In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior, I interview author, Gnostic and transhumanist, Senan Gil Senan. Senan is the author of Beyond the Pale: ( The Senan-Gil-Senan-SlideOutlander ).

In this podcast, Senan talks about futurology; the study of how today’s new concepts and new inventions will shape the future world that we live in. We discuss the integration of technology into out bodies & brain through genetics, implants, and smart drugs intended to help humans keep pace with breakthrough into artificial intelligence (A.I.). Senan talks about the pros and cons of the integration of technology into all aspects of humanity.

We must ask ourselves this question now, "Is it necessary for humans to evolve by design, or whether it hinders humanity in its natural evolution which may be along the spiritual path of transcendence."

Senan believes that it is the job of a writer to visually transport a reader to a place he/she is unlikely to venture. Then without alienating them, it is to introduce them to a pattern of thought that may differ from their own.

This interview was conducted by Moe on January 13, 2015 from San Diego County, California, with Senan in London.

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Senan wrote the novel ‘Beyond the pale’ (the outlander) whilst experiencing a deluge of inspiration and imagination which followed his decision to stop trading. The original inspiration came from an obscure dream premonition of the American seer Edgar Cayce which shared a common root to a very old Hopi prophesy concerning alternative cultures surviving great ‘earth changes’.

He was named Senan by his father Patrick Gilsenan who thought that the name would look good on the cover of a book. He was an Irish printer who yearned to see his own prose and poetry appear in print. Sadly he died before achieving either ambition. Senan left behind the beauty of Sligo in Ireland to set off for London and a succession of bad career choices. These included working ten years as a computer systems engineer, and many years as a bar manager and also as an employment adviser. He still lives in London where he got married and has a family.


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