Malibu Ken’s Tuesday: A song about a man raising a demonic mold/fungus boy

Malibu Ken’s Tuesday: A song about a man raising a demonic mold/fungus boy

“Black mold bath tub, homie it’s a Tuesday – Forever now, forever is a tuesday (Tuesday!) Forever now, forever now (Tuesday!) And if you waiting for a spell where it falls into an order you can help then well”

This band, Malibu Ken with the artists Aesop Rock & TOBACCO and their new song, Tuesday is a brilliant masterpiece of fungi/molds art to help bring the word to the masses on YouTube.(Lyrics and video below)

It appears that my Demonic Parasitic Fungi/Molds research, articles, and videos I have been talking about for years are reaching the media black market online as it infects the mainstream simultaneously like the PLAGUE. Akin to Philip K. Dick’s work but in real-time.


There’s something you should probably know before we go too far
My neighbor found a mushroom growing inside of my car
She called me up on tour sounding emotionally scarred
Although it may have scared her more that i wasn’t really alarmed
The dandruff in a shaken globe is fit to guild a manger
The pizza face is pepperoni, carbuncle, and caper

I’m bunions and contusions, bumps lumps and bruises
Discoloring and other things I can’t reach with the loufa
Not a butcher, not a baker, pick a booger with a basic evolutionary failure
I do not open mail, I do not answer phones, the fridge is pretty much a home for mayonnaise alone
Watch a pocket-knife surgeon cut a cyst out in the kitchen
It’s the cousin to acutely removing his own stitches in a pinch
Kool-Aid ooze that is toothache, mushroom growing in the car

It’s just another Tuesday
Forever now, forever is a tuesday (Tuesday!)
Forever now, forever now (Tuesday!)

And if you waiting for a spell where it falls into an order you can help then well
Yea, no
On one hand it’s pretty gross
On the other, it’s sorta like a pretty desert rose
How against all odds
Whether wet, dry, night or day, garden, pig sty, or cave

Life science finds a way, boxed-in, veg’d out, fox in the henhouse
Gray stained teeth, say cheese through a trench-mouth
“Cheese”, Chase dreams with the hell-bound
Posture suitable for a job in the bell tower
1 plate, 1 fork, itty bitty lamp
I would offer you a drink but I literally can’t
It feels like you’re camping when you’re sitting on the can
Where the crib has always simulated living in a van
A little light cleaning, keep the spiders off his Eden
Maybe one day he’ll go deeper, really exorcise the demon at the root
I’m in the sofa cushions over loose change

Black mold bath tub, homie it’s a Tuesday
Forever now, forever is a tuesday (Tuesday!)
Forever now, forever now (Tuesday!)
And if you waiting for a spell where it falls into an order you can help then well
Yea, no

I can’t even keep a cactus alive when I’m present
When I’m gone it’s a groundbreaking botanical epic
From desolate to Little Shop of Horrors in a second

It’s weird knowing life thrives more when you exit
The trouble man cuddle with a duffle bag of loose cash
Chews glass scatterbrained, aspartame moustache
Moi head lice, dress like a douchebag, unsaid prayers
Undead raccoon hat, voice of the boiled over

Thick skull, still throw his toys out his stroller
Piss black roof tar, bleed flat cherry coke
Very much another wackjob with a megaphone
Very much another fat slob playing chess alone
Lesser known fetish porn, leftover Lexapro, etcetera
Everything’s coming up goose eggs, Sunday, Monday happy days
Tuesday is Tuesday

Forever now, forever is a Tuesday (Tuesday!)
Forever now, forever now (Tuesday!)
Forever now, forever is a Tuesday
Forever now, forever now

Inorganic Demons of the Desert Dust Creating a Spiritual Matrix

Inorganic Demons of the Desert Dust Creating a Spiritual Matrix

“The nervous system of the inorganic demon is, in fact, a spiritual matrix.”

The Iranian philosopher and author Reza Negarestani’s 2008 book – Cyclonopedia is a theoretical-fiction novel about a demon “dust enforcer” named Pazuzu who whips up clouds of dust in the desert bringing diseases and plagues upon mankind. It has been globally acclaimed as the first horror and science fiction book coming from and written on the Middle East.

In the fictional theology of Negarestani, the Middle East is a sentient being; thought is dust; and the black oil that runs through its veins is the putrefying blood of demons and the wars they bring a war-machine creating a fog of necrodemocratic politics to the region.

The dust is known as “civilization” and the conflicts of the Middle East are due to an ancient demonical influence carried within its particles.

He writes in Cyclonopedia;

“Each particle of dust carries with it a unique vision of matter, movement, collectivity, interaction, affect, differentiation, composition and infinite darkness — a crystallized data-base or a plot ready to combine and react, to be narrated on and through something. There is no line of narration more concrete than a stream of dust particles.”

In the chapter called the “Dust Enforcer,” Negarestani tells us about the Demon Pazuzu whose specialty is to “[scavenge] the stratified Earth and its biosphere in the form of Dust,” and by way the demons, he is able to disseminate plagues and other epidemics upon the planet.

This ancient demonical dust has covered the Middle East and thus global politics creating perpetual and insoluble upheavals and wars.

Negarestani calls these spirits inorganic demons that are parasitic by nature whose infiltrating military capacities and systems of possession are fostered by a certain range of human activities that integrate the demon into its human host’s neural system. Once the integration process (possession) has been completed, they cannot be separated and to do so, would result in the death of the human.

From this point forward, the demon relies on its host to obtain information, carry out tasks and essentially become a slave to its desires.

Here an excerpt from his book detailing this process. Negarestani writes;

“Inorganic demons are parasitic by nature, they themselves give rise to their xenotating existence, and generate their effects out of the human host, whether as an individual, an ethnicity, a society or an entire civilization.

Their infiltrating military capacities and systems of possession are fostered by a certain range of human activities obsessed with artifacts, relics and inorganic entities (realism of objects). The fascinations of archeology, religion, capitalism and their hybrids with ancient weaponry and principles of inorganic entities are instances of such activities connected to humans.

(b) Inorganic demons induce xeno-excitations in their wielders or human hosts (‘Wisdom’).

(c) Psychosomatic responses or side effects of this Wisdom (wielded ancientness) begin to develop, in the form of incurable afflictions or progressive maladies in their host (commonly known as the price). These obscure allergic reactions to inorganic demons are either programmed by the demon-artifact as it embeds itself within the human host (reprogramming the logic of organism), or are produced by the human host in its overreaction to the xenotating existence of the inorganic demon, its unfolding inhumanity and its qualitative state (that is, its inorganicity).

Another reason for these cataclysms in the host is the incoming data from the Outside which is inherently overwhelming for the anthropomorphic capacity, and therefore triggers a recoiling mechanism in the host from within, in the form of a flood from without.

(d) Once inorganic demons infiltrate an anthropomorphic agency (a silent incursion which is usually affirmed by the human side, whether consciously or not), they embed their inorganic sentience within the human host.

The instant this embedding or implantation process is completed, the inorganic demon cannot be plucked out or extricated from the neural, social or even membranous networks of the human host (an individual, a society, an ethnicity or a civilization). Forcing the inorganic demon away without deactivating it imposes fatal irreversible consequences upon the host, at catastrophically rapid rates.

(e) The parasitic sentience of inorganic demons is triggered, or the inorganic demon starts to interact with its human host, when the nervous system of the inorganic demon is stimulated.

The nervous system of the inorganic demon is in fact a ‘spiritual matrix’.

As a part of a process of possession or communication with the demonic object, this spiritual matrix must be charged by sufficient external stimuli from the human host. These external stimuli are immaterial, qualitative and can. in a certain sense, be classified as spiritual (examples include faithlessness or faith, doubt, apprehension, piousness, hunger and pain).

Upon activation by these spiritual, carnal, sensual or intellectual stimuli, the inorganic demon begins to encroach upon the human host Since the inorganic demon’s sentience is inaccessible to the human, this demonic possession can only suggest the absurdity of human openness or access (intellect and sense).

The external stimuli from the human host always play the role of an incentive (incantare) or a strategic Call for the Inorganic Demon; or to put it differently, these stimuli feed the soul of the inorganic demon, whose folds move and force the demonic sentience out to the human host, supporting the demon in finding its way in the human sphere.”

“Everywhere a hole moves, a surface is invented. When the despotic necrocratic regime of periphery-core, for which everything should be concluded and grounded by the gravity of the core, is deteriorated.” P50

A surface-consuming plague is a pack of rats whose tails are the most dangerous seismic equipment; tails are spatial synthesizers (fiber-machines), exposing the terrain which they traverse to sudden and violent folding and unfolding, while seizing patches of ground and composing them as non-human music. Tails are musical instruments, playing metal -tails, lasher tanks in motion. Although tails have a significant locomotive role, they also act as boosters of agility or anchors of infection.”


If we are to look back at ancient history to what desert demon may have inspired Negarestani to write this book, we find similar demons in Gnosticism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam with a history spanning to Babylon.

For example, in the Scripture, the desert demons are some of the most formidable foes of humankind like those found in Leviticus xvi. 9 which specifically gives the name of one desert demon to Azazel, and in Isaiah 34 to Lilith and to several demons of the same class. In the Book of John 12:31, 14:30; “the prince of the power of the air” was called Merriam.

It appears that Negarestani may have received the inspiration and history to model his story with a modern spin with the demon Pazuzu after the “Demon of the Southwest Wind,” who I will discuss in this article.

It was also the common belief in ancient times amongst the Gnostics, Jews, Christians, and Muslims that demons were everywhere on the earth and both good and evil the spirits filled the air. I discuss the belief and the modern science that I believe proves that there are really what we call spirits in the air as high as the moon and beyond in some of my previous articles such as; Meaning of Spirit, The Demonic Dark Spirits of the Air, Spirits of the Air: Scientists find that bacteria can be transferred horizontally to others through the air, and Demonic Fungi/Molds Survive at 33,000 Feet in the Air.

According to the Scriptures, the desert is the place of unclean spirits where the deserted and waste places appear as peculiarly the abode of the Evil Spirit. See Matt. xii. 43, where the unclean spirit cast out of the man is represented as going through ‘dry places’: also Luke viii. 27; and Rev. xviii. 2, according to which the fallen Babylon is to be the dwelling of all unclean spirits.

