Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast, with 32nd degree Freemason, author, and historian, Robert Sullivan IV. Robert and I ROBERT S IVdiscuss some really great secret research that he has done, revealing the esoteric doctrines contained in his book “The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy." He discusses the Enochian ties to the Great Seal of the United States and Seal of California. Robert also clues us in on the connections in Freemasonry with the Jesuits, Knights Templar, Queen Elizabeth of England, and the Pope in Rome. He really doesn't hold back with his controversial research of his book, which he reveals to us in this podcast.

The Royal Arch of Enoch is the high degree, the 13th in the Scottish Rite and the 7th of the American or York Rite, that has defined the American National Character, including, but not limited to the template of the District of Columbia. Robert's book, The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy; documents an undiscovered historical anomaly: how a high degree Masonic Ritual — developed in France in the mid 1700′s — included elements of the Book of Enoch (a/k/a I Enoch), which was considered lost until Freemason and traveler James Bruce returned to Europe with copies from Ethiopia in 1773. These copies were not translated into English until 1821 at Oxford University. This high degree ritual — titled: The Royal Arch of Enoch — documents the recovery of the “Lost Word of a Master Mason“, the Name of God.

This interview was conducted by Moe on November 27, 2013 from San Diego County, California, with Robert in Baltimore, Maryland.

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