Over the last decade, there have been many people around the world who have been reporting and documenting what are known chemtrailsas chemtrails. These chemtrails are said to be manmade clouds from planes that look like contrails initially, but they are poisonous chemicals being sprayed in the air that are much thicker, extend across the sky and are often laid down in varying patterns of Xs, tick-tack-toe grids etc.

A recent international survey of 3015 people had shown that 17% of people believe in the existence of a secret large-scale government chemtrail program to be true or partly true.

A group of climate scientists got together recently in order to study the chemtrail conspiracy. The researchers said that their goal is not to sway those already convinced that there is a secret, large-scale spraying program—who often reject counter-evidence as further proof of their theories—but rather to establish a source of objective science that can inform public discourse.

They essentially concluded that chemtrails are a figment of an over active imagination and that conspiracy theorists are just tin foil hat wearing pseudo scientific nut jobs with brains full of hot air.

Well, they did not actually say that. But they might as well of because 76 of the 77 scientists (98.7%) that took part in this study do not believe and or support the theory that these plan clouds are the result of some secret government chemtrail poisoning of the skies, and they are simply plane contrails and atmospheric aerosols.

The researchers also found that chemtrail activists can be aggressive, and academics assessing climate geoengineering using computer models have been subjected to threats for their alleged role in a secret spraying program (Keith 2013).

One of the co-authors of the study, Steven Davis, UCI associate professor of Earth system science had issues this statement:

“The chemtrails conspiracy theory maps pretty closely to the origin and growth of the internet, where you can still find a number of websites that promote this particular brand of pseudoscience. Our survey found little agreement in the scientific community with claims that the government, the military, airlines and others are colluding in a widespread, nefarious program to poison the planet from the skies.”

The study concluded:

The number of aircraft contrails has been increasing. There have been revelations over the decades of governments undertaking action in secret without the informed consent of the population. It is reasonable that ordinary citizens should want questions answered concerning health, climate change, and pollution.

While we understand that many of the fears underlying SLAP theories may be legitimate, the evidence as evaluated here does not point to a secret atmospheric spraying program. Changes in aircraft technologies may be causing contrails to persist longer than they used to, and changes in industrial development could potentially be increasing aerosol deposition in some areas.

But the focus on a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program may be taking attention away from real, underlying problems that need addressing.

The US EPA recently ruled that greenhouse gas emissions from jet engines endanger the health of humans and the environment by contributing to climate change. Three chemicals in particular–carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane—are emitted from jet engines and are all known contributors to climate change. The EPA notes that airlines account for roughly 12 percent of all transit-related greenhouse gas emissions and 3 percent of total emissions in the United States.(Forbes)

Read more of the study at this link.

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