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The Order of the Gnostics is an open society of fellowship for men and women who wish to find gnosis, truth, love and knowledge. Our order is open to all people from around the world regardless of your truths, beliefs, faith, race, and or country.

The Order of the Gnostics seeks to connect with good men and women to help make them better. Our great work focuses on making the world a more beautiful place by making themselves better people, and having healthy and happy families who add truth, love, value and long lasting good effects on the world they encounter.

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Founder of The Order of the Gnostics

My name is Moe and I AM the founder of The Order of the Gnostics. Please take an online journey to explore the true nature of what it means to be a Modern Gnostic Warrior and how you can also walk the Gnostic path. A path where we not only explore gnosticism, but also who we truly are as humans, true history, and the sacred teachings of the secret societies that operate their lights from within the shadows.

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