By Michael Jaco - I've come to look at all the different religions as holders of sacred truths that can Gnosis 2help people attain profound personal spiritual knowledge or gnosis.

The rub is that they often gloss over these truths and bury the real intent of their spiritual teachers so that you have to have an intermediary instead of finding self gnosis.

I look at all the different religious teachers as philosophers like Socrates and Plato rather than religious teachers. I don't see the religion of Plato although much of the early Christian doctrines looked to Platonism for answers to help people find gnosis.

Abraham, Yeshua, Buddha and Mohammad are just a few of the philosophers throughout time that had gnosis and shared their findings. Early philosophers were all known to have gnosis or communication with the divine energy.

I speak of my lives as the Greek philosophers Parmenides and Thales in the "The Awakening of a Warrior" who would both have a profound impact on later philosophers like Socrates and Plato.

By Michael Jaco - Author of the Intuitive Warrior and The Awakening of a Warrior - Past Lives of a Navy SEAL Remembered

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