W. M.–All below the degree of Master Mason will please retire while we raise the Lodge. The Junior Deacon says to those below Master Mason, “Brothers, please retire,” and he sees that they do so. After they are out, and the door is closed by the Junior Deacon, the Senior Warden says: “All present are Master Masons, Worshipful, and makes the sign of a Master Mason.”

W. M.–If you are satisfied that all present are Master Masons, you will have them come to order as such, reserving yourself for the last.

S. W. (gives three raps with his gavel, when all in the Lodge rise to their feet.)–Brethren, you will come to order as Master Masons.

Brethren all place their hands in the form of a duegard of a Master Mason. (See Fig. 5, page 17.)

S. W.–In order, Worshipful.

W. M.–Together on the sign, brethren; and makes the sign of a Master Mason (see Fig. 6, page 18), which is imitated by the officers and brethren, and lastly the Senior Warden. The Master gives one rap, Senior Warden one, Junior Warden one, and then

p. 21

the Master again one rap, followed up by the Wardens, until they have rapped three times each.

W. M.–I now declare this Lodge open on the Third Degree of Masonry. Brother Junior Deacon, inform the Tyler. Brother Senior Deacon attend to the altar. (Raps once, and the officers and brethren take their seats.) (See Note D, Appendix.)

Order of business as follows, viz.:–

W. M.–Brother Secretary, you will please read the minutes of our last regular communication.

The Secretary reads as follows, viz.:–

MASONIC HALL, New YORK, December8, A. L. 5860. A regular communication of St. John’s Lodge, No. 222, of Free and Accepted Masons, was holden at New York, Wednesday, the 10th of November, A. L. 5860.

Present. Members.


A. B., Worshipful Master.


Luke Cozzans.

B. C., Senior Warden.

John Hart.

C. D., Junior Warden.

Peter Lewis.

D. E., Treasurer.

George Fox.

E. F., Secretary.

Robert Onion.

F. G., Senior Deacon.

Frank Luckey.

G. H., Junior Deacon.

Samuel Slick.

H. I., Stewards.

Solomon Wise.

I. J.,     “

Henry Wisdom.

K. L., Tyler.

Truman Swift.

VISITING BROTHERS. Brother James B. Young, of Union Lodge, No. 16, Broadway, New York.

Brother George J. Jones, Rochester Lodge, No. 28, Rochester, New York.

Brother Benjamin Scribble, of Hiram Lodge, No. 37, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brother Stephen Swift, of Cleveland Lodge, No. 99, Cleveland, Ohio.

Brother Robert Morris, of Lexington Lodge, No. 7, Lexington, Kentucky.

Lodge was opened in due form on the Third Degree of Masonry. The minutes of the last communication of St. John’s Lodge were read and confirmed.

The committee on the petition of John B. Crockerberry, a candidate for initiation, reported favorably, whereupon he was balloted for, and duly elected.

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