In ancient times, the favorite place to ban demons and send them away from civilization was to the desert and mountains via an exorcism, “evil spirit to thy desert.” (Thompson, Devils). The banning of the demons into the desert and mountains (cf. Mt. 12: 43) is frequent magical papyris; “go and fall on the mountains and heights and the unclean beasts.”

It was said that the dry arid deserts were populated with legions of them.

Nowhere could a spiritual warrior find such a formidable foe than in these waste and desolate places being scarcely habitable by man where the fiendish demons in the hot and dreary dust of the desert create a hell on the earth.

The desert demons through the agency of living particles carried by the wind when breathed in could take possession of the bodies of men, controlling his faculties producing either madness and epilepsy, or prophets and sages. People who they called demoniacs or Saints who walked the line between both worlds in the desert conversing with God and the Devil.

These parasitical organisms of the desert are akin to the ancient beliefs of the Holy Fathers who went to battle with desert demons which brings us to Negarestani’s demon “dust enforcer” who whips up clouds of desert dust bringing diseases and plagues upon mankind.

History shows that Christians believed that demons still possessed madmen and epileptics, the records of certain holy monks who fought with demons in the desert were said to have gained power over them and were able to cast them out like Jesus.

“By the sweat of your brow you will eat your bread, until you return to the ground— because out of it were you taken. For dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” – Genesis 3:19

The She Demon Lilith appears in both ancient Gnosticism and the mysteries of the Abrahamic religions. She is normally depicted as a woman who wears a horned crown and has the wings and feet of a bird and in this image she is flanked by owls as stands on the backs of two lions.(Image From British Museum)

In ancient Judaism, Lilith was originally classed as a desert demon, and not as a demon of the night. She is mentioned in the Bible in Isaiah 34, which enumerates the fierce demons of the desert wilderness: hyenas, goat-demons and “the Lilith” (Isaiah 34:14).

The Travels of Crete speaks of the Arabic version translates Lilith as “algol” the man-devouring demon of the waste;

“The lilith, mentioned in Isaiah, is agreed to be a nocturnal spectre: Michaelis supposes that it may mean a kind of incubus: and the Arabic version translates the word by “algol” the man-devouring demon of the waste, known by the name Goule to the English reader of the Arabian Nights.

Some persons have supposed, but, seemingly, without any good reason, that the expression in the Psalms, “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness,” denotes a similar monster.

We also find Lilith in the Dead Sea Scrolls where she appears with her destroying angels and bastard spirits in the Song for a Sage;

“And I, the Sage, sound the majesty of His beauty to terrify and confound all the spirits of destroying angels and the bastard spirits, the demons, Lilith. . ., and those that strike suddenly, to lead astray the spirit of understanding, and to make desolate their heart.”

The ancient name “Lilith” derives from a Sumerian word for female demons or wind spirits. The lilītu dwells in desert lands and open country spaces and is especially dangerous to pregnant women and infants. Her breasts are filled with poison, not milk.

In Babylonia, the southwest wind, which comes from the Arabian desert, was especially dreaded for there was a terrible atmospheric demon inhabiting it which caused destructive storms and floods, and claimed many human victims who he caused to go mad, ill, and die an early death. I detail these ancient Babylonian beliefs in my article, The Babylonians Diagnosed Epilepsy As Demon Possession.

The Babylonians were the first people in history to study and document the various human neurological and psychiatric disorders, including epilepsy. They believed that epilepsy was the cause of a supernatural disorder due to an invasion of the body by evil demons or spirits or the anger of personal gods, which like in Catholicism, required the intervention of the priest or ašipu.

The terrible Demon of the Southwest Wind whose features were horrible with the body of a dog in an upright position, the feet of an eagle, the claws of a lion, the tails of a scorpion, the head of a skeleton but half-decayed, and adorned with goat’s horns, and the eye still remaining with four great expanded wings.

He is so ugly that the mere sight of his own image drives him away.

The half-decayed head and animal parts, in my opinion, proves that this demon comes to us from the world of fungi/molds that control our flesh and has a punishment for our sins, send these demons of death to drag our unworthy souls via to hell in a handbasket with the hooks, forks and their fangs inserted into our rotting flesh.

This ancient physical description of the desert demon actually sounds and feels just like a systematic fungal infection and toxic mold syndrome.

Various texts from this time period verify my theory by telling us that the Demon of the Southwest Wind inflamed breath dries up the harvests and consumes men and animals with fever. These stories mimick the modern science of parasitical fungi/molds that do the exact same things to crops, animals, and humans.

It was said that this figure was originally placed on an amulet and suspended by a ring behind the wearer’s head, and by placing his image at the door of the window, the demons fatal influence might be averted.

In Egypt, we find an ancient inscription from the burial place of Thebes, a deceased person who is making reference to some female demon called the Western Crest, who both inflicts and cures a certain disease connected with breathing (the word spirit means breath). In the inscription it is said: “Beware of the Crest, for there is a lion in her, and she strikes like a lion that bewitches, and she is on the track of all that sin against her” (Sayce, Rel. Anc. Eg, and Bab., p. 210).

In the early 20th century, famed British Assyriologist, linguist, and author, Rev. Archibald Henry Sayce, had suggested that the disease inflicted by this demon is asthma which produced symptoms such as frightful convulsions and suffocations often continuing for several hours, and generally at night. Conditions that could be attributed to the agency of a demon or evil spirit.

The hot parching southwest wind coming from the Arabian desert was and still is particularly dreaded, because with it brings clouds of fine sand and the sand-drifts which blind and bury travelers with their camels and horses, and also the much-feared droughts. With these devastating furies also comes the dreaded illness and disease that attack the people in these regions – especially young children and old people who have weaker immune systems than younger adults and middle-aged persons.

This research now brings us to modern science which has proven the desert dust is alive and can possess, eat and kill you. It is also being used by some militaries as bio-weapons of mass demonic destruction with various fungi/molds mycotoxins or what I like to call MWD’s – Mold Weapons of Mass Destruction.

In the Southwest United States of America, the desert winds whip up what is called a “Death Dust” that carries within it living fungal spores called Coccidioides immitis or Cocci for short.

A Southwest Desert Demon that creates illness and disease that can kill humans known as Valley Fever.

“If you don’t get the medicine and it’s in the brain, you’re going to die.” – Dr. Obi Okoli- Las Cruces, Mexico Physician

The New Yorker had published an article in 2014 titled “Death Dust,” which explains how in the nineteen-fifties, both the U.S. and the Russians had bio-warfare programs using the mold known as Coccidioidomycosis. A 2003 PubMed study, Coccidioides immitis as a potential bioweapon, described this mold and how it is used;

“Coccidioides immitis is a fungus endemic to the soil of areas of the southwestern United States, northern Mexico, and scattered areas of Central and South America. Natural infection occurs by inhalation of airborne arthroconidia. C. immitis could be used as a weapon of bioterror or biowarfare with aerosol delivery. Its use for this purpose would, however, present a number of obstacles and its effect would be uncertain and most probably limited.”

Part of the desert area that was once the Babylonian empire known as Iraq was ground zero for developing weapons of mass destruction using the mycotoxins from various molds (fungi) since the early 1980s.

It was as if Sadam Hussein’s Babylonian regime was not only invoking the Demon of the Southwest Wind, they were harboring its powers in making demonic weapons and bombs.

The United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) had proven after the Iraq-U.S. War, that Iraq’s past WMD programs for mold mycotoxin bio-weapons were carried out at various locations throughout the country. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also lists these biological weapons on their website as being confirmed for open-air testing in Iraq.

Places such as Al Safa and Al Hakam, located in on the outskirts of Baghdad which were dedicated to producing biological weapons made from various toxin-producing microorganisms. The Iraqis were successful in creating large quantities of disease-causing bombs from botulinum toxin, anthrax, and from Aflatoxins produced by the fungus/mold called Aspergillus.

Al Hakum (or Al Hakam) originally was one of Iraq’s most sophisticated and largest biological weapons (BW) production factory that was connected with other facilities allowing them to produce large quantities of botulinum toxin and anthrax from 1989 to 1996.

The Arabic name, Al Hakam means “The Judge” which is one of the Names of God in the Qur’an.

UNSCOM had said, “The Agricultural and Water Resources Research Centre at Fudaliyah, also known as Al Safa, is located in the Northeastern outskirts of Baghdad. This site was a dedicated aflatoxin production facility. Nearly 2000 liters of the agent were produced. The site was converted from a scientific agricultural research station.”

If we look at the subject matter of Negarestani’s 2008 science fiction novel, we find that it is actually aligned perfectly with many ancient beliefs of our religious ancestors, demonology, modern science, military strategy, and the Abrahamic Scriptures.

A system in which we may be the supreme host via our central nervous systems of the inorganic demon whose dust particles make up our very DNA making us cocreator, coevolver, and if need be, codestroyer of this global spiritual matrix or what some may call a net from which there will never be an escape for any human soul possessed by a demon or their own spirit.

As it is said in Matthew 7:15-20, “You Will Know Them by Their Fruits,” and I might add “You will know them inwardly by their moldy (bad) Fruits.”

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?

Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.

Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits, you will know them.”

A prophetic and deadly Biblical recipe for the Bad Fruit rotting in many of the halls of Government and even religion that could bring the Judge of the Demon Apocalypse and the conclusion of this 6th Age.

Paper stick figures to ward the evil spirits of the alos aires (bad winds)

Paper stick figures to ward the evil spirits of the alos aires (bad winds)

Life for an ancient Aztec Priest was tough. He had to deal with patients who suffered a “lousy distemper”, or from “ goatlike smell of the armpits”, and even people “harassed by the evil wind”.

In ancient and modern Mesoamerica, life is based on maintaining balance and order in everything you do whether from regular bathing or staying indoors during a wind storm but there are forces both seen and unseen that threaten to cause disorder and chaos.

The dark forces of chaos came from Evil Winds, also known by the Spanish malos aires (bad winds) which brought polluting air filled with spirits called ejecame (s. ejecat) that caused disease and even death.

To defend their homes and persons, you will find that some of the natives employ a peculiar ritual to this day in places such as Sierra de Puebla and other remote villages of Mexico where they create these paper-cut figures which represent these spirits.


