Truth is Simple. Lies complicate truth. Knowledge is worthless if you keep repeating what you already something

Fear dilutes knowledge and love to the point it paralyzes you into of state of inaction.

This is what I see happening to good men and women all around the world.

They are being mind controlled via their own free will and actions that they repeat daily. The plastic world of Facebook is huge contributor to this self made mind control.

We modern Gnostic Warriors KNOW many of the lies that are perpetuated as truths. We KNOW all about politics, schools, corporations, religions, corporate media, vaccines, chemtrails, food, water, and our medical system and the list can go on and on.

It is what it is.

There is no need to keep kicking a dead horse and live in these lies as we are mind controlled in this fear based society that we live in.

Knowledge and truth are diluted if constantly live in the world of fear based media and internet prison porn constantly repeating into your mind that which you already KNOW.

Knowledge means nothing if you learn something and do not apply it accordingly to your life.

In 2016, I ask the Gnostic Warriors around the world to stop watching, reading and listening to fear based media and especially those alleged truth tellers who profit from spreading fear. They are nothing but false prophets that are ravenous wolves cashing in on your misery.

I’m asking all of us to stop repeating that which we already know and start implementing action to protect ourselves from these assaults on our minds, lives, families and future generations.

In other words, do something different with your great knowledge.

Just do not sit there and parrot the same old fear based stories that we already know and are shared on Facebook all day, every day. Make your life and family better from the knowledge that you have learned.

You can do this by educating others. Maybe you can start a website and or company that will help make the world better than you found it with the knowledge that you have been blessed with.

The world doesn’t need more fear.

Your friends and family do not need more shares of the same old stories we all already know.

What the world needs is more people you can take their knowledge and make the world better. What are you waiting for?

Your life, your family and the world needs your knowledge now.

They don’t need more shares or selfies. They need you to implement your great knowledge by walking the truth talk in the light of love.

I ask you all to make the change in 2016 and do something great with the knowledge you have learned over the years.

Make the world a more beautiful place than you found it by bringing truth, light and love to all the people who desperately need it.

I have made the commitment to do this until the day I leave this earth. I stand beside you my Brothers and Sisters. Please stand beside me and let us change the world by making it one of light and love for our children and future generations.

May 2016 be a year of true change in which you do something to change the world. Have a blessed, healthy and successful year.

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