Jim Chesnar - Elder Leader of The Order of the Gnostics

Jim is an Elder Brother and one of the voluntary leaders of The Order of the Gnostics. He walks the path of gnosis while respecting all cultures, people, and their ancient stories. Jim has traveled all around the world, and currently calls India his home.

Jim was a  personal friend to a Finnish man named Ior Bock who had told the world that his family, through thousands of years, passed down an ancient oral tradition and secrets only known to his family that is called the Bock Saga. The saga explains the origins of man on earth and the origins of the Nordic culture that, according to the tradition, existed long before Babylon and Mesopotamia. Jim became one of the inheritors of this story.

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Jim Chesnar Interview #1


An audio interview conducted by Moe on September 11 2015 from San Diego County, California, with Jim in Hawaii. In this podcast, he shares with us part of his journey of life in India and Hawaii. Jim also tells us about the different cultures and races of the world.

Listen to the Jim Chesnar audio at this link.

Bock Saga - Root Language

Bock Saga - Ring Land

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This is 2 part of 5 Hours Big Saga, called "8 Powers" by Jim Chesnar.

BOCK SAGA - 8 Powers, Part 1 

This is 1 part of 5 Hours Big Saga, called "8 Powers" by Jim Chesnar

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