Paper cut deity figures from San Pablito Pahuatlan (top) and pages from a ‘History of the Curing of the Elderly’ belonging to Ricardo de la Loma, San Pablito P. (Click on image to enlarge)

No Killing Joke: How Jaz Coleman is Invoking the Global Gnostic Mass

No Killing Joke: How Jaz Coleman is Invoking the Global Gnostic Mass

There is something mystical about the English musical geniuses known as Killing Joke that makes them more than just a band. For 40 years, with the help of their frontman and founding member, Jaz Coleman, they have unleashed their particular brand of esotericism onto the world to create a completely unique occult genre of tunes.

Music that would magically carry Coleman and his band from the old dirty streets of London to rocking in the king’s chamber at the Great Pyramid of Giza and to befriending and collaborating with Russia’s greatest musicians.

A feat that no other modern musician could accomplish, nor fully appreciate and understand the deep meaning behind their Great Work. (more…)

Carl Jung’s shadow teaches us how to conquer demons

Carl Jung’s shadow teaches us how to conquer demons

The inner world of Carl Jung was filled with shadows, daimons (demons), and the secrets of the individuation of the Self. Jung knew that people would think he was crazy for writing about such things but his conviction was so strong that he had written extensively about these subjects to the point that it became the main theme of his life’s Great Work.

Jung had said that he did not only believe, but he proclaimed that he knew our world was populated by demons and he was sure that many people were possessed by these disincarnated spirits.

He had once said in an interview;

“Unfortunately, it is my fate that other people, especially those who are themselves possessed by demons, think me mad because I believe in these powers. But that is their affair; I know they exist. There are demons all right, as sure as there is a Buchenwald (WWII German concentration camp).” (C.G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters pg. 155) (more…)

Dark Matter: Surfing the light of cosmic filaments into space and beyond

Dark Matter: Surfing the light of cosmic filaments into space and beyond

Recently, I have been reporting on what I like to call a “mycelium network or internet” that I theorize connects us humans to one another via specific fungal organisms that can be either beneficial (symbiotic) or detrimental (parasitical).

It is through this connection that I contend we can not only hack this network to bring knowledge and wisdom to humankind but also when used foolishly, evilness and destruction to whoever plays with the immortal dark fire that runs through its universal web and to the world wide root of our souls.

In many ancient cultures, this phenomenon was known as the “cosmic electric fire, universal life force or astral fire” to name a few. There were several Native American Tribes who described this unseen force as a type of spider web or cosmic web in which Spider Gods whose beliefs connected “the realms of light with those of darkness” through the use of webs.

33rd Degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall, had explained these ancient beliefs and in doing so, he also mentions “various parasitic growths” on plants and in certain minerals that are susceptible to this cosmic fire. Hall had written;

In like manner, animals, plants and even minerals are considered sacred, primarily because of their sensitivity to that “mysterious agency in Nature” known as “astral fire,” which we know today as electricity or even magnetism.

In fact, “various parasitic growths” in plants, and certain minerals, radium, and Lodgestone in particular, are “susceptible to this cosmic electric fire, or universal life force.”

Hall had said, “Most interestingly, during the Middle Ages, history records that magicians often surrounded themselves with “bats, spiders, snakes” and even monkeys, only because they were able to tap into their life forces. Moreover, it was believed in many “ancient schools of wisdom” that insects and reptiles “germinated out of the evil nature of man.”

Human beings, on the other hand, could gain intelligence, so hate would no longer taint the soul’s development.

Several American Indian tribes held the legend of ‘Spider Man,’ which connected the earth to the heavenly realms above through the use of its web. This idea is further supported by the “secret schools of India,” whose beliefs connected “the realms of light with those of darkness” through the use of webs.

These deities were known as “Spider Gods,” who were ruled by the “Great Spider.”

Hall concludes, “As such, the builders of this “cosmic system” were held together by threads of a web, known as the “invisible force.” (Hall, p. 87).

To further expand upon these ancient teachings of the universal life force and the spider web of the Native Americans, I would like to put forth modern research showing the modern science that further explains these teachings along with my modern fungi mycelium network theory.

Research that may one day prove that this universal life force which I simply call a mycelium internet on earth actually connects to the heavens via what scientists call today a “cosmic or galaxy filament” – the largest known structures in the universe.

Structures that are starting to reveal the secrets of “Dark Matter.”

It was in January 2014 when scientists were able to take an image of the cosmic filament close up to identify its mycelium like structure.

Researchers state that computer simulations suggest that matter in the universe is distributed in a “cosmic web” of filaments, as seen in the image above from a large-scale dark-matter simulation.

Scientists are finding that these cosmic filaments are massive thread-like web formations comprising huge amounts of dark matter which divide the universe into a vast gravitationally linked lattice interspersed with enormous dark matter voids.

The clusters and superclusters which connect to form filaments in the web due to gravity which researchers say make our Universe appear like foam or a sponge and may act as the skeleton of the Universe.

It is thought that this dark matter dictates the structure of the Universe on the grandest of scales.

In 2016, Hungarian researchers discovered what they call the fifth force of nature which was a new type of boson in “the decay of an isotope of beryllium.” The scientists claim that it may solve one of the greatest mysteries of the universe which is dark matter.

What caught my attention in reading this research is the fact that the scientists found this new force in “the decay” of an isotope of beryllium. The word decay signifies something that is dead and rotting which would indicate that several microscopic organisms such as fungi would be eating this dead matter in order to absorb its carbon body and remaining nutrients.

If you Google the meaning of decay, you are given this description: “(of organic matter) rot or decompose through the action of bacteria and fungi.”

When I read this modern science of the fifth force found in decaying and rotting matter, it reminds me of the ancient story of the life that sprung from the rotten mud spoken about in The Theology of the Phoenicians from Sanchoniatho. It was translated by the 2nd century Christian Bishop and Church Historian, Eusebius of Caesarea who said that Sanchoniath wrote the truest history about the Jews.

Eusebius had translated;

“He supposes that the beginning of all things was a dark and condensed windy air, or a breeze of thick air and a Chaos turbid and black as Erebus: and that these were unbounded, and for a long series of ages destitute of form. But when this wind became enamored of its own first principles (the Chaos), and an intimate union took place, that connexion was called Pothos: and it was the beginning of the creation of all things.

And it (the Chaos) knew not its own production; but from its embrace with the wind was generated Môt; which some call Ilus (Mud), but others the putrefaction of a watery mixture. And from this sprung all the seed of the creation, and the generation of the universe.

The reported on the latest study that has yet to be peer-reviewed but the team’s previous research was accepted by the journal Physical Review Letters.

Once their findings have been thoroughly pored over, we may finally have a solution to the long-standing and often bemusing problem of accounting for dark matter which makes up the vast majority of the universe and is believed to be responsible for some truly baffling behavior among the stars.

Now, let me turn your attention from to the stars down here on earth to take a microscopic look at the massive underground networks of fungi (molds) in the soil and our bodies that look almost exactly the same as Cosmic Filament.

Interestingly, these fungi are also known as networks of filaments that trade carbon for the eternal light-bringer we know is science by the Greek name – Phosphorus and in Latin, Lucifer.

Please keep in mind that as you read my research, NASA found fungi AKA Toxic Mold growing on the walls of the International Space Station (ISS) and other fellow cosmonauts in the International space community such as in Russia and Germany have reported that fungi/molds have been found growing in the most inhospitable conditions.

In fact, scientists are finding these fungi/molds as high as 33,000 feet in the air.

Here is an explanation of this ongoing research by the Space Microbiology Research Group ;

When identifying what “space microbes” were contaminating the ISS, two main fungal genera are dominant: Aspergillus and Penicillium. These are most commonly known as mold, which has been found growing on the walls, windows, air filtration systems, water and urine systems, and even lettuce that was grown onboard the ISS.

Additionally, filamentous fungi like P. rubens and A. niger can also form biofilms. Fungal biofilms are one of the main causes of infections and can be found on our teeth, in industrial water systems or on medical instruments, such as catheters. But, they can be useful and good, too! Filamentous fungi are also the main producers of antibiotics, vitamins and food supplements in the biotechnological industry nowadays.”

They conclude, “Understanding how filamentous fungi grow and colonize the ISS and other enclosed habitats such as hospitals will help us monitor, control and use them to their full potential, both on Earth and in space.”

Let us look again to the Stars with this recent image showing the cosmic filaments with a blue light or gas running horizontally through its structures.

The white dots located within these filaments are said to be active star-forming galaxies that are “being fed by the filaments.”

According to a video by HubbleCast and host Dr. J. Astronomers, theories of cosmic evolution suggest that galaxy clusters form where filaments of the cosmic web meet, with the filaments slowly funneling matter into the clusters.

This seems to further validate Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity which says that the path of light is bent when it passes through or near objects with a large mass.

So my question is “What bends the light and why do they do it?”

Thinking further about this question makes me rephrase it to “Who or what takes the light from one source and gives it to another and why do they do it?”

Turning back to modern space science, experts state that these filaments of the cosmic web are largely made up of dark matter which are invisible with the naked eye, but their mass is enough to bend the light and distort the images of galaxies in the background, in a process they call “gravitational lensing.”

The team has developed new tools to convert the image distortions into a mass map.


Either way, my understanding always seems to lead to Gurdjieff’s conclusion that we all are, Food for the Moon.

A symbiotic relationship in which we human mushrooms must give our masters in space via the cosmic web the knowledge and light they seek to form a symbiotic relationship with our alien hosts. If we do not provide them with the sustenance they require, they turn hostile and the relationship morphs into an alien invasion upon our souls which leads to a parasitic death spiral of madness, illness, and disease.

When I look to our beautiful earth being destroyed by man-made industry as we pollute the heavens above, it seems that we have yet to understand the true laws of this symbiotic relationship in which the filaments that run through our bodies, the ground and into space are all connected. I believe that a serious violation of these immortal laws may equate to a death sentence for humankind who could be doomed for destruction by the very unseen forces that science is just starting to understand.

As Nietzsche had prophetically written, “If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

With that said, maybe instead of surfing the light of Dark Matter via the cosmic filaments to space and beyond like I do in my wildest Gnostic dreams, we are in the next process of our (their) evolution that will speed up this process into the abyss.

One in which I would like to take Gurdjieff’s theory a step further that if we do not change our ways, we may as well call this next stage, “Fast Food for the Moon.”


