In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast I interview master traveler, researcher, and expert story teller GW-show-slide-Jim-Chesnar (1)on the untold history of human kind, Jim Chesnar.

Jim is an American expat who hails from India and is currently residing for a few months in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. He is one of the main Bock Saga researchers and story tellers who inherited these ancient teachings from Ior Bock with whom since 1985 he was a personal friend.

The Bock story explains the origins of man on earth and the world that we see today. A story that all started at the North Pole.

In this podcast Jim tells us how life today is much different then in the paradise times of the past. He talks about the creation of the Earth, the plants, the animals, mankind, Paradise time, the Ice age and the rise of Religion on earth through Greece and Rome.

The Bock saga explains how this first, tropical culture was divided into ten different kingdoms as life on each continents developed into parallel but different biotops. During the eons of time when ice-time proceeded a small group of people, the Aser, where caught inside the ice of northern Europe – inside the Baltic Ocean.

Jim shares with us the story of the beginning of the human race, and the various root races in the world today. The end of Ice Age broke this isolation and became a "new start" of humanity – since all the various populations could now be reached – and reach each other. Regaining contact with the various tropical kingdoms the Aser were instrumental in spreading a "root-system" of words, to develop a common ground for communication and exchange between the various cultures.

Jim also discusses the concepts of heaven and hell, and he says that hell was an actual place now known as Helsinki that was demonized later by the Church. Let's just say that it is as cold as hell there.

This interview was conducted by Moe on October 20, 2015 from San Diego County, California, with Jim in Hawaii.

To see more of Jim Chesnar's Great Work, please visit Jim's page on Gnostic Warrior at this link.


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