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406:6 See the Original Writings, Vol. I Instructio pro recipientibus, art. B—Let. 2, to Ajax.—Divers letters to Cato.—Last Observation of Philo.

406:7 See hereafter the chapter on Masonry illuminized, Vol. IV.

407:8 p. 407 Weishaupt, in a letter to Zwack, says, “My three first colleagues were Ajax, you, and Merz.” (Let. 15, Feb. 1778). This clearly states, that Merz was the Tiberius who was illuminated with Ajax; for it is clear that Zwack was only initiated ten months after the two adepts Ajax and Tiberius. (See Orig. Writ. Vol. I. Sect. IV.)

407:9 Orig. Writ. Vol. I. Sect. IV.—Let. 2, to Philip Strozzi.

407:10 Vol. I, page 23.


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