Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast. For the second time in a month, I interview Leo Lyon Zagami. Leo talks about his involvement as Grand leo zagami slideMaster of the ORDO ILLUMINATORUM UNIVERSALIS (Order of the Illuminati), and also the Orthodox Knights of Malta and Knights Templar. He explains his new mission called "Operation Messiah," and the 7 years of tribulation we have already entered.

In this podcast, Leo talks about both the good and bad sides of the Brotherhood working through the web of various secret societies and knight orders. He also informs us about news in the Vatican, dealing with Pope Francis and the Black Popes

In March, Leo will be coming to the United States with theĀ ORDO ILLUMINATORUM UNIVERSALIS. He plans to initiate others and spread the light to other worthy people into the order.

This interview was conducted by Moe on February 17, 2014 fromĀ San Diego County, California, with Leo somewhere in Europe.

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