Some fungi trade phosphorus with plants like savvy stockbrokers

Daytona Demons: Native American Curses and Spiritual Warfare

Daytona Demons: Native American Curses and Spiritual Warfare

In the U.S., Volusia County and Daytona Beach in the state of Florida are one of the nation’s hot spots for serial killers, pedophiles, drug traffickers, and demon-possessed criminals. It is said that the area creates a certain kind of atmosphere of insatiable anger that seems to permeate the humid air infecting the local population.

An unseen fog of evil that perpetually grips the lost souls in these quiet blood-drenched beach communities that seem to breed some of the most bizarre criminal behavior the world has ever seen that some religionists would call demonic.

A running joke among Volusia County law enforcement is that as soon as the news had broke about another serial killer on the loose, they would often jokingly suggest that he would wind up heading to Daytona on Interstate 95.

Former Daytona Beach police chief Paul Crow, who investigated local serial killer, Gerald Stano had said;

“We used to always have a saying, ‘Sooner or later, the son of a bitch will come here.”

The Volusia County Sheriff, Mike Chitwood, who also served as Daytona’s police chief for a decade before being elected sheriff in 2016 recently stated;

“If you’re a serial killer, the playing field is ripe for people on the fringes of society. Those who have been discarded by society find their way here. Who better for a serial killer to prey upon than someone who isn’t going to be missed after they’re gone?”

Volusia County came across my radar during my research into the phenomenon of murderers who have claimed to be demon-possessed in my body of work I call the “Cult of Demons.”

This haunted county is a well-known national hot spot for not only criminal activity but also paranormal and psychic phenomenons that cause seemingly normal people to suddenly become insane and or in their own words, demon-possessed.

What I often have found when I studied the history of these locations like Northern Florida is that they were ancient tribal grounds occupied for hundreds and if not thousands of years by Native American tribes like the Timucua.

The Timucua were the most powerful Tribes of Native Americans in North America who had ruled and controlled all of Central and Northern Florida prior to the rival of the Spanish, French, and the Russians. They lived in relatively small semi-agricultural villages containing between 30 houses and 200-300 residents.

The Timucua and their lands then became the target of European conquerors and settlers who had sought to usurp the natives.

They were actually one the first major tribes to encounter by the Franciscan Jesuits who took advantage of the preexisting political hierarchy by establishing missions at the largest and most important villages of the precolonial alliance system. The first founding city of the Jesuits, St. Augustine was also the first city in America located just North of Timucuan lands in order to control the area and also honor one of the Fathers of Catholicism – Saint Augustine.

The Timucua were described as a fierce people who were extremely tall, heavily tattooed and they also practiced black magic rites such as human sacrifice and cannibalism.

Ancient history tells us that many Native Americans like the Timucua believed that the world was inhabited by spirits, demons, and gods who could influence people. It appears that from historical accounts that they were well versed in black magic and these references to blood rituals and human sacrifice verify that these people knew the ancient rites of curses which I believe were imported along with them onto American soil from their Phoenician/Hebrew and Egyptian ancestors.

Author William Grimstad had written in Weird America;

“The Timucua were first mentioned by Ponce de Leon in 1513. Little is known about them, and there is no indication of any special affinity with other Amerindian tribes. They were heavily tattooed, went largely unclothed, and practiced human sacrifice and at times cannibalism. What is known of their language also suggests a Pacific rather than American orientation.” (Weird America, pg. 66)

To combat the Europeans, historical evidence shows that the native tribes would perform certain blood rituals and rites to curse and defend their land against the invaders. With war, curses are inflicted upon foes and blood is spilled onto the soil which contains the very disembodied spirits ie: parasitic organisms that make up our DNA.

If the Timucua indeed did curse the soil, I contend that modern science and the constant stream of media reports over the years about criminal activity in the area can help verify my theory. I also believe that these curses may still be in effect which is attributing to making these areas hot spots for not just any old felon but cursed meccas for the evilest criminals who have ever lived.

The Catholic Encyclopedia details some of the historical observations about the Timucua’s rituals and practices which included a peculiar rite of purification by means of a “black drink” made from the leaves of the Ilex cassine.  Here is an image depicting the Black Drink ceremony.

My theory is that this “black drink” was a psychoactive brew made from the fungi on the Ilex cassine’s fruit and or leaves that helped the Timucua to commune with these parasitical organisms who they befriended.

The Catholic Encyclopedia writes;

“Prisoners of war and their descendants constituted a slave class. Their military organization and methods were superior to what was found among the northern tribes. Scalping and mutilation of the slain enemy were universal, and the dismembered limbs were carried from the field as trophies or to serve for cannibal feasts.

Polygamy was customary. Gross sensuality was prevalent. The chief gods were the Sun and the Moon, the Deer, and other animals. They were extremely ceremonious, celebrating planting and harvest seasons, fishing and hunting expeditions, the going and return of war parties, marriages, and funerals, each with special rites of prayer, fasting, feasting, dancing and purification by means of the “black drink” brewed from the leaves of the Ilex cassine.

On certain great ceremonial occasions, the first-born male infants of the tribe were delivered up by their mothers to be sacrificed to the Sun, in whose honor also a sacred fire was kept always burning in their temples.”

We know that the Catholic Franciscan friars along with the Jesuits were part of the conquering people who had usurped the Timucua so one must be careful when reading the victor’s accounts of war but when we examine these stories and others they seem to align with the truth.

That truth was that like most Native Americans, they were a culture based on war, magic, race, and conquest which constituted the rites of their religion and whose lives depended upon defending their tribes which were their extended families numbering in the tens of thousands.

Like almost all Tribes around the globe during these times, the magic of war ie: black magic ritual ceremonies played a daily role in their lives.

I believe that the scalp dance and shoving arrows in their prisoner’s anuses with the spilled blood and the subsequent orgies with Timucuan semen sprayed on the ground were specific rites to curse the ground and make it a Timucuan stronghold.

If this magic was carried on for hundreds and if not thousands of years, these areas could possibly have soil in which the very DNA of the Timucua would make up much of the soil microbiome and would most likely be parasitic (evil conscious negatively charged by black magic rites) to almost all spiritually weak people who come in contact with these organisms.

In the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, we find more details of cficepheir religious rites and black magic blood rituals;

“The Timucua declared war by sticking a number of arrows into the ground, fliers up, in close vicinity to the enemy’s camp. This was done with the utmost secrecy the night before the attack, and locks o human hair were seen dangling from the end of the arrows.

The chiefs led the warriors on the war-path, club, arrows and bow in hand; when the fight had begun, they placed themselves in the center of the combatants, and their usual mode of attack was to surprise the enemy, as is done by all Indians.

They fought valiantly and impetuously when compelled to fight openly; their weapons were spears, clubs, bow and arrows, and a small target hung on the chest. Their arrows were headed with stones and fishbones, both being worked quite handsomely and carefully.

The warriors put to death all men captured (though exceptions to this are recorded i, cut off their arms above the elbow, and their legs above the knee, took their scalps, and ran an arrow into their anus, leaving them in this condition on the battle-field.

The scalps and sometimes the cut-off limbs were brought to camp, stuck on poles which they connected with garlands, and during the scalp dance, which lasted three days and nights, the most revolting orgies were gone through.

The oldest of their women were compelled to join hands in the maddening dance; the scalps of the slain were smoked over a fire, while praises were sung to the sun for the victory obtained. Women and children of the enemy were kept as slaves.”

If the Timucua ruled most of Florida and performed these black magic rites en mass, quite possibly they built a magical net stretching like filaments of fungi over hundreds and thousands of miles from one point of their tribal territory to all four corners.

A web to catch any foreign organism ie: person and or animal stepping on and living in this cursed soil would now be subject to the DNA and mycotoxins of these subconscious negative entities creating an air of evil when breathed in and or soaked through the skin via dermal absorption, results in possession ie: madness, schizophrenia, and or criminality.

A researcher from Florida State University examined the Timucuans religion to find that their rituals and belief systems could be divided into three categories of Cosmology: purity, pollution, and impurity.

Purity was associated with the sacred to purify the environment so the Timucuans were said to have used certain objects like fire, First Fruits, blood, corn, tobacco, and black drink to achieve a personal state of purity in order to attract the attention of and interact with their ancestors and the gods. This state of being was said to be rare and often dangerous for untrained individuals to interact with these dieties who were associated with the Upper World.

Pollution was the second state of being in the Timucuan cosmology which was with “symbolic dirt” connected to a negative state that had the power to alter a person’s state of being in bringing them closer to the Under World. The Timucuan had ritually used a woman’s menstrual blood, childbirth blood, dead bodies, and disease as their main symbols of pollution which allowed them to enter a state which allowed them to commune with the spirit world.

It was said that their rituals had brought about process similar to death and dying (thus becoming a sacred ancestor) or through shedding the blood of the lineage (birth, menstruation, and blood sacrifice), which links the earthly family to the sacred family.

This is key to understanding my theory that the soils fungal microbiome was cursed via their blood and rituals of death which last until this very day.

The Timucuans death rituals associated with funerary rites include the shedding of blood, human sacrifice, public mourning of women, cutting hair as a symbol of mourning which was associated with the body’s decay as symbols of the Under World. Decay is associated with fungi and I contend this same said fungi is still prevalent here wreaking havoc on local heathen and the sinful,

In the Timucuans Cosmology, blood was something to be closely controlled and the general population was said to have kept segregated from spilled blood.

The Spanish certainly were not ignorant of the importance of blood and their familiarity with the magic of blood rituals which had a religio-political importance closely connected to the elite class to control their city-states.

This leads me to research by Scientists from Cornell University who discovered that fungal filament allows electrons to travel through soil farther and more efficiently than previously thought.

“Microorganisms need electrons for everything they do. If they consume nutrients or spew out methane or expel carbon dioxide – for any living, biological process – they need electrons,” said Tianran Sun, postdoctoral researcher in soil and crop sciences and lead author of the paper that appears March 31 in Nature Communications.

Like large volumes of electricity that flow from Niagara Falls throughout upstate New York, electrons convey through soil via carbon. “We weren’t aware of this high-definition soil distribution system transporting electrons from far away. It’s not kilometers, it’s not meters, but centimeter distances that matter in soil,” said Johannes Lehmann, professor of soil science.

In fact, amending the soil with pyrogenic carbon – known as biochar – brings high definition to the electron network. In turn, the electrons spur conductive networks and growth, said Sun.

