In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior, I interview film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer, Freeman from He is consideredFreeman-Fly-slide (1) an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism, and ancient civilizations.

Freeman has lectured extensively on the secret signs and symbolism of Freemasonry, the ancient astronaut hypothesis, trauma-based mind control, social engineering, government conspiracy, human cloning, technologies of the future, and synchronicity.

In this podcast Freeman discusses the latest Superbowl and halftime with the elite songstress Katy Perry and Babylonian rituals that may have been played out before millions of people.

He talks about Project Bluebeam, Demons, the Mark of the Beast clone connection to the current US commander and chief, President Barack Obama with a certain famous Pharoah.

Freeman also gives us his opinion if there is any truth to the current Illuminati conspiracy, or is this just an old catch-all phrase for some elite conspiracy?

This interview was conducted by Moe on February 3, 2015 from San Diego County, California, with Freeman in Lawrence, Kansas.

Freeman's website and links:


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