"Every element of the world will change, economics, cultural norms, societal norms, national boundaries, international relations, the nature of politics, the power structure, the arts, science, technology, philosophy, religion, and consciousness itself. There is no turning back at this point. Much will go by the wayside but the most important thing, human relationships is arriving at its place in the sun.

To navigate these times you will have to be most flexible. Like the Ravens, learn to enjoy the most turbulent conditions. Be as present as possible and do not be attached to the outcome. Take nothing personally and make no assumptions.

Learn to share and be kind to others. Have a strong spiritual practice, whatever you choose it to be. Above all, be prepared to let go of much that you thought you needed to be happy, and most of all be willing to let go of the retaining walls in your mind. Change will happen regardless of whether you are willing to change or not. Being willing will make the process much more exciting, much less miserable."

In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing, José Luis Stevens Ph.D. Jose is a licensed psychotherapist in New Mexico, clinical social worker, and follower of the Shamanistic path. A unique path that blends new world training with the ancient spiritual art of Shamanism that few academics are willing to travel.

José and his wife Lena completed a ten year apprenticeship with a Huichol Maracame (shaman) in the Sierras of Central Mexico and in addition they currently study intensively with Shipibo healers in the Peruvian Amazon and Incan shamans in the Andes. Jose often speaks on the subject of the indigenous wisdom of shamans and how this knowledge applies to the modern day world.

Jose is the author of 10 books and the president and co-founder of The Power Path Inc., an international consulting firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is well known for his accurate use of intuition in understanding people and his ability to understand and forecast world trends. Jose also uses his knowledge of shamanism and indigenous wisdom to privately coach and assist leaders to make difficult life decisions and to develop life strategies. His diverse clients repeatedly report powerful and transformational results.

Visit José Luis Stevens website @ The PowerPath.com

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