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other, a plumb. (See cut.) The candidate is then furnished with a block representing a keystone, which he is requested to carry between the thumb and two first fingers of the right hand, the other fingers clinched with the nails tight against the palm, the arm extended down perpendicularly at the side. The two officers carry their blocks in the same manner. The three are styled “Workmen from the quarries.” As we have before said, the block which the candidate carries represents a keystone, and has the initials H. T. W. S. S. T. K. S. engraved upon it in a circle.

Sometimes this stone weighs twelve or fifteen pounds, and it is considered a very nice job to carry a block of this weight plumb. The blocks which the conductors carry are usually made of wood, and are, therefore, comparatively light. The three “workmen” now form in a line about three feet distant from each other, the candidate being last. The door is then opened without ceremony, and the Junior Deacon, as conductor, together with his associate and the candidate, enter the Lodge, and march four times around the room, halting the last time at the Junior Overseer’s station, at the south gate, where the conductor gives four raps (in couplets) on the floor with his heel (• • • •).

WORKMEN FROM THE QUARRIES. Junior Overseer–Who comes here?

Senior Deacon–Workmen from the quarries, bringing up work.

Junior Overseer–Have you a specimen of your work? Senior Deacon–We have.

Junior Overseer–Present your work.

The Senior Deacon presents his stone to the Junior Overseer, who applies his small trying square to its different angles, and, they agreeing with the angles of the square, he says:

Junior Overseer–This is good work–square work–just such work as we are authorized to receive for the building (returning the block to the Senior Deacon). You will pass on to the Senior Overseer at the west gate, for further inspection.

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The second workman then presents his block, and it is tried and returned the same as the conductor’s.

The two workmen move on about six paces, in order to bring the candidate before the Junior Overseer’s station. The Junior Deacon then instructs the candidate how to make the alarm and present his work.

Junior Overseer–Who comes here?

Candidate (prompted.)–A craftsman from the quarries, bringing you work.

Junior Overseer–Have you a specimen of your work? Candidate–I have.

Junior Overseer–Present it.

Candidate presents the keystone.

Junior Overseer (applying his square to it, and finding it does not fit.)–This is a curiously wrought stone, indeed; it is neither oblong nor square; good work, true work, square work is only such as we have orders to receive; neither has it the mark of any of the craft upon it. Is that your mark? (Pointing to the letters on the keystone.)

Candidate–It is not.

Junior Overseer–Owing to its singular form and beauty, I feel unwilling to reject it; you will pass on to the Senior Overseer at the west gate for his inspection.

The conductors and the candidate pass on to the Senior Overseer’s station in the west, when the same scene is repeated, and they are directed to proceed to the Master Overseer at the east gate.

The Senior Deacon here first presents his block or stone to the Master Overseer.

Master Overseer (applying his square.)–This is good work, true work, and square work–just such work as I am authorized to receive and pass for the building. You are entitled to your wages–pass on.

The conductors pass on, and take their seats. The candidate then presents his keystone.

Master Overseer (applying his square.)–This is a curiously wrought stone. It appears to be neither oblong nor square, and the mark upon it is not that of a craftsman. (Looking sternly at candidate.) Is this your work?

Candidate–It is not.

Master Overseer–Where did you get it?

Candidate–I picked it up in the quarry.

Master Overseer–Why do you bring another man’s work to impose upon the Overseers? You will stand aside.

p. 160

The Master Overseer now stamps on the floor four times with his foot, which brings up the other two Overseers.

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