The Order of the Gnostics: Ancient Teachings for the Modern Gnostic – E-book

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Within these pages you will discover a new form of Gnosticism that honors the old wisdom teachings, but also offers a completely new modern mode of Gnostic thought. This new form of Gnosticism is what I would like to simply call, “Modern Gnosis.” It is where the ancient mysteries and science blend as one.

Real life Gnostic modes of living that can often be verified by science to then be utilized by you in real-time in your own life. A sort of instruction manual on how to reach your own Gnosis and help you discover, or help along your own path. I do this by sharing my own experiences and with various stories and facts about the secret mysteries of Gnosticism that have never been revealed until now.

Learn the truth about the ancient secrets of the Gnostics and Illuminati. The first e-book of its kind to help the modern truth seeker walk their paths in truth, light and love.



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