King Solomon is said to have substituted, in place of the lost one, the word now used in the Master Masons’ Degree, viz.: Mah-Hah-Bone, which is given on the five points of fellowship, and in low breath.

The missing word was found, after four hundred and seventy years, and was then, and still is, used in the Royal Arch Degree, as will be seen in the ceremonies of that Degree.


The Lodge is closed in nearly the same manner that it is opened, and, in fact, all three of the Degrees are closed alike.

We will suppose the business of the Lodge finished, and that the Master proceeds to close.

W. M.–Brother Senior Warden, do you know of any thing further before this Lodge of Masons previous to closing?

S. W. (rising to his feet, and giving the sign of a Master Mason, if opened on that Degree.)–Nothing, Worshipful (some say), in the west. (Sits down.)

W. M.–Any thing in the south, Brother Junior Warden?

J. W. (makes the same sign as the Senior Warden.)–Nothing, Worshipful.

W. M.–Brother Secretary, have you any thing on your desk?

Sec.–Nothing, Worshipful.

W. M.–Has any brother around the Lodge any thing to offer for the benefit of Masonry before we proceed to close?

W. M.–Reading of the present communication. (Secretary reads the minutes, &c., &c.)

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W. M.–Brother Senior Warden, have you any alterations or additions to make to the minutes?

S. W. (rising to his feet and making the sign.)–I have none, Worshipful.

W. M.–Brother Junior Warden, have you any to make?

J. W.–None, Worshipful.

W. M.–Has any brother present any?

W. M.–Brethren, the minutes will stand approved, if there are no objections. (Gives one rap (•), when the Junior Deacon, at the inner door of the Lodge, rises to his feet.) Brother Junior Deacon, the last as well as the first care of Masons, when convened?

J. D. (makes sign.)–To see that the Lodge is duly tyled.

W. M.–You will attend to that part of your duty, and inform the Tyler that we are about to close this Lodge, and direct him to tyle accordingly. (Deacon opens the door, and delivers his message.)

J. D.–The Lodge is tyled, Worshipful.

W. M.–How tyled?

J. D.–By a brother of this Degree within the outer door.

W. M.–His duty there?

J. D.–To keep off all cowans and eavesdroppers, and suffer none to pass or repass, except such as are duly qualified and have the Worshipful Master’s permission. (Sits down.)

W. M. (one rap, Senior Warden rises to his feet.)–Brother Senior Warden, at the opening of this Lodge you informed me that you were a Master Mason. What induced you to become a Master Mason?

S. W.–In order that I might travel in foreign countries, work, and receive Master’s wages, being better enabled to support myself and family, and contribute to the relief of worthy distressed Master Masons, their widows and orphans.

W. M.–Have you ever travelled?

S. W.–I have; from west to east, and from east to west again. Some Lodges use the following questions and answers, both at opening and closing:

W. M.–Why did you leave the west and travel to the east?

S. W.–In search of that which was lost.

W. M.–To what do you allude, my brother?

S. W.–The Master’s word.

W. M.–Did you find it?

S. W.–I did not, but found a substitute.

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This is also used occasionally by some Masters in the lecture:

W. M.–The Junior Deacon’s station?

S. W.–At the right hand of the Senior Warden in the west.

W. M. (two raps, all the officers rise to their feet.)–Your duty there, Brother Junior Deacon?

J. D.–(See opening ceremony, p. 14.)

W. M.–The Senior Deacon’s station?

J. D.–At the right hand of the Worshipful Master in the east.

W. M.–Your duty there, Brother Senior Deacon?

S. D.–(See opening ceremony, p. 14.)

W. M.–The Secretary’s station?

S. D.–At the left hand of the Worshipful Master in the east.

W. M.–Your duty there, Brother Secretary?

Sec.–(See opening ceremony, p. 14.)

W. M.–The Treasurer’s station?

S. D.–At the left hand of the Worshipful Master in the east.

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