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The Great Philosophers On Gnosticism

Sir Godfrey Higgins

"The more I reflect upon Gnosticism, the more I am convinced that in it we have, in fact, the real science of antiquity—for a long time almost lost—but, I trust, by means of our oriental discoveries, yet to be recovered."

Manly P. Hall

"An effort was made during the middle Ages to resurrect the principles of Gnosticism, but owing to the destruction of their records the material necessary was not available. Even today there are evidences of Gnostic philosophy in the modern world, but they bear other names and their true origin is not suspected. Many of the Gnostic concepts have actually been incorporated into the dogmas of the Christian Church, and our newer interpretations of Christianity are often along the lines of Gnostic emanationism.”

Madame Helena Blavatsky

“My doctrine is not mine, but Theirs who sent me,” she said, and every Teacher of Truth has said the same. It is one of the great texts of the Christian religion interpreted in different ages, however, in very different ways. We find one of the Christian Fathers, Clemens Alexandrinus, defining the “Gnostic,” or one who possessed this ancestral Theosophy or Gnosis, as “the enlightened or perfect Christian.”

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