“Previously we thought there were only low-performing electron pathways in the soil – and now we’ve learned the electrons are channeled through soil very efficiently in a high-performing way,” said Lehmann.

The ancient religion and beliefs of the Timucua actually align perfectly with what Cornell scientists call electron pathways in the soil and my modern theory that the “symbolic dirt” infecting the areas in and around the Volusia County and Daytona Beach have been cursed by the blood of the Timucua.

Blood infected soils and air from the Timucuan microbiome warriors that can be very dangerous for those people of different DNA who are mentally and spiritually weak people who reside and or visit there.

The reason being is that the systematic liquidation of the Timucua places a lot of their blood and DNA into the region which I believe with their occult knowledge they charged via curses to ‘feed’ the negative entities that they created who now reside and torment the people who live there.

Especially the ones who do not understand this history and are weak-minded. Meaning they are often ignorant people who have little control over their own minds and lives that become tools for the Timucuan Under World of evil demons who seek to torment and destroy any alien invader.

People like the pregnant Florida mother, Ebony Wilkerson who on March 4, 2014, was tormented by who she called demons that demanded she drive her minivan with her three children straight into the ocean surf in Daytona Beach.

This negative energy and evil parasites can possibly be equated to what researchers call high-definition electron pathways in the soil that are transported via a mycelium network of microorganisms to unsuspecting victims like Wilkerson.

At the time of the attempted murders, Wilkerson said she didn’t have a care in the world because she was with God and wasn’t aware that her three children locked in the minivan she was driving towards the waves were in danger.

Wilkerson then told her kids to close their eyes and go to sleep, ‘I’m taking you to a better place,'”

Thankfully, bystanders came to the rescue of her children and apprehended the delusional woman who heard demons that told her to kill herself and her family.

Ebony Wilkerson’s sister told a 911 dispatcher that Ebony wigged out inside her Daytona Beach home before putting her kids in the minivan and speeding away.

“She’s talking about Jesus, that there’s demons in the house,” the sister told the operator.

The Demons of Daytona Beach has also been a favorite spot for several killers who have gained national notoriety.

The first in a line of infamous killers to terrorize Daytona was Gerald Stano who moved to the area with his parents when he was a young adult. He was first arrested in 1980 after one of his victims, a local prostitute, escaped from a hotel room after he had beat her and doused her with acid.

Stano was eventually linked to 33 murders and may have killed as many as 88 people. The women he was known to have killed ranged in age from 12 to 34.

Perhaps the most famous serial killers on the list is Aileen Wuornos because she was a woman and prostitute who targeted men. She was convicted in the 1989 murder of Richard Mallory, 51, in Daytona and admitted to six other slayings in Marion, Citrus, Pasco, and Dixie counties.

Wournos was executed in October 2002, becoming the second woman executed in Florida after the U.S. Supreme Court restored the death penalty in 1976.

Next, the we have the “I-95 killer,” Gary Ray Bowles who murdered six gay men.

In March 1994, Bowle’s first victim was John Hardy Roberts, 59, who was killed in his home on Vermont Avenue in Daytona. Bowles struck Roberts in the back of his head with a lamp, choked him and stuffed a towel down his throat. Bowles killed his other victims in almost the same fashion during the several months.

More recently, we have the alleged Daytona serial killer, Robert Hayes, 37, who was a student with a criminal justice major at Bethune-Cookman University. Hayes is accused of killings of three prostitutes between 2005 and 2006.

Hayes was arrested as the result of DNA matches on September 15 in South Florida in connection with a 2016 prostitute slaying of Rachel Bey, 32, in Palm Beach County victim that matched DNA taken from two of the Daytona victims. All of the women were killed with a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson.

Hayes was investigated twice by legal authorities because he had purchased a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson from a local gun shop prior to the killings but detectives didn’t see any connection at the time.

Police investigators said that Hayes who is an educated African American doesn’t fit the profile of a typical serial killer — an uneducated, aimless white male.

Perhaps, I can offer law enforcement a tip.

If I were lead occult investigators on this case, I would contend that he perfectly fits the profile of a person suffering from the ancient Timucua curse of the soil in which his lungs and blood have become infected with the Timucuan made – Daytona Demon…


Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society

Catholic Encyclopedia

Florid State University Study Paper PDF

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The mycelium network of fungal infected Geniuses who built our world

The mycelium network of fungal infected Geniuses who built our world

In researching some of the world’s most famous geniuses who have ever lived, I have discovered that many of them share a particular trait that seems to connect them to one another as if they are all part of the same network of super-intelligent fungi.

A world-wide-web of knowledge and memories via a secret mycelium channel of interconnectedness that only certain initiated/infected humans can access.

This access point I theorize is made not by us, but by them and it is through the very symbiotic microorganisms who inhabit our bodies and the world that we obtain our intelligence, religion, laws, governmental policies, and prophecies.

In this article, I would like to share with you some of my research into some of these legendary mental giants showing that they were ALL sick with some type of illness or disease which I believe was the result of a fungal infection.

An ancient of knowledge and wisdom that I contend that these alien fungi have preselected certain humans as their mediums and prophets of whom some I name below.

What I have also discovered is that some of the people who recover and or eternally suffer from childhood or adult illnesses will often go on to become divinely inspired and intelligently gifted healers who have this newfound ability to freely share their knowledge and heal others.

In a later paper, I will delve into the science as to why I believe that illness and disease will either bring out the inner genius angel or the evil demon within us all.

Here is a list of the most famous and smartest people to help prove my theory.


Perhaps the most famous on my list is the 16th-century French astrologer and physician Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus). He is well known around the world for his prophecies and also being one of the most sought after doctors during the plague.

Nostradamus is considered to be a prophetic giant who has been credited with accurately predicting future events, including the rise of Hitler.

He was also sick from gout and arthritis for much of his adult life and suffered from dreams and nightmares that gave him visions of the future. Nostradamus lived at the royal court in Paris at the queen’s invitation until his illness forced him to return to Salon.

He eventually lost his first wife and children to the plague which sent him into a deep depression.

Nostradamus’ illness was said to later develop into edema or dropsy, where abnormal amounts of fluid accumulate beneath the skin or within cavities of the body.

He had predicted his own death on the evening of July 1, 1566, when Nostradamus is alleged to have told his secretary Jean de Chavigny, “You will not find me alive at sunrise.”

The next morning he was reportedly found dead lying on the floor next to his bed.


The 17th-century French Parisian scientist and philosopher, Francois Marie Arouet, better known as Voltaire, was one of France’s greatest writers and philosophers who suffered a life long illness that he often remarked about in his writings.

Throughout Voltaire’s life, he was said to have an obsession with his illness and his erotic desires are inextricably linked in his many works and claims his illness for resulting in his illicit passion for his niece.

Voltaire left the court for good in 1753, supposedly telling a friend, “I was enthusiastic about [Frederick] for 16 years, but he has cured me of this long illness.”

He ended up living a fairly long life until he died at age 83.

I will leave you with a famous quote by Voltaire — “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”


One of the world’s most famous Russian occultist was born prematurely in 1831 at “midnight” in the Ukraine as a cholera epidemic raged. She was born to a royal family and immediately baptized as a sleepy child holding a candle had accidentally set fire to the officiating priest’s robes.

The woman’s name was Helena Petrovena Blavatsky. She was the granddaughter of General Alexis Hahn (a noble family of Mecklenburg settled in Russia) and her mother was Helene Fadeyef, and the granddaughter of Privy Councillor Andrew Fadeyef and of the Princess Helene Dolgoruki. It was said that she was called Sedmichka, meaning one connected with the number seven.

As early as 1860, it was reported that Helena suffered from a terrible illness from a wound near her heart that would not fully heal and would re-open occasionally making her suffer in great agony. Her sickness would last for a few days and then heal suddenly and no trace of it remains.

In 1864, Helena had another serious illness that had often rendered her comatose. Later that year she connected with a family friend named Isidore at the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg who had blessed Helena with the following words:

“As for you let not your heart be troubled by the gift you are possessed of, nor let it become a source of misery to you hereafter, for it was surely given to you for some purpose and you could not be held responsible for it. Quite the reverse, for if you but use it with discrimination, you will be enabled to do much good to your fellow-creatures.”

It was said that she was restored back to life again where she began her travels again going to Italy but while traveling in Europe, back in India, some jealous Theosophical Society employees with forged documents that they brought to the police filed trumped-up charges of fraud against her. The charges were later dropped but the stress associated with the investigation from her former colleagues had wreaked havoc on Madame Blavatsky’s health.

By the end of March 1887, she again fell gravely ill with a kidney infection and was not expected to live.

From the statements made by her relatives and recorded in her own words, no doctor could understand her illness.

It was said that after he last bout of that illness, Helena repeatedly told her friends—” to lead a double life.”

In his Incidents in the Life of Madame Blavatsky (p. 147), Mr. Sinnett quotes a written description of hers of a ” double life ” she led throughout a certain ” mild fever,” which was yet a wasting illness, that she had when a young lady in Mingrelia:

“Whenever I was called by name, I opened my eyes upon hearing it, and was myself, my own personality in every particular. As soon as I was left alone, however, I relapsed into my usual, half-dreamy condition, and became somebody else (who, namely, Mme. B. will not tell). . . . .

In cases when I was interrupted, when in my other self, by the sound of my present name being pronounced, and while I was conversing in my dream-life, —say at half a sentence either spoken by me or those who were with my second me at the time,—and opened my eyes to answer the call, I used to answer very rationally, and understood all, for I was never delirious. But no sooner had I closed my eyes again than the sentence which had been interrupted was completed by my other self, continued from the word, or even the half word it had stopped at.

When awake, and myself, I remembered well who I was in my second capacity, and what I had been and was doing. When somebody else, /’. e., the personage I had become, I know I had no idea of who was H. P. Blavatsky! I was in another far-off country, a totally different individuality from myself, and had no connection with my actual life.”

It was as if Helena was describing another conscious entity that inhabited her physical body.

In March 1887 March, with failing health, exhausted, she fell into another coma from which she was revived yet again in order to finish her last masterpiece, The Secret Doctrine.

On May 8, 1891, after many years of chronic illness, the Royal Russian Madame died in London.


Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung said that at age 38 he started having visions and hearing voices.

Jung described his visions as a type of “psychosis” or “schizophrenia” that would worry him but also produce much of his material for the Red Book that was published after his death.

