"I will give what I believe are some of the broad outlines of the system and the spiritual world and spiritual truths towards which I believe these celestial metaphors were intended to lead us – but once the basic outlines are grasped, I believe that the depths to which we can dive within the incredible sacred stories of humanity are literally without end, and that they will continue to reward deeper and deeper exploration and consideration, without ever exhausting their riches, for an entire lifetime (perhaps for many, many lifetimes)."

Those celestial words were from the infinite wisdom of expert stargazer, and author, David Mathisen who I have the please of interviewing in this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast. David is the author of several books such as The Mathisen Corollary (2011), The Undying Stars (2014) and Star Myths of the World and how to interpret them, Volume One (2015),
Two (2016) and Three (2016).

In this podcast, David tells us how celestial realm is used a metaphor for the Invisible Realm, the Infinite Realm and there is an infinite connection to our higher self. He explains how the as above stars and planets are a type of visual teaching aid and alchemical connection to so below humans.

A type of spiritual Gnosis in which these associated myths point to an ancient system of spiritual knowledge that has been passed down to us through the Ages.

Visit David's blog @ Mathisencorollary.blogspot.com/ and his new website @ Starmythworld.com.

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