In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast I interview financial expert, anarchist and podcaster, Jeff GW-show-slide-JeffBerwickBerwick. He founded StockHouse Media Corporation in 1994, one of the most active financial websites in Canada and remained CEO until 2002. Jeff currently runs a website called the and also a podcast, the Anarchast where he distributes his apocalyptic financial and anarchy advice to the world.

In this podcast Jeff tell us he is a Libertarian and anarcho-capitalist activist and he explains to us just what that means. He shares with us how the elites do not have full control over the principal currencies of the monetary system and how thinking slaves with a little money and some balls can escape the tyrannical parasitic grips of their governments. Jeff also says the current banking is dying, and we are seeing new money being created such as bitcoin and how governments are an unnecessary evil.

He talks about his hit new viral video called “SHEMITAH EXPOSED: Financial Crisis Planned for September,” and how the stock market and secret occult biblical codes may play a part in our financial system.

The word Shemitah refers to Sabbath year observed in ancient Israel, when all working of the land ceased, the land rested. This took place every seventh year. On the last day of that year, all debts were wiped away, all credit was nullified, the financial accounts of the nation were, in effect, wiped clean.

Are we headed into a financial crisis like never before this fall and what will you need to do to survive?

This interview was conducted by Moe on August 14, 2105 from San Diego County, California, with Jeff in Acapulco, Mexico.

Please visit Jeff Berwick's websites @ or

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