or your career. We need to stop worshipping the Golden Calf

Symbols - the Golden Calf

and in these days of media porn stars we can say stop worshipping the "Golden Ass."

Symbols  - kardashian ass

This gold and money are just things that we are "forced" to use in our current manmade ungodly society.


They are just mortal tools that you can utilize to live a "truly successful immortal life" that is built mainly upon spirituality, love, family and service to our fellow humans regardless of our race and/or religion.

Symbols - god is love

Those of us who do not get this Age old fact simply do not evolve their souls and are part of the ignorant masses divided by mortal unspiritual beliefs that have been in a state of devolution for 3,500 years.

We each have the individual choice to evolve or devolve; To be part of the masses of divided sheep who do not realize we are all part of the same human family and fight over manmade divisions or unite under the common human bond of spirituality, love, family and service to our fellow humans.

Symbols - coexist

I have chosen to evolve, how about you?


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