(By Moe and Miguel) – Jordan Maxwell remains today as a foremost scholar in Modern Esoterica, including the subjects of Secret Societies, jordan maxwellAstrotheology, Conspiracy Theory, and Comparative Mythology. His research and ideas, spanning over a generation, are found across various mediums, and are an integral cornerstone for any alternative scholarship.

His occult ideas truly crystalized after serving for three and a half years as Religion Editor for Truth Seeker Magazine, American’s oldest free thought publication; with the publication of his book, Matrix of Power in 2000, a compelling and thought-provoking work on the real forces controlling modern society. His other books include Occult Theocracy, Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy, and That Old-Time Religion.

Since then, Maxwell has hosted his own radio show and appeared as a guest on over 600 radio shows. He has also written, produced, and appeared in various television shows and documentaries, including the highly regarded Ancient Mystery Series. In addition, his seminars and talks have garnered him a worldwide following.

jordan maxwell 3The cornerstone of Maxwell’s work deals with, not only understanding ancient religions and mysteries, but how these have been honed to control today’s seemingly advanced society. After all, ancient symbols and archetypes, along with priestly and kingly lore, are just as effective on the slow-evolving collective consciousness of humanity as they were millennia ago (even if disguised in contemporary vestments). Moreover, the elite of ancient times would logically make sure their techniques of control were passed down to their spiritual descendants.

It might seem extraordinary to believe that those in power would learn from the past to consolidate their dominion over the masses, and even Maxwell states that he is simply “an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge.” Maxwell believes in making this extraordinary information ordinary and available to all of mankind. This will ultimately liberate the collective human spirit after it untangles a mind-control web of misinformation and propaganda spun across history since the dawn of civilization.

Maxwell lives in Los Angeles, and is affiliated with the Society of Professional Journalists since 1993, and the Greater Los Jordan-Maxwell 2Angeles Press Club since 1994.

Here is part of an interview I had done with Jordan on April 17, 2013.

Moe: Can you share with us a little bit about how old you are, where you are originally from, where you live now, and stuff like that?

Jordan: Sure. I’m 72 right now. I feel about 100. [laughter]

Jordan: I’m 72 right now and I’m originally from northwest Florida. Pensacola, Florida, which incidentally, the second largest naval air station in the world is in Pensacola. So, I grew up around high-tech stuff, jets, and military stuff. I was about a mile, where my home was, was about a mile from Gulf Breeze. Gulf Breeze, Florida is right below Pensacola. It is on a peninsula. But Gulf Breeze is famous the world over for UFOs, and aliens, and all kinds of strange occult things going on in Gulf Breeze. It has been since I was a kid. There were all kinds of stuff going on around me, with UFOs, and aliens, and all those kinds of things.

So I grew up around it, never realizing, of course, that this is not the kind of lifestyle everybody lives. I never realized that I was being impacted by the other world, the occult world. When I use the word occult, I simply mean hidden. That’s what the word actually means, is hidden. So much of what’s really going on in the world is hidden. So I grew up around the military, UFO’s, aliens, strange phenomena, and high-tech stuff.

Moe: This was the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, right?

Jordan: Yeah. I was born in 1940. I was about 10 years old in 1950. I’m finally waking up at ten years old and the ’50s were an incredible time for America. I grew up in the ’50s and ’60s. I ended up coming to California, in Los Angeles. I just decided that I had to come to Los Angeles for some reason. I don’t know why. I just had to leave home and go to LA. So I crossed the country and ended up in Los Angeles in 1959, at 19 years old. I ended up in Los Angeles, downtown, on a Friday night with nine dollars in my pocket. That’s all I had and I had no idea what I was doing, where I was, I just ended up in LA. And I ended up with nine dollars in my pocket and no place to go. I didn’t know anybody and had never been here before.

So it was an extraordinary experience I had. I’ve had so many other-world experiences at home growing up, as I said, and then I really started having off-the-wall experiences here in LA, at 19 years old. I really got interested. I got settled pretty quickly.

I’m sure that I had cosmic companionship protecting me, because as dangerous as it was, at 19 with no money, no family, nothing. I was on my own. I had no idea what I was doing. But at 19 you live through all of that. I met a girl. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that story, but I’ve told it so many times. Have you ever heard the story I tell about my girlfriend that I met in 1959, when I first got out here?

Moe: Actually, I haven’t. If you want to just briefly touch on it, you can.

Jordan: Basically, I’ll boil it all down to…she invited me to meet her father. When I did he blew my mind. He was like a bullet ricocheting off a rock. I thought I was doing one thing in life, and after talking to him one night, it just blew my mind. It was the most extraordinary experience of all the strange experiences I had in my life up until then. He was the crescendo. He started me on a journey of looking into the world of the occult, and UFOs and aliens. Big time. I was already interested in all that stuff to start with, but he really focused me on it and changed my life overnight.

After that, all kinds of incredibly — other-world is the term I use — other-world experiences started happening to me. Very, very pronounced. Seeing entities in my bedroom. Having things happen to me from day-to-day, strange occurrences which were not of this world.

I began realizing that something was targeting me, because I’m having way too many of these paranormal, other-world experiences. It finally occurred to me that I have something to do. It’s not because I’m so damn special.

Moe: [laughs]

Jordan: It’s just because that’s the way life worked out. I was always interested in this kind of strange phenomena. UFOs and aliens. Then I got interested in the concept of secret societies, and occult orders and ancient religions. My god, that was fascinating to me. All the dark stuff that’s been going on in the world. Child sacrifice, human sacrifice, rituals, political societies and war, and violence and religions. I just got enmeshed in all of it. It occupied every awaking moment of my life from the time I was 19, on. Reading, studying. I lived at libraries. Later on, I started going to UCLA daily. USC, county USC. All the big libraries, especially the religious, or the seminary libraries. Going into…

Moe: No Internet back then. Of course. Audience. [laughs]

  Jordan: No Internet. I was doing it all on foot. And…

Moe: Wow.

Jordan: …spending. That’s why I was always broke. I was trying to work enough to pay for a living, but I was spending all my time, money and everything I could get at UCLA, photocopying documents, writing letters to corporations, calling and doing research. I used to contact, in letters alone, 15 to 20 a week. I would send out to different research organizations, societies, cults and movements around the world. Especially governments, I’d write to the Russian government, the Chinese government, to the Knights Templars in Europe.

I’d write letters continually. Then, I’d go to the libraries and go into the stocks. All the thousands

And countless millions of books at UCLA and USC. I just lived in libraries. All day and all night until they closed up at one o’clock in the morning and asked me to leave.

Moe: [laughs]

Jordan: I lived in libraries, reading and studying and questioning everything. Also, I was contacting, in between all of that, all the writers, lecturers, teachers, all kinds of interesting people who were writing books that I was interested in. Eventually, I’ve been all over the world now, talking to audiences about the occult world. The hidden world of mysteries and strange things happening. It’s been one hell of a ride. I’m telling you.

At 72 years old, I’m just amazed at what’s really going on in this earth. People are just too busy to even see, but it’s right here in front of you. Extraordinary things.

I’ve said so many times, that I’m not the world’s foremost authority on anything. What I bring to the table is the fact that I’ve met so many important people, and learned so much from other people who are experts. I’m not an expert on anything.

I’ve been in the company of an incredible amount of people who know and do things that would blow your mind, if you knew about these people.

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