Demons, Elementals, Devils and Spirits

Explore the Ancient world of elementals, demons, demon possession, good angels, evil and unclean spirits and how it connects to the modern microscopic world of human parasites and parasitic molds (fungi) that are taking over people’s minds and the world.

School Children in Peru Reported Demon Possessed

This article is part of my Demon research which dolphin tales the Delphic Oracles and my theory that these vapors were parasitic fungi/molds which are the disembodied evil airy spirits AKA artificial spirits of dead people. In May 2016, approximately 80 school...

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The Pythia Priesthood of the Delphic Oracles

Outside their Temple carved in stone were the ancient Gnostic maxims, "Know Thyself" and "Nothing in Excess". For more than 1,100 years, they were some of the most powerful people to have ever rule the globe from what was once known as the center, naval, and soul of...

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Agrippa: What concerning man after death, divers opinions

"And now the great image of me shall go under the earth……" - Dido The following text is a chapter taken from The Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelious Agrippa. It is titled, "What concerning man after death, divers opinions." In this text, Agrippa...

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Lord of the Roof: Demon of Epilepsy

For thousands of years before our present era, epilepsy was associated with evil demons and also ghosts that roam in the home at night. As I mentioned in my article, The Babylonians Diagnosed Epilepsy As Demon Possession, the Ancient Babylonians were the first people...

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The Babylonians Diagnosed Epilepsy As Demon Possession

The first line (obverse) of the text of Tablet 26 from the Babylonian ‘Medical Diagnostic Series’ reads, "If epilepsy falls once upon a person [or falls many times] it is the result of possession by a demon or departed spirit." (British Museum, London-See Kinnier...

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Epilepsy: The Sacred Disease and Demon Possession

It has been called the "Sacred Disease,"  and in the ancient past, people who had it were either known as "divine and religiously inspired" or more commonly as "demon, devil or unclean spirit possessed." Today we know of this disease as epilepsy. The history of...

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