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us, they will vouch for our masonic standing. The Tyler does so, in the manner already described; and, if they are vouched for by either Master or any brother, they are admitted, the Tyler telling them on what degree the Lodge is opened, besides furnishing them with aprons.

On the evening of a Lodge-meeting, brethren generally get together at an early hour at the Lodge-room, which has been opened and cleaned out by the Tyler. On arrival of the Master, and the hour of meeting, the Master repairs to his seat in the east, puts on his hat,1 sash, yoke, and apron, with gavel in hand, and says: “Brethren will he properly clothed and in order; officers repair to their stations for the purpose of opening.”

At this announcement the brethren put on their aprons, and seat themselves around the Lodge-room, while the officers invest themselves with their yokes and aprons, and take their stations as represented in Plate on page 8, viz.: Senior Warden in the west; Junior Warden in the south; Senior Deacon in front of the Worshipful Master in the east, and a little to his right hand, with a long rod in hand; Junior Deacon at the right hand of the Senior Warden in the west, guarding the inner door of the Lodge, with rod in hand; Secretary at the left of the Worshipful Master, and Treasurer at the right; and, generally, two Stewards on the right and left of the Junior Warden in the south, with rods in hand. After all are thus seated, the Worshipful Master says: “Is the Tyler present? If so, let him approach the east.”

At this command, the Tyler, who is all this time near the outer door of the Lodge, approaches the Worshipful Master’s seat in the east, with yoke and apron on.

W. M.–Brother Tyler, your place in the Lodge?

Tyler–Without the inner door.

W. M.–Your duty there?

Tyler–To keep off all cowans and eavesdroppers, and not to pass or repass any but such as are duly qualified and have the Worshipful Master’s permission.

W. M.–You will receive the implement of your office (handing him the sword). Repair to your post, and be in the active discharge of your duty. (See Note A, Appendix.)

The Tyler retires to the inside of the outer door of the ante-room, and all Lodge-doors are closed after him.

W. M. (gives one rap with his gavel, Junior Deacon rises up)–Brother

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[paragraph continues] Junior Deacon, the first and constant care of Masons when convened?

Junior Deacon–To see that the Lodge is duly tyled.

W. M.–You will attend to that part of your duty, and inform the Tyler that we are about to open a Lodge of Entered Apprentice Masons (Fellow Crafts, or Master Masons, as the case may be), and direct him to tyle accordingly.

The Deacon opens the door, and says to the Tyler–Brother Tyler, it is the orders of the Worshipful Master that you tyle this Lodge as an Entered Apprentice (Fellow Crafts, or Master Mason, as the case may be); then closes the door, gives one rap (two, if a Fellow Crafts’, or three, if a Masters’ Lodge), which is responded to by the Tyler.

J. D.–Worshipful Master, the Lodge is tyled.

W. M.–How tyled?

J. D.–By a brother of this degree, without the inner door, invested with the proper implement of his office (the sword). W. M.–His duty there?

J. D.–To keep off all cowans1 and eavesdroppers; suffer none to pass or repass, except such as are duly qualified, and have the Worshipful Master’s permission. (Sits down.)

W. M. (one rap, Warden rises to his feet.)–Brother Senior Warden, are you sure that all present are Entered Apprentice Masons (Fellow Crafts, or Master Masons? as the case may be).

S. W.–I am sure, Worshipful Master, that all present are Entered Apprentice Masons (or as the case may be).

W. M.–Are you an Entered Apprentice Mason?

S. W.–I am so taken and accepted among all brothers and fellows.

W. M.–Where were you first prepared to be made an Entered Apprentice Mason?

S. W.–In my heart.

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