On Gnostic Warrior Radio podcast #4, Moe and Miguel Conner talk about the Archons, demons and hell.archons demons hell

Miguel specializes more in what the ancient Gnostics had believed and also their teachings. Moe is more into to modern Gnosticism with the help of science to explain these phenomenon's such as hell.

Hell is not just for children, but a reality in which you create with your thoughts, actions, habits and life. Habits that can create a living hell on earth or a tranquil heaven, and it is up to each one of us to decide where our souls will reside on our soul journey on earth.

We create our own demons and the Archons who terrorize our thoughts and poison our soul. Vampirish thoughts that turn into fire and gas, that literally consume our flesh and blood until we reach hell via mental and physical sickness that will ensnare our souls in a purgatory of a living hell that eventually leads to death. - Quote By Moe Bedard 4/11/2013

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