The Illuminati’s Secret Podcast of Wisdom – Josef Wages

Josef Wages Hello, and welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Podcast broadcasting from in San Diego, California, to around the world. I'm your host Moe, and today on the show, I have the honor of interviewing author, 32nd-degree FreeMason, and...

The Teachings of Gurdjieff and the 4th Way w/ Alexandru Eugen Cristea

Alexandru Eugen Cristea The mystic philosopher and spiritual teacher, George Gurdjieff, once said, "Man is immersed in dreams... He lives in sleep… He is a machine. He cannot stop the flow of his thoughts, he cannot control his imagination, his emotions,...

Masonic Speculators: A real Freemason will never be a stupid Atheist nor an irreligious Libertine

The Ancient Charge from the Records of Lodges of FreeMasons had stated their precepts emphatically, "A Mason is obliged by his Tenure, to obey the moral Law; and if he rightly understands the Art, he will never be a stupid Atheist nor an irreligious Libertine." Now...

The Tragic Duality of Dionysus Producing the Great Health

The double face of the tragic hero known as Dionysus represents the dual nature of his persona of joy and suffering and life and death; a god known symbolically as "the spirit of fire and dew" who was “most terrible and most gentle to mortals” (Bacchae 861) Philo...

Plugging Into the Interplane Radio Station of Demons – Paul Weston

Paul Weston In this new episode of the Gnostic Warrior Podcast, I speak with Paul Weston. Paul is a prolific author of 9 books, a lecturer, and tour guide from Glastonbury - the mystical capital of Britain. His work covers a 34 years of occult work wide...




The Gnostic Warrior Podcast is back for 2020 with your host Moe leading you from the darkness into the light with some of the world’s top scholars, authors, Masons, and the Illuminati. Moe is a father, husband, author, martial arts black belt, and an expert in Gnosticism, the occult and esotericism.


Video: Moe’s Walk & Talk

Drinking Demonic Fungi and Communing with the Devil

Posted by Gnostic Warrior on Friday, February 7, 2020

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The Comacine Masters’ Global Masonic Knot

The Comacine Masters’ Global Masonic Knot

You will find that one of the most ancient and esteemed of all Freemasonic symbols is also the least known by many modern Masons. The symbol I speak of you will discover is not relayed to us in words or in history books, but can be found etched into the immortal...

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