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“If you look at the historical conditions that gave rise to the various gnosticisms we know today, in most cases it is self-evident that the early gnostics never set out to describe reality. (Creation, sure… but not Reality.) You don’t really find the family trees and cultural/historical events you find in the Old Testament, for instance. What presides over the physical takes prominence over the physical. And it certainly nails the ‘mouth feel’ of some of these entities and their impact on the physical, but the story of our world is more than that.

Thus, gnosticism is not so much a map of London, but a set of precise instructions for getting out of it as expediently as possible.”

Those Great words were by the magician, fellow author, podcaster and Gnostic, Gordon White who I have the pleasure of interviewing in this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast. Gordon is the author of 3 books, The Chaos Protocols” Magical Techniques to Navigating the New Economic Reality, Star.Ships: A Prehistory of Spirits and his latest book, Pieces of Eight: Chaos Magic Essays and Enchantments.

In this podcast, Gordon talks about his Great Work with his podcast and website called Rune Soup and what inspired him to create it. Gordon and I discuss his journey into western occultism and path into the world of chaos magic. He explains chaos magic in a simple way and how it can be used by anyone in daily life.

Gordon also shares his ideas on Gnosis. In explaining what it means to be a Gnostic, he says that it can be compared to the cult classic movie hit, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” – A comical take on the grand awakening that is found when one reaches true Gnosis.

From Gordon’s about page:

Gordon first became interested in western occultism at the age of thirteen, following a series of intense dream experiences, and this interest became a lifelong pursuit.

After moving to London, he held senior data and analytics positions in global media companies, as well as starting a chaos magic blog and podcast called Rune Soup… which ultimately led to the publication of his first two books, The Chaos Protocols and Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits.

Over the course of this journey, Gordon has had the privilege of speaking to some of the world’s leading authorities in Assyriology, religious studies, genetic research, hermeticism, psi research, the history of western magic and ufology.

The overriding mission of his work is an attempt to cohere an evidence-based western magical worldview that combines history, paranormal research, the best available scientific research and ufology.

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