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This is a Decree of the Parliament of Paris, 5th of March, 1762 in regards to the Jesuits. The below excerpt is from the book, The Doctrine of the Jesuits, written by Paul Bert, Jean Pierre Gury, J. G. Settler, and Pierre Rousselot in 1880.

The members of the Society are dispersed in every corner of the world, and divided into as many nations and kingdoms as the earth has limits: division, however, marked only by the distance of places, not of sentiments; by the difference of languages, not of affection; by the dissemblance of faces, not of manners. In that family the Latin thinks as the Greek, the Portuguese as the Brazilian, the Hibernian as the Sumatran, the Spaniard as the French, the English as the Flemish; and amongst so many different geniuses, no controversy, no contention; nothing which gives you a hint to perceive that they are more than One. . . .

Their birthplace offers them no motive of personal interest. . . . Same aim, same conduct, same vow, which like a conjugal knot has tied them together. … At the least sign, one man turns and returns the entire Society, and shapes the revolution of so large a body. It is easy to move, but difficult to shake.

These doctrines, the consequence of which would destroy natural law, that rule of morality which God himself has implanted in the hearts of men, and, consequently, would break all the ties of civil society, in authorizing theft, lying, perjury, the most criminal impurity, and generally all passions and all crimes, by the teaching of secret compensation, of equivocation, of mental restrictions, of probabilism and philosophical sin; destroy all feelings of humanity among men, in authorizing homicide and parricide, annihilate royal authority, etc., etc. . . .

SOURCE: The Doctrine of the Jesuits  – By Paul Bert, Jean Pierre Gury, J. G. Settler, Pierre Rousselot


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