The New York Times describes the story told by the Red Book:

The book tells the story of Jung trying to face down his own demons as they emerged from the shadows. The results are humiliating, sometimes unsavory. In it, Jung travels the land of the dead, falls in love with a woman he later realizes is his sister, gets squeezed by a giant serpent and, in one terrifying moment, eats the liver of a little child.

At age 69, he had a heart attack that kept him at death’s door for several weeks while he went deep within to a world of visions.

Not surprisingly, Jung’s mother, Emilie, was haunted by mental illness most of her life.


The German physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) suffered from chronic illness for much of his adult life and had mental developmental issues as a child.

He suffered from many health problems such as digestive system disorders; liver ailment, stomach ulcer, inflammation of gall bladder, jaundice and intestinal pains.

By his own admission, Albert Einstein told his biographer, Carl Seelig, that “my parents were worried because I started to talk comparatively late, and they consulted a doctor because of it,” and also had ‘poor memory of words’, during his childhood years.

Some researchers believe that Albert Einstein may have had Asperger syndrome or Autism.

His younger son, Eduard, suffered from mental illness and led an unstable life in psychiatric clinics until his death.


The last person on my fungal infected geniuses list is the 18th-century Swedish scientist, philosopher, and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg had suffered from various illnesses and often discussed how the spiritual world can affect our health in the physical world.

Swedenborg described the universal human is the whole of heaven made up of infinite interconnected parts and our spiritual and physical selves are tied together through correspondences (mycelium?), which are connections between spiritual causes (laws) and physical effects (sentences) to it is what sustains our life.

Swedenborg had written;

The universal human is the whole of heaven, which is a composite likeness and image of the Lord. The Lord’s divine nature corresponds to the heavenly and spiritual attributes there, which correspond to earthly entities in the world, particularly those belonging to a human being. Through heaven or the universal human, then, the Lord’s divine nature corresponds with a human being and with all the parts that make up a human being—so much so that we spring from, or in other words, are sustained by, this correspondence. (Secrets of Heaven §3883)

Swedenborg’s description of heaven reminds me of the modern theory by Rupert Sheldrake of the morphic fields or what I simply like to call the mycelium human network or internet.

Swedenborg had claimed to have experienced physical symptoms from his contact with these entities who he calls hellish spirits to bring all evil and disease. He writes;

All hellish spirits bring on illness (with differences) because all the hells crave evil and are obsessed with it. They therefore work against influences from heaven and have the opposite effect on us. Heaven, the universal human, keeps everything connected and safe from harm. Hell, being opposed, destroys everything and rends it apart. If hellish spirits latch on, then, they trigger illness and eventually death.

However, hellish spirits are not permitted to exert their influence right on the solid parts of the body, or the parts composing a person’s organs, viscera, and limbs, just on a person’s corrupt desires and distorted ideas. Only when we fall sick do they act on the unclean substances connected with disease. . . .

Nonetheless, this does not block the possibility of physical cure. The means of healing coincide with the Lord’s providence. Much experience has taught me that this is the case, so many times and for so long a time that not a shred of doubt remains.

Evil spirits from these kinds of places have often latched onto me for long periods, causing pain and also illness, depending on where they were present. I was shown where they were located and what they were like and was told where they came from. (Secrets of Heaven §5713)

Author John Wesley, received from Swedenborg the following letter in the latter part of February, 1772:

Great Bath Street, Coldbath Fields, Feb., 1772.

Sir:—I have been informed in the world of spirits that you have a strong desire to converse with me. I shall be happy to see you, if you will favor me with a visit.

I am your humble servant,

Emanuel Swedenborg.

Mr. Wesley frankly acknowledged to the company present,—consisting mostly of preachers with whom he was preparing for a circuit, upon which he was about to set out,—that he had been strongly impressed with a desire to see and converse with Swedenborg, and that he had never mentioned that desire to anyone.

He wrote for answer that he was then closely occupied in preparing for a six months journey, but would do himself the pleasure of waiting upon Swedenborg soon after his return to London. Swedenborg replied that the proposed visit would be too late, as he should himself go into the world of spirits on the 29th day of the next month, never more to return.

Dr. Hartley was a clergyman of the church of England, Rector of Winwick in Northamptonshire, a personal acquaintance of Swedenborg, and one of the first receivers of his doctrines.

Mr. Wesley went the circuit, and on his return to London in October learned that Swedenborg had departed this life on the 29th of March preceding.

In the month of December previous, he had had an attack of apoplexy, from which he did not recover. He was repeatedly visited during his last illness by Ferelius, the pastor of the Swedish Church in London, who asked him on one occasion if he thought himself about to die, and was answered in the affirmative. It was proposed to him to take the sacrament, and with his assent, Ferelius was sent for to administer it.

“On this occasion,” writes Ferelius, “I remarked to him that, as many persons thought he had only sought fame by his new theological system (which he had attained), he would do well now to publish the truth to the world, and to recant all or any part of what he had erroneously advanced, as he had nothing more to expect from the world, which he was soon to quit forever.

“Upon hearing these words, Swedenborg raised himself half upright in bed, and placing his sound hand on his breast (one was palsied), said with great zeal and emphasis, ‘As true as you see me before you, so true is everything I have written. I could have said more had I been permitted.

When you come into eternity you will see all things as I have described them, and we shall have much to say to one another concerning them.'”

When asked if he was disposed to partake of the Holy Supper, he replied:

“Thank you; you mean well, but I do not need it. However, to show the connection between the Church in Heaven and the Church on Earth, I will gladly take it.”

Remote Viewing: How Drugs Help Us Communicate As Within and So Without

Remote Viewing: How Drugs Help Us Communicate As Within and So Without

“When you look at the network of fungi, it starts to look back at you!” – Dr. Merlin Sheldrake (Fungal Biologist and author)

Our bodies are made up of a vast network of various fungi (molds) and other organisms whose histories span the great genetic divide from them, us and to our first ancestors. A non-human or “extra-dimensional” intelligence in which we are all eternally interconnected with.

It is through this internet of alien DNA that I theorize we communicate with the aid of certain alkaloid drugs on the As Within and So Without which helps produce our “visions, trips, hallucinations, and even remote viewing.”

Paranormal communication tools that magically allow us to alchemically tap the memories of our ancestors and also give us the ability to travel in time along the super mycelium information highways to Innerspace and simultaneously cosmonauts whose thoughts can beam to the moon and beyond.

These memories I contend come from within the vast microorganism network that makes up our very DNA. It is this genetic information network that certain drugs allow us to hack in order to access another dimension, their dimension.

Fungi Derived Drugs Help Us Communicate As Within So Without

“Fungi are absolutely remarkable chemists. They produce molecules that humans still can’t reproduce in a lab, and we’re only beginning to scrape the surface of what we can learn from them.” – Gerry Wright: Biochemistry professor McMaster University

My theory centers around certain fungal and alkaloid derived drugs like Psilocybin (magic mushrooms, shrooms, etc.), LSD (acid), and DMT that derive their power from an alkaloid called “Tryptamine.”

In the 1950s, the research of Stanislav Grof shows how LSD, a drug derived from the fungus (mold) ergot had given people what could be called Gnostic superhuman abilities

At the time, Groff was chief of psychiatric research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center and assistant professor of psychiatry at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine when he conducted a series of experiments with LSD in Prague, Czechoslovakia at the Psychiatric Research Institute and made several startling discoveries.

For example, he had discovered a common experience that many patients shared while under LSD trips was reliving what it was like to be in the womb before they were born. Groff described how patients could somehow access the consciousness of their relatives and even more distant ancestors and were able to accurately describe moments from the lives of their parents before they had been born in exact detail and without any previous knowledge about these events.

Some patients with absolutely no education or knowledge of ancient Egyptian customs were able to give detailed descriptions of embalming mummification practices.

Initially, Groff believed that his patients were simply imagining these images, but their descriptions and the knowledge they shared often went far beyond the patients’ previous educational levels.

Meaning, there was no way that these people could “know about or be privy to this knowledge (Gnosis) unless it came from somewhere and something else or possibly from where I contend, within their very own DNA.

In an interview, Groff described how LSD acted like an “onion peeling of the unconscious”. He had said;

“We were doing something that we called psycholytic therapy, which was a large number of medium dosages of LSD—something that one of my patients called “onion peeling of the unconscious.” We were able to remove layer after layer and map the unconscious, moving from the Freudian individual, or personal unconscious, through what I call “the perinatal unconscious,” related to the memory of birth, to what Jung called the collective unconscious—both its historical and mythological, or archetypal, aspects.”

Author, Michael Talbot, had written;

“In fact, there did not seem to be any limit to what Grof’s LSD subjects could tap into. They seemed capable of knowing what it was like to be every animal, and even plant, on the tree of evolution.

They could experience what it was like to be a blood cell, an atom, a thermonuclear process inside the sun, the consciousness of the entire planet, and even the consciousness of the entire cosmos.

More than that, they displayed the ability to transcend space and time, and occasionally they related uncannily accurate precognitive information.

In an even stranger vein, they sometimes encountered nonhuman intelligences during their cerebral travels, discarnate beings, spirit guides from “higher planes of consciousness,” and other suprahuman entities.”

On occasion subjects also traveled to what appeared to be other universes and other levels of reality. In one particularly unnerving session, a young man suffering from depression found himself in what seemed to be another dimension. It had an eerie luminescence, and although he could not see anyone he sensed that it was crowded with discarnate beings.

Suddenly he sensed a presence very close to him, and to his surprise, it began to communicate with him telepathically.

It asked him to please contact a couple who lived in the Moravian city of Kromeriz and let them know their son Ladislav was well taken care of and doing all right. It then gave him the couple’s name, street address, and telephone number.

The information meant nothing to either Grof or the young man and seemed totally unrelated to the young man’s problems and treatment. Still, Grof could not put it out of his mind. “After some hesitation and with mixed feelings, I finally decided to do what certainly would have made me the target of my colleagues’ jokes, had they fund out,” says Grof.

“I went to the telephone, dialed the number in Kromeriz, and asked if I could speak with Ladislav. To my astonishment, the woman on the other side of the line started to cry. When she calmed down, she told me with a broken voice: ‘Our son is not with us anymore; he passed away, we lost him three weeks ago.” (The Holographic Universe, pg. 69)


I believe what is happening is that these drugs have similar molecular DNA which counteracts with our own “ancient DNA” causing an alchemical reaction in our blood flooding it to the point we become one with the mushrooms and the environment.

