In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show I interview American researcher and writer on topics related to spirituality, the occult and Rosemary-show-slideparanormal, Rosemary Ellen Guiley. She has written more than 49 books, including ten encyclopedias.

Rosemary has done ground-breaking research on Shadow People and the Djinn, entities who are involved in different kinds of paranormal encounters and problems. She investigates and consults in cases of “persistent negative hauntings,” in which individuals are under apparent attack by supernatural forces.

Rosemary's current work focuses on interdimensional contact experiences, problem hauntings, spirit and entity attachments, the afterlife and spirit communications, psychic skills, dreamwork for well-being, spiritual growth and development, angels, past and parallel lives, and investigation of unusual paranormal activity. She has worked full-time in the field since 1983.

In this podcast Rosemary tells us who are the Djinn, and if they are the entity responsible for a multitude of our paranormal experiences throughout history. Were the Djinn involved in DNA manipulation to advance human genetics?  What is their relationship to God, demons, angels and the Archons?

Lately the Vatican has been warning about Demons and demon possession; for example, the Vatican Exorcist this past Halloween that had issued warnings of Demon Possession and Pope Francis who even said that people who hear voices are not crazy, but possessed by demons. Rosemary gives us the demonic scoop on her expert opinion on why this is happening now.

This interview was completed by Moe on April 15, 2015 from San Diego County, California, with Rosemary in an unknown location.

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