In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast, I interview author, and trained clairvoyant Richard Leviton.GW-show-slide-Richard-Leviton (1)

Richard is a skilled researcher, professional book editor, and a former national health magazine editor. He has written 14 books in the various fields such as world myth, spirituality, healing, and natural medicine.

In this podcast Richard shares with us the mysteries in sacred sites of our earth light energy grid. He tells us about the thousands of holy places, and pilgrimage destinations that have been visited by a worldwide Gnostic culture.

Many of these places he says have overtaken by dark forces, and who some we can call spiritual misfits. Richard says that the role of myth and imagery in understanding this grid and explores ideas on how to bring light and healing to these sacred holy energy sites.

He talks about his unconventional views about the hierarchy of angels, demons and notorious biblical figures such as Lucifer. Richard also give some tips on how you can remain in the light during these dark times.

Richard had written in "Why Saying “The Earth Is a Designer Planet” Can Radically Change Our World."

Words are powerful, and here are six words that could transform the world. The Earth is a designer planet. What’s the big deal about these six words?

The big deal is that they ignite a syllogism, as powerful as a nuclear bomb. Western culture, Christianity, and medicine have schooled us in a dead philosophy of matter and an erroneous causal logic. Matter is inert, consciousness is a by-product of the brain’s processes, the Earth is an accidental product of collisions and gas pockets, the body is a meat-machine best managed by chemicals and prescription drugs, the universe is so big and we are so small as to be inconsequential, ineffectual, irrelevant.

The universe, galaxy, solar system, Earth, and humans too, are accidents of reality, or the gradual products of competitive natural selection and Darwinian biodeterminism."

This is really an awesome podcast that you're not going to wanna miss!

This interview was completed by Moe on July 21, 2015 from San Diego County, California, with Richard in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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