Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast. In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing author and interfaith and Middle Eastfrank romano expert, Dr. Frank Romano. Frank is the author of two new books, “Love and Terror in the Middle East” and "Storm Over Morocco". He is also a tenured professor at the University of Paris and a member of the California and Marseille Bars. He is an expert on Middle East and comparative religions, including extremist ideologies.

Over the past five years, Frank has had to face hostility and pass through a maze of walls and checkpoints in Israel and the West Bank, in order to lead interfaith activities aimed at easing the region’s bloody path to peace. Efforts to bring interfaith peace to the region have not come without high costs and great sacrifices, namely the recent murder of two of his peace activist friends in the West Bank and in Jerusalem.

This interview was conducted by Moe on  March 12, 2014 from San Diego County, California, with Frank in Paris, France.

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