Happy Valentine’s Day: Feast of the Wolf

Happy Valentine’s Day: Feast of the Wolf

“Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf; in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil.” – Genesis 49:27

Happy Feast of the Wolf, or should I say to Americans today, Happy Valentine’s Day?

Many of us celebrate the countless holidays that fill our year, but we really don’t truly understand both the significance and history behind some of these days we celebrate. One of these holy-days of the year is Valentine’s Day. In this article, I hope to illuminate your loved filled Valentines of chocolate hearts, stuffed fuzzy dogs, and the sharing of love with some large sprinkles of historical truth from the AS ABOVE and SO BELOW.

The current new American Holiday, Valentine’s Day had only started in about the mid-19th century. However, before the advent of the relatively new American Valentines, this ancient celebration had first originated thousands of years ago from the ancient fertility rites that were held during pagan times from February 13 through 15.

This was when the “Feast of the Wolf,” known as the “Lupercalia Festival” had first originated on the Greek island of Crete, and was later imported into Rome. A time of year, that was also known as the Ides of February. Later during the establishment of the Catholic Church in Rome, this pagan celebration would be changed into a Christian Holiday called the “The Festival of the Purification of the Virgin,” and also “The Procession on the Day of St. Mary or Saint Mary’s Day” (die sanctae Mariae – Saint Bede).

The old festival of the Lupercalia was all about spiritual cleansing when each year they had performed the rites of the Lupercalia, Dog sacrificewhich was mainly based on fertility magic. It was a very ancient celebration for the Cretans and Romans, where a goat and a dog were sacrificed, and salt meal