The Druid Festival of Christmas

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By Sir Godfrey Higgins – The festival of the twenty-fifth of December was celebrated by the Druids in Britain and Ireland with great fires lighted on the ‘tops of the hills. This festival was repeated on the twelfth day, or on what we call the Epiphany. In some parts, the fires are still continued. We have

Irish DNA has Middle Eastern and Russian roots, gene study shows

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(SOURCE: RT) – Irish DNA originates in the Middle East and southern Russia, from where settlers brought ceramics and cattle as well as the genetic features of brown hair and blue eyes, scientists have discovered. Scientists from Belfast and Dublin have analyzed remains found in ancient tombs in Ireland to get a broad picture of

The Science of the Jack-o-lantern

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In my last article on the mythology of the hidden meaning of the Jack-o-lantern, I explained how this was really an ancient gnostic story that was developed by the Phoenician-Hebrew Druids who were known biblically as the children of Jacob (Jack). It is a tale of the as within as without gnosis, in which Jack roams

The Phoenician Menorah of Ireland

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The Phoenician Hebrew Menorah (7 branch candlestick) can be found in Ireland on what is known as a pillow stone in Cloontuskert, county Roscommon. This was the same location that was the seat of Kings of Connacht and then to the High Kings of Ireland. This was also the location of the Táin Bó Cúailnge, or Cattle Raid of

Irish and the Greek alphabets have been proved to be the same

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This quote is from 33rd Degree Freemason and Knight, Sir Godfrey Higgins from his book Celtic Druids: The reader will not forget that the Irish and the Greek alphabets have been proved to be the same, the truth of which will be much more clearly shewn by and by.

The Black Irish of Montserrat in the Caribbean

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Here’s an old video of the Black Irish of Montserrat in the Caribbean. Many of the Irish were forcibly deported when the English had conquered Ireland. The military campaign was led by the famous military leader known as Oliver Cromwell who was the  Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland for  Henry VIII. It was at

The Danites in Ireland

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By Frederick Lawrence Rawson – Danu or Donu seems to have been considered by the Goidels or Gaels as the ancestress of the gods. The Goidels, according to the most generally accepted theory, arrived in Britain between 1000 B.C. and 500 B.C., whilst the Brythons or Brittones seemed to have appeared about the third century

The Irish Tuatha Dé Dannan Connection to the Tribe of Dan

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“It is certainly no coincidence that the Irish Gaelic word Dun or Dunn means “Judge,” just as Dan does in Hebrew!” – Raymond McNair The ancient connections between the Irish Tuatha Dé Dannan and the Greek Tribe of Dan have been documented all throughout history.  The “History of Ireland,” in the Peabody Institute, states that the

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