Unleashing Intuition – Michael Jaco


In this episode of The Gnostic Warrior, I have the honor of interviewing again former Navy SEAL Chief, Michael Jaco. Michael retired in December 2002 from the Navy and started his own training organization which educates participants in tactical awareness skills. Later he would go on to work as a CIA security operative for a decade in some of the most dangerous warzones in the world.

Today Michael is a trainer, philosopher and the author of “The Awakening of a Warrior: Past Lives of a Navy SEAL Remembered,” and “The Intuitive Warrior.” His decades of experience as an elite warrior has give him the incredible ability to hone intuitive skills to not only survive, but to thrive in some of the most dangerous situations that anyone can encounter in our modern era.

In this podcast, Michael shares some of the secrets of a professional 35 year veteran Navy SEAL Team 6 Assault Team Operator, CIA security operative, master instructor and author on how to unleash your intuition. Radically change your life, health, wealth and personal relationships

Michael describes intuition or a knowing without knowing, as an ability that all humanity possesses. A gathering collective understanding or awakening of the potential this valuable inherent ability can bring us is the opening focus of this discussion.

He feels that an intuitive awakening can be the beginning of transforming humanity from one of collective fear to one of collective love and the opening of abilities within us that were once thought impossible or reserved for divine beings only. His goal is to help anyone to develop their own transformational intuitional abilities.

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