There are many people in the so-called truth movement who have come out recently claiming that the Jewish Holocaust in Nazi Santos bonacci in jailGermany is one big lie and a hoax.

Apparently the well-known Australian astrotheologist and flat earther, Santos Bonacci is in this same Holocaust denying camp. In fact, if you disagree with him as did one of his approximately 5,000 followers on Facebook this week, and I quote Santos, “you are fuckwit, dunce, moron, fucktard, useless eater, lying khazarian jew dumbfuck, and fucking piece of shit demon worshiper.”

He then finishes the one sided debate/rant with, “HAIL HITLER moron! keep sucking khazarian bankster dick, bend over real nice cos they are enjoying fucking you nice and hard and you dig it….really dig…nice and vasaline.”

Has Santos lost it? Is he on a God man trip where if you disagree with him, you are going to get a holy Australian lashing from hell? Or does Santos simply suffer from small man, Napoleon complex ? Is this the behavior of an enlightened human being or a crazed lunatic with an ego bigger than a Donald Trump on crack?

Santos Bonacci is holocaust denier

Santos Bonacci is holocaust denier 2

Santos Bonacci is holocaust denier 3

Santos Bonacci is holocaust denier 4

Santos Bonacci is holocaust denier 5

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