Recent studies indicate that when we take these drugs, people often experience a breakdown in the perceived boundary between themselves and their environment, a phenomenon that is often termed ‘ego-dissolution’ (Lebedev et al. 2015Millière 2017).

Two recent studies have replicated earlier reports of the experience of ego-dissolution after administration of psilocybin mushrooms (Lebedev et al. 2015) and LSD (Tagliazucchi et al. 2016).

A 2010 study called it  ‘the experience of unity’ which had clearly identified people showing aspects of dissolving self-boundaries, with statements such as ‘The boundaries between myself and my surroundings seemed to blur’ and ‘It seemed to me that my environment and I were one’.

Here is an image illustrating the schematic summary of the key aspects of consciousness discussed in the research paper mentioned above which shows the inappropriateness of a unidimensional account of consciousness.


In researching one of the world’s most powerful of the entheogens, DMT, you will find that many people who have taken the drug experience visions of alien type entities

One of the world’s foremost experts, Dr. Rick Strassman conducted a series of experiments in the 1990s with DMT at the University of New Mexico. In DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Strassman describes the alien type entities that his patients encountered. He writes;

When reviewing my bedside notes, I continually feel surprised in seeing how many of our volunteers “made contact” with “them,” or other beings. At least half did so in some form or another. Research subjects used expressions like “entities,” “beings,” “aliens,” “guides,” and “helpers” to describe them. The “life-forms” looked like clowns, reptiles, mantises, bees, spiders, cacti, and stick figures. (DMT The Spirit Molecule, pg. 185)

Professor Ian Wilson from Astra Zeneca said in a 2004 Wired Magazine article that they believe the “human super-organism” concept “could have a huge impact on how we develop drugs, as individuals can have very different responses to drug metabolism and toxicity.”

“The microbes can influence things such as the pH levels in the gut and the immune response, all of which can have effects on the effectiveness of drugs,” Wilson said.

The article further stated that the Imperial College research demonstrates what many – from X Files stalwarts to UFO fanatics – have long claimed: We are not alone. Specifically, the human genome does not carry enough information on its own to determine key elements of our own biology.”

In Sekret Machines: Gods: An official investigation of the UFO phenomenon, authors, Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda discuss how fungi derived entheogens produce hallucinations that bring the shaman into contact with the “other world” who is a living repository (DNA and Fungi) of the clan or tribe. They had written;

“This other world is a field of symbols: not only the static symbols of icons and images, but active symbols that manifest through sound, dance, the play of environmental forces, and the hereditary narrative of the village itself.

The shaman is the living repository of the history of the clan or tribe; as such. he or she can communicate in a sacred language, a shorthand of symbols and semiotic content that is comprehensible to the other members of the tribe and can be interpreted by them while the shaman is still in a trance.”


This all leads to the modern phenomenon of remote viewing. The CIA defines remote viewing as being the “acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance, shield, or time.”

Several units of the US military have conducted remote viewing intelligence programs like the US Army’s code name Star Gate. A program in the 1970s operated by psychic, Skip Atwater who was the Operations and Training Officer for 10 years.

One of the earliest thought leaders who believed that LSD can cause its taker to have remote viewings is John Lilly who in 1985 discussed his ideas in his book about LSD and consciousness, The Center of the Cyclone. A book that Lilly claims reveal the ways to reach an inner state in which communication with higher entities is possible.

In 1997, researchers at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands conducted as a study to determine if psilocybin mushrooms could influence remote viewing. 12 people were studied under the influence of psilocybin and they found that over half (58.3%) of the people in the test were able to achieve measurable remote viewing.

A 2001 case study of space-time distortion during a total lunar eclipse following street use of LSD, examined a case of cosmic perception under the influence of LSD is reported which included the apparent movement of consciousness to the lunar surface combined with the experience of remote viewing of the Milky Way galaxy.

The researchers claimed that while the possibility of veridical remote viewing is unlikely, they speculated that the neurocognitive action of LSD can sensitize the user to focused bright light, associated memories, and creative elaborations during actual eclipse events.

A man of science and truth who has been publically labeled a heretic and has been shunned by the scientific community, Rupert Sheldrake believes that memory is a function of time, not matter, shared by all living things, that he called “morphic resonance or morphogenetics”.

Sheldrake is a Cambridge-trained biochemist and best selling author whose theories have been widely accepted by the public but are banned to hell by some of his former peers.

Here is Sheldrake on the far right pictured with Terrence McKenna and Ralph Abraham.

His theory is that similar forms (morphs, or “fields of information”) reverberate and exchange information within a universal life force and that like attracts like. Rupert believes nature has a kind of memory that we can tap into in unexplained ways and the use of psychedelic drugs “can reveal a world of consciousness and interconnection” which he says he has experienced.  

Like Sheldrake, I have also experienced the world of consciousness that I was able to hack and the fellings of interconnection with everything while under the use of psychedelic drugsAn experience that countless takers of these drugs have verified to be all similar to one another.

A Guardian article on Sheldrake stated he became interested in a notion of biology and heredity that shared close affinities with Carl Jung’s ideas of a collective unconscious, a shared species memory. He was profoundly influenced by a book called Matter and Memory by the philosopher Henri Bergson.

Sheldrake said, “When I discovered Bergson’s idea that memory is not stored in the brain but that it is a relation in time, not in space, I realized that there might potentially be a memory principle in nature that would solve the problem I was wrestling with.”

What he found was the morphogenetic fields of the mysterious and highly hidden properties of the phosphate called denimax which enables instantaneous communication over vast distances. In researching this substance denimax, the web has quite fittingly gone virtually dark on this knowledge which may further prove that Sheldrake was on to something big.

Sheldrake had written a book about his findings that when it was first published, it generally garnished a favorable reception. But like most unsanctioned Gnostics in this 6th Age, a “book for burning” was ritually performed in the magazine, Nature, by its editor, Sir John Maddox who wrote;

“This infuriating tract… is the best candidate for burning there has been for many years.” In 1994, Maddocks said: “Sheldrake is putting forward magic instead of science, and that can be condemned in exactly the language that the Pope used to condemn Galileo, and for the same reason. It is heresy.”

Like many truth-tellers before, Sheldrake’s has a new life in banishment as a discredited scientist, heretic, and quite fittingly as a bestselling author and underground Gnostic hero.

In his latest book “Science and Spiritual Practices,” he claims that we cannot split science from spirituality because the earth is alive and that science and spirituality are two lenses that reveal are parts of the same whole. I could not agree more.

The facts are in this Apocalypse of Gnosis, science is still moving right along with other lesser-known heretics who are carrying the forbidden knowledge within their own DNA by releasing cutting edge research that is validating Sheldrake’s and even my own.

Scientists like Rupert Sheldrake’s son, Merlin Sheldrake, 28, who is has a PhD on the ecology of fungal networks at Cambridge and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama where he conducted extensive fieldwork as a Smithsonian Research Fellow. Merlin received a triple first in Biological Sciences and starred First in History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University where he was a prize-winning scholar.

Merlin believes that the existence of a “mycelial network” linking plants to one another could have profound implications for the functioning of ecosystems” that might be better imagined as a single superorganism, rather than a grouping of independent individualistic ones; and about what trading, sharing, or even friendship might mean among plants.

“All of these trees have mycorrhizal fungi growing into their roots,” Sheldrake said.

“You could imagine the fungi themselves as forming a massive underground tree, or as a cobweb of fine filaments, acting as a sort of prosthesis to the trees, a further root system, extending outwards into the soil, acquiring nutrients and floating them back to the plants, as the plants fix carbon in their leaves and send sugar to their roots, and out into the fungi. And this is all happening right under our feet.”

Merlin had recently said, “When you look at the network of fungi, it starts to look back at you!”

A statement that reminds me of the quote on monsters and the abyss by Nietzsche – “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil. Aphorism 146)

It’s as if this abyss – ie: unseen world of fungal monsters that we are speaking of or should I say for is demanding the truth of our existence be known and scientists like Sheldrake and researchers such as myself are the chosen prophets to bring in this New Age.

For example, recent experiments by other scientists are showing that there is an interconnectedness of the human mind with other minds and with matter.

This interconnectedness I contend would appear to function via a hidden global fungal communication network or hive, such as a bee, ant or bacteria colony.

A colony made of certain immortal laws to govern the heavenly kingdom of humans who appear to be the most prized and highest conscious form of earthly descendants of these alien fungal creatures with one Queen mother, King, priests, knights, soldiers and workers who appear on most accounts to be intelligently guided.

Drugs like LSD appear to allow us to hack this fungal colonial world and attain human superpowers such as remote viewing.

A 2018 research paper reveals how brain activity was recorded using magnetoencephalography (MEG)and Scalp level Event-Related Fields (ERF) showing how humans react via backward connectivity in the brain to various stimuli while under the influence of LSD.

The researchers found that the brain seemed to be turned off and that rather than being a marker of conscious level per se, that the backward connectivity may index modulations of perceptual learning common to a variety of altered states of consciousness, perhaps united by a shared altered sensitivity to “environmental stimuli.”


This “environmental stimuli” is what I believe to be the internet of fungi in which science has now proven humans are both an unconscious (unknowing) programmer (creator) and virus (destroyer) of its earth colonies.

What Merlin Sheldrake calls the wood wide web and his father Rupert says we can access these memories via morphogenetic fields and can do so with the help of certain drugs that I mention in this article.

Research that further validates Carl Jung’s ideas of a collective unconscious and the shadow.

I believe we can now say that we are part of their billion-year-old ecosystem of fungi in which our DNA and certain drugs via super sekret alchemical processes allow us to hack this myco-internet governed by the very fungi who rule the world and in turn, our minds and bodies.

It is my understanding that on earth, we are the highest form of life that they use to procreate, communicate,  legislate and if need be, destroy its creation.

Hence, the circle (game) of life (thrones) via the ouroboros eating its own tail.

Darwin’s Dead: How fungi are the evolutionary creators and destroyers of humankind

Darwin’s Dead: How fungi are the evolutionary creators and destroyers of humankind

As more revolutionary research comes out about our human origins, it is shattering the previous Darwinian notions about natural selection on its genetic head.

