One of the last things that Oklahoma shooter, Alexander Tilghman, had said before he ruthlessly shot at innocent people in a restaurant was,

“My life is in danger, Satan is after me!”

Alexander is just one of a long line of killers in the recent past who have claimed that demons, devils and even the great Prince of the World, Satan was tormenting them. He actually complained about these entities of the underworld often on his Youtube Channel.

Some of his video titles are, “Someone Help me, I’m losing it,” “How Demons Screw With You,” “I’m a real human,” “How humans are born and replaced,” “Hand signs that demons and fallen angels use,” “Satan taking over my computer,” and “Demon birds at Walmart.”

In one of the videos, Tilghman (Tilgh-deman) describes his life as being lonely and not getting along with his family and especially his Demon Brother who lives is his Demon mom’s basement. He then says he also lived in the basement.

He even got so mad over a vacuum cleaner dispute that he punched his mother.

I wonder if that basement was moldy? I bet it was…

In any event, the facts are that in Alexander’s world, demons and Satan were not only real, they were harassing him and also possessing everyone around him. He thought he was the son of what he called Demon mother. A world filled with demons possessing his TV, cars and even his computers and refrigerator.

Before the shooting, Tilghman was begging people for a month on Youtube to reach out to him because he was lonely and said he needed help. He calmly begs for Youtubers for help from what he calls “a real human,” and even gives his phone number saying things like “please call – I’m suicidal, lonely and really losing it.”

He even comically or prophetically warned of “Demons In Cloned Transexual Bodies!” You can’t make this stuff up folks so it makes you wonder where “the hell” is he getting these ideas????

The Youtube videos are really fascinating.

They show a man who is questioning these voices and himself in the month leading up to the shooting. In one video he pleads with the demons and fallen angels to give him answers as if they are screwing with his head. Tilghman said;

“I’m going to ask this to the demons too, and the fallen angels. Are you guys a computer program? Or are you really real as well? I don’t know, man. It just seems so crazy, all the bugs, animals and stuff. They look at me evilly and shit.”

So, I mean, I don’t know, man. Maybe it’s possible they’re not really demons or whatever, maybe they’re just a computer program that was changed to do that or whatever. I mean, they can take over the t.v. and generate whatever they want on the t.v.

Tilghman adds, “So, I mean, I don’t know, man.”

Was this the mind of a madman or possible a possessed shell of a man who now has been taken over by demons just like who he called “fake people who were taken over by Satan?”

Tilghman said in one of the videos, “I believe that… This sounds crazy but… The people you see out on the streets and stuff… They’re not really there. They’re just generated when you’re there to fool you… I’m constantly harassed by ambulances… With a snap of the finger the devil can spoof people. Of course, he’s not going to do it in front of you.”

In another video, he claims that people who are nice were not real and were really zombies who would love to rape you or skin you alive.

You have to admit, Tilghman may have been a bit twisted in his assessment of fake people, but history proves they will do just that!

He said, “They act human but trust me, their true selves are nothing like they act like. They’re basically kind of like zombies.”

To him, it was the Demon Zombie Apocalypse!

We all must ask ourselves, “Was Alexander Tilghman just another crazed madman in need of serious mental help with a thirst for cold blood or possibly what we saw in the month leading up to the shootings were just the shell of Alexander who had already been taken over for he famously proclaimed “My life is in danger, Satan is after me!”

If you ask Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ to over 1 billion Catholic Christians, in December 2017, Francis said that “Satan is not a metaphor or a nebulous concept but a real person armed with dark powers.”

He said, “I’m convinced that one must never converse with Satan – if you do that, you’ll be lost. He’s more intelligent than us, and he’ll turn you upside down, he’ll make your head spin.”

Looking at the evidence of Tilghman’s videos, we can almost say that he was turned upside,  his head spinning, and he was 100% lost. 

It makes you wonder if what the Pope is saying or rather warning 1 billion Christians is indeed, an Ancient fact that will only be validated by the very Demons who live amongst us…

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