Church of Satan Founder Anton LaVey’s Last Interview

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Here is the last interview of the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey. I find him to be very honest in his statements, except for the fact that he says he is a happy man; because personally, he doesn't look too happy to me.

Black Freemasons

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Freemasonry is an international Brotherhood that is amongst the oldest of fraternities still in existence. Masons are a society of men that are devoted to several ideals, among which are liberty, peace, and equality. The Masons admit men regardless of race, creed, color, faith or nationality; and the standards of behaviors set forth by the

John Kerry: Freemason Or Not?

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(By 33rd Degree Freemason Author, Todd E. Creason) – Even before the Presidential Election of 2004 when he ran against George W. Bush, it has been rumored that John Kerry, the Senator from Massachusetts, was a Freemason. Now that he’s the 68th Secretary of State, that rumor has been revived. Actually, John Kerry is the

St. John to the Seven Churches – Explanation of the Apocalypse Chapter 1

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By Beda Venerabilis (Saint Bede) – Explanatio Apocalypsis; Book I – The translation cited here can be found in Rev. Edward Marshall’s book The Explanation of the Apocalypse by Venerable Beda. ST.JOHN TO THE SEVEN CHURCHES 1    The revelation of Jesus Christ. The progress with which the Church that had been founded by the Apostles

Tubal Cain

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Since the beginning formations of the Brotherhood of the Order of the Quest, the end goal for all who joined was to have peace, unity, wisdom and love on earth. A simple goal to help place an end to the endless wars and human misery that have plagued our planet for thousands of years via

Title Page

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  Code of the Illuminati Part III of Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism by Abbé Barreul tr. by Robert Edward Clifford [1798]   Start Reading   This is the third part (of four) of Abbé Barreul's massive polemic history of the French Revolution. This portion of this book is of interest because it contains

Title Page 2

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MEMOIRS ILLUSTRATING THE HISTORY of JACOBINISM Written in French by THE ABBÉ BARRUEL And translated into English by THE HON. ROBERT CLIFFORD, F.R.S. & A.S. Princes and Nations shall disappear from the face of the Earth . . . and this Revolution shall be the Work of secret societies. Weishaupt's Discourse for the Mysteries Part

Preliminary Observations

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p. 393 On the Illuminees 1 and on the different Works whereon these Memoirs are grounded. The third conspiracy, which I am now about to investigate, is that of the Atheistical Illuminees, which at my outset 2 I denominated the conspiracy of the Sophisters of Impiety and Anarchy against every religion natural or revealed; not only against

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