Reincarnation and Past Life Recall with Michael K. Jaco On GW Radio


In Platonism it is said that when something is “learned,” it is actually just “recalled”, and that knowledge is innate with the goal of recalling memories to get back to jaco-slide-2true knowledge.

Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast. In this episode. I interview author and 24 year ex-Navy SEAL, Michael Jaco. Michael is the author of an awesome new book on reincarnation called “The Awakening of a Warrior: Past Lives of a Navy SEAL Remembered,” and a previous related book, “The Intuitive Warrior.”

In this podcast, Michael takes us on a journey into the immortal world of reincarnation, past life recall, and his own stories of the many past lives he has lived before. He is sharing this information with the world to inspire others to do the same. Michael has found that past life discovery has transformed his life and how it can transform us all to lead a richer, fuller life.

This interview was conducted by Moe on August 11, 2014 from San Diego County, California, with Michael in Sedona, Arizona.

Michael Jaco’s website is

Michael’s Books: The Awakening of a Warrior and The Intuitive Warrior on Amazon