This is an excerpt from my interview of Jordan Maxwell on April, 17, 2013Jordan maxwell 1

Jordan: Knowledge is power.

Moe: Knowledge is power and sometimes it’s life or death.

Jordan: That’s right. That’s why powerful men, like multi-millionaires and billionaires, will pay big money to get information. All the governments of the world have CIAs, and FBIs, and intelligence organizations. These people are not playing games. They are serious. When the CIA is looking for something, people will die in the process. They don’t want to believe anything. They want to know. They have spies everywhere, photocopied documents, they want to know what’s really going on.

Moe: There’s a lot of people on the Internet that just don’t get it. They play with the fire and they think it’s a big joke and this is a game. A lot of the shields and people out there, they need to understand this is a serious business.

   Jordan: Very.

Moe: You’ve said it several times, Jordan, that you’ve done research and you’ve found out things that you cannot talk about and reveal, because you know that there are bigger powers at play. If you come across something that might put a dent in something, or reveal something that puts either lives in danger, the government’s plans in danger, or reveals them, they’re going to do what they need to do to take you out.

Jordan: That’s exactly right. Hey, it’s just business. It’s the business of government.

guillotineMoe: It’s been like that for thousands and thousands of years, Jordan.

Jordan: You can bet on it. You mess with the king and the court of the king, and whatever the king is doing with his private court that they’re planning on doing politically. You go to the world and tell what the king is doing? You already know what you’re going to get.

Moe: I think this is the first time in history, do you agree, Jordan? There’s a lot of people on a mass scale voicing their opinion, and a lot of it is borderline. Probably a few hundred years ago they would have got their heads chopped off and put on  steak, just for the work [inaudible 18:43] .

Jordan: No doubt about it.

Moe: Literally, every day millions of people let it be…being making images of the Commander-in-Chief and stuff like that. You do that a 100 years ago, 200 years ago you would have been killed.

Jordan: You would have been arrested, and put on the Cut off headgallows and your head chopped off, or hung. Little doubt about that. You make one comment about the king, of the ruler of your country, and you’re a dead man. No place to run.

Moe: Why did they allow that now, Jordan?

Jordan: That’s because America has a constitution. It’s the only country in the world that’s ever existed that has an actual constitution that guarantees its people the right to be free to speak. And to have the right to speak and be unmolested. There’s never been in the history of the human race, or at least 10,000 years I know of, no nation has ever had an actual written document, constitution, that says, our people ought to be protected, and their free speech needs to be protected, and you cannot harm them for what they say. Of course now it’s different. Now that America is no longer American…it’s no longer in the hands of Americans, there’s a big difference now. But even the people that have taken over our government…It’s no longer the America that the founding fathers started, and it’s no longer the America I grew up in. I grew up in a time in America in the ’50s and ’60s, when we were free.

Kennedy assasinationWe didn’t know there where conspirators planning our demise during the ’50s and ’60s. We didn’t know that there were people who hated our country, who were here in our country working against us to destroy our republic. We were innocent, we didn’t know. We were depending on the FBI and CIA and all those people to protect our country and our freedoms. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Today we still have a modicum of free speech. But I’ve been told by people high up in the military, and CIA types in the military, the reason why you still have a modicum of free speech and are allowed to talk on the radio and all that kind of thing, is because we want to monitor the American people, to see what they’re thinking. We want to hear radio talk shows, and listen to the people who call into radio talk shows.

Because that tells us how smart Americans are, and shows us what they’re thinking. It’s kind of like keeping a finger on the pulse of America. Just listen to them. If you’re in the FBI or CIA or NSA, National Security Administration, you have whole divisions of people employed to sit and listen to radio, to read books, to read magazines, articles. That’s what they do for a living for the NSA, National Security Administration. It’s called C2 reports.

These people, 24 hours a day, are reading everything, listening to everything, watching all the videos. That’s what they do for the government. And the reason why is, they want to know, how much does the world know? What are they aware off? And who are the talkers, who are people who are waking the people up?

We want to know who they are, we want to know what are they talking about, what are they telling the people? And if they know something that’s really important, we need to deal with that right now, immediately. That’s why I am very much aware and very much I am extremely afraid of my government, extremely. I live in fear.

   Moe: This isn’t something you would’ve said 20 years ago, possibly?

Jordan: No. I live in fear of my government. I’m frightened to death because I know what it’s capable of doing. I know it too well.

Moe: So we’re already in a new world order?

Jordan: I have had high ranking government people talking to me. They meet me in the most incredible places. I’ll be coming out of a restaurant or something at two o’clock in the morning, and met by a couple of guys in suits, explaining to me who they are, what they’re doing. They’re just warning you, “you better keep your mouth shut, we’re listening to you, we’re monitoring everything you do, where you go. So you better watch your mouth. We don’t have anything personally against you, but business is business. If they tell us to deal with you, we will.” I said, “What am I going to go to jail for?” And they said, “We’ll figure something out. All we have to do is decide if we want you in prison for 30 years, we’ll put you there. Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out. We’ll plant something on you or do something. Just know, if we want you in prison, you’ll be there.” I’d take it a step further and if we want you shut up forever, that’s easy, we’re doing it all the time.

I’m not interested, at 72 years old, in being tortured and taken somewhere and blindfolded, having your hands cut off, your fingers cut off, or tortured. I’m smart enough to know what’s going on. That’s why I’m saying, I just want to stick with what my first love was, was the occult and religion and that kind of thing.

I’m telling you — this is just my own subjective opinion — but I think what’s going on here on the world scene…could be wrong, it’s just my opinion. I think what’s going on is that there is, in fact, some kind of a legitimate alien presence that’s going to make itself shown soon. It’s going to make itself present on the earth. It’s already here.

I’ve lived in Hollywood for 53 years, I know what’s going on in the arena of Hollywood. Steven Spielberg, for instance, in his last movie, “War of the Worlds,” the title was “War of the Worlds.” The subtitle is, “They’re not coming, they’re already here.”

There’s no doubt in my mind, because I’ve heard too many stories from very highly-placed people, in government, in science, in the motion picture industry, in industry. I have talked to highly-placed people in the US government, far higher than you would think I could get. I have sat and talked with them, and there’s no doubt in my mind they know, and the people who are running the planet know, that there’s legitimately extraterrestrial life here.

And they, whoever they are and from wherever they have come, they are superior to us and we know it, and they know we know it. We are attempting to make some kind of a friendship with people that you know you can’t beat. Since you know you can’t beat them, you might as well try and sue for peace and make some arrangements. Again, just my gut feeling, I think we’re going to see some kind of an alien invasion soon.

I’ve heard all the stories about how a lot of people think, “Well it’s going to be a fake one and the government’s going to fake it so it will scare us all, and we’ll have to join the new world order” and all that. I’ve heard all of that for years. I’m of the opinion that it very well might be real. And if it’s very well real — the alien invasion — I can tell you it’s already started.

But like any other invasion, the first troops in are not going to be coming in with a bang and waking everybody up. They’ve got subversives that come in quietly at night, preparing for the overthrow.

I think that’s what’s happening. We’ve had for, I don’t know, maybe the last 60 to 100 years, alien presence very, very pronounced, in-your-face here. But in such a way that the people are not aware of it. The guys at the top of the food change, at the very top, they are aware of it, you can bet on it.

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