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Craig Williams LAC had written, “Within the esoteric atmosphere of the Cell, the desert gnostic has awakened the sacred primordial voice of the Soul, the Sacramental Vision. This elemental awakening manifests as a unique type of occult condensation activated by the heat of the inner praxis of the inhabitant.

The Sacramental Vision is in many ways a type of inner environment which radiates out of the corporeal into the exterior environment of the world, an esoteric reflection of the radiations of the inner sun of the Soul from deep within the caverns of the primordial mind. These solar resonances act as a type of occult echolocation uncovering the hidden essence of the Numinous in every aspect of the mundane landscape.

Once awakened, the devotee can walk within the desert of the mundane and discover the hidden sparks covered by layers of mirage and egoic confusion. The Devotee leaves the esoteric atmosphere of the Cell transformed and awakened, physically and mentally, and enters the desert of the world in a radically unassuming manner, the body and mind impregnated with a sacramental altar for the Soul, an inner sanctuary holding and protecting the awakened Sacramental Vision.”

In this special Gnostic Warrior Podcast, Craig Williams and I discuss his new book, Entering the Desert. A book that was created for the modern initiate to help them enter into the immortal the gates of Gnosis.

In this podcast, Craig tells us what inspired him to go on a year long journey into the writer’s cave to bring the Gnostic light to those great souls that need it in our modern era. He explains the “dark night of the soul”, “underworld of the unconsciousness”, and “Nightside realms” and how the reflect on how schools of psychology and the occult value these journeys into the Terra Incognito of the mind and Soul.

Craig says that it is important for the Building an Inner Sanctuary or Inner Temple which is crucial for the initiate to develop along his or her path. Especially in this hyper-connected world of technology and fast paced lifestyles. He also tells us why a guide or teacher on the journey into the dark pathways of the Soul. We also discuss what the meaning of the Cell is and how is it an important idea of Gnostic Isolation and its role in self-development.

Craig has undergraduate degrees in Religious Studies, Philosophy, and English Literature, and a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, where he has a holistic medical practice specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Ayurveda.

Here is the preface from Entering the Desert by Richard Rudgely:

“A number of qualifications are required of an author to achieve a true syncretic work of practical gnosis in our time. These are made manifest in Entering the Desert – a deep familiarity with the sacred literature of the various traditions drawn upon, a long-term practical knowledge of the same, and a hard, critical, and disciplined approach.

The prevailing zeitgeist, the psychic fragmentation of late liberalism with its over-emphasis on the individual, consumerism and other gratuitous needs is hardly the most conducive environment for spiritual pursuits. An antidote to this obsession with the surface of the individual is a journey to the Inner Self – toward the desert and away from both the marketplace and the commonplace.”

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