To explain Darwin’s evolution theory, in a nutshell, is that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. This natural selection had then formed the tree of life but in recent years, this theory is starting to be modified from the belief that genes flow only vertically, from parents to offspring, that they can also come sideways from fungi via two phenomenons called parthenogenesis and horizontal gene transfer (H.G.T.).

Meaning, Darwin’s notion that evolution is a tree moving upward with various branches is wrong and it is more like an entangled mass of fungi mycelium moving in all directions – sideways and up and down.

My theory is that evolution does not occur vertically via a DNA tree from a remote ancestor to modern humans but is determined from the very fungi in our bodies who are  are creators, legislators, and destroyers through virgin births, religious laws to control sin, and the birth of fungal royalty from the line of Cain via horizontal gene transfer.

The modern science I speak of relates to the biochemical, structural and evolutionary relationships among all living things that are proving that fungi are closer relative to animals like humans than to plants. It is this universal fungal network that we humans are the highest conscious representatives who can communicate this science and immortal laws where I believe that true natural selection and human evolution or devolution occurs.

This new branch of science is called molecular phylogenetics which reads the ancient history of life from the different sequences of DNA, RNA and a few select proteins in all the molecules inhabiting our bodies and not just the human.

If we now know that DNA itself can indeed move from fungi sideways within humans across dimensions from one kind of creature into another, possibly this is the answer to how human/alien hybrids are formed who then become the benefactors of the human race. Meaning the illustrious teachers, saviors, saints, and scientists are actually sent here from their world to become the most intelligent humans on the planet bringing their fellow parasitic humans religion, science and laws in which they can consume/devour until death.

My theory is that the unseen world of microorganisms and in particular, fungi are the original authors of natural selection for all life on earth and we actually imitate their hierarchical structure of government whose laws govern life and death. In order to wrap your fungi derived mind around my hypothesis, it is important that you start to understand the last few decades of research about our human origins and also our symbiotic and sometimes pathogenic relationship with these alien microorganisms.

To quote from a 2019 NY Times article, The Scientist Who Scrambled Darwin’s Tree of Life;

“We are not precisely who we thought we were.

We are composite creatures, and our ancestry seems to arise from a dark zone of the living world, a group of creatures about which science, until recent decades, was ignorant. Evolution is trickier, far more complicated, than we realized.

The tree of life is more tangled. Genes don’t just move vertically. They can also pass laterally across species boundaries, across wider gaps, even between different kingdoms of life, and some have come sideways into our own lineage — the primate lineage — from unsuspected, nonprimate sources. It’s the genetic equivalent of a blood transfusion or (to use a different metaphor preferred by some scientists) an infection that transforms identity.”

They called it “infective heredity.”

In 2004, a Wired Magazine article, People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid, reported that most of our cells are not human, but more bacterial and we are simply outnumbered by aliens in our own bodies;

“Most of the cells in your body are not your own, nor are they even human. They are bacterial.

From the invisible strands of fungi waiting to sprout between our toes, to the kilogram of bacterial matter in our guts, we are best viewed as walking “superorganisms,” highly complex conglomerations of human cells, bacteria, fungi and viruses. That’s the view of scientists at Imperial College London who published a paper in Nature Biotechnology Oct. 6 describing how these microbes interact with the body.

Understanding the workings of the superorganism, they say, is crucial to the development of personalized medicine and health care in the future because individuals can have very different responses to drugs, depending on their microbial fauna. The scientists concentrated on bacteria.

More than 500 different species of bacteria exist in our bodies, making up more than 100 trillion cells. Because our bodies are made of only some several trillion human cells, we are somewhat outnumbered by the aliens. It follows that most of the genes in our bodies are from bacteria, too.

Luckily for us, the bacteria are on the whole commensal, sharing our food but doing no real harm. (The word derives from the Latin meaning to share a table for dinner.) In fact, they are often beneficial: Our commensal bacteria protect us from potentially dangerous infections. They do this through close interaction with our immune systems.”

In the early 1990s, the Journal Science reported that a common ancestor of animals and fungi was a so-called protist, a single-celled creature that had most likely inherited both animal and fungal genes and characteristics — possibly living part of its early life cycle in a membranous and mobile form resembling a human sperm, and at a different stage growing a stiff cell wall similar to that seen in today’s fungi.

Later in 2003, Mitchell Sogin, an evolutionary microbiologist at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, used advanced automated DNA technology and computing power to trace the molecular evolution of dozens of today’s oldest known species—jellyfish, sea anemones, sponges, mollusks, starfish—back to their common point of origin.

Sogin had told Discover Magazine;

“Sponges didn’t seem like animals—they didn’t go seeking prey, didn’t have 4 legs—or 10 legs. Show Joe Blow a sponge and it looks like cauliflower. But it’s not. It’s an animal.”

A the time, Sogin also uncovered something older in the animal line than sponges that isn’t an animal: fungi.

And he says that his findings have implications for evolutionary studies and may even shed light on the shape of extraterrestrial life.

The only thing older in the same line, the line leading directly to animals and to us, are the fungi. “This is revolutionary,” Sogin says, pushing back thick, graying hair. “Animals and sponges share a common evolutionary history from fungi.”

When Sogin was asked at the time, Does all this mean humans are just highly evolved mushrooms?

He emphatically stated, “I’d say we share a common, unique evolutionary history with fungi,” Sogin says. “There was a single ancestral group of organisms, and some split off to become fungi and some split off to become animals.”

The latter have become us.

If you study these sponges and their symbiotic fungi you will also find that they are the first creatures to ejaculate sperm and have hermaphroditic sex, producing both eggs and sperm, which they release into the water.

They also have the ability to have sex with themselves by breaking free its individual cells will drift until they find each other, then stick together and create an exact genetic duplicate of the parent.

A fitting synonym here would be a “mold of its parent.”

I believe the same thing can also happen within certain humans that are chosen by this unseen world to be harbingers of oracles and prophets that are born from this process and can be mistaken for human sexual intercourse.  In humans, this process is called Parthenogenesis /ˌpɑrθənɵˈdʒɛnɨsɨs/, which is derived from the Geek term parthenos, meaning “virgin.” (The Science of Virgin Births)

This science has actually documented several species of animals and plants who give birth to healthy offspring without having a sexual partner or sex. In fact, there are modern cases of humans being born through virgin births, which is a form of asexual reproduction in which growth and development of embryos occur without fertilization.

Many important Gods, Saviors and Saints throughout history had claimed to be born of a virgin such as Horus, Attis, Moses, Jesus, John the Baptist, the Druid God Hu,  the Suffi god Huwa, Quetzalcoatl, Zoroaster, Buddha, the ancient Chinese Fo-hi,  and Hindu Jezeus Christna. (The Many Virgin Born Gods)

Then we have Godlike Men Who Were Born of the Serpent such as Pythagoras, Alexander the Great, the Ptolemies, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar,  who were all said by many scholars to have miraculous divine births and “virgin born.”

My theory on virgin births has now developed into these fungi ejaculating sperm, producing both eggs and sperm, which they release into the womb in which they create one of their offspring using a chosen human mother as its host which creates an exact genetic duplicate of the oldest parent of the human race ie: Adam and his law giving descendants through Moses and the Saints.

More on that theory later.

Not only did we humans descend from fungi, but scientists are also now saying that fungi are the ONLY reason why life on earth exists. They estimate that approximately 65 million years ago, an asteroid strike wiped out 70% of all life on Earth.

After the impact, dark clouds permeated the sky which created a lack of sunlight making everything decay rapidly which created the perfect conditions for fungi to dominate the earth.

Rob Dunn, a professor at North Carolina State University says;

“The warm-bloodedness of mammals, including ourselves, has evolved, in part, as a response to the pressure from fungus and so we seem to have cooked out the fungal pathogens.”


Mahmoud Ghannoum, a Case Western Reserve medical mycologist and the person who in 1998 first coined the term mycobiome said when he first was attending meetings talking about the microbiome, for the most part, they were only talking about bacteria, not the fungus and viruses that also comprise our biome.

Ghannoum had thought to himself “that we should also start looking at fungal communities.”

It turns out that he was spot (spore) on with his assessment.

More recently, DNA researchers have estimated that we carry approximately 80 genera or more of fungi in and on the surface of our bodies that are considered to be part of a healthy fungal community that includes humans.

In recent years, scientists have devoted a lot of time to studying these fungi and bacteria that who that in order to be healthy, we MUST maintain a balanced gut microbiome so that we can live symbiotic with our gut flora – AKA the microbes and fungi living inside and on our bodies.

When a creature lives symbiotically with a host such as us humans, it means that the host – meaning we feed them what “they want and need,” and “we are their food.”

Researchers have found that maintaining a proper balance and managing these microbes are crucial for good health and actually help protect you from these same parasitic organisms becoming pathogenic.

Meaning, for our symbiotic fungal friends within to become our immortal foes akin to the world’s oldest serial killers hell-bent on infecting our blood and organs with fungoid carcasses and poop that we call infections, cancers, and unknown diseases.

To put it simply, they get rid of the human garbage who are dead men walking.

According to Cardiff University biosciences professor Lynne Boddy;

“[Fungi] are the garbage disposal agents of the natural world. They break down dead, organic matter and by doing that they release nutrients and those nutrients are then made available for plants to carry on growing.”

Rob Dunn, a professor at North Carolina State University says, “It’s how everything is reborn. So that this entire web of life is connected and it’s connected through the fungi.”

“In short, fungi eat death, and in doing so, create new life.”

I find these statements to align with what I have been taught from the Christian religion which teaches, God creates life and the devil ie: fungi who govern this world is God’s Right-Hand man who has authority to judge and also destroy (eat) those humans whom he deems unfit as a result of their sins (missing the mark by being unbalanced in mind and body).

It is through the trials and tribulations that we can live symbiotically or in a religious sense, in heaven or hell where these same said fungi can become parasitic and pathogenic ie: evil tormenting our very souls for our sins and transgressions.

Soul eaters taking the damned demons to hell.

Or when speaking in UFOlogy terms, alien ships kidnapping people who always seem to be unhealthy (ie: sinning) and somewhat mentally deranged (ie: evil) and inserting their sperm (spores) into their decaying human whose rotting carcass will incubate further descendants set for destruction to further their cause or maybe so they are just more food for the moon.

Hell, after all, everyone’s got to eat and have their place in this heavenly hierarchy that spans into outer space in a world literally built and governed by alien fungi who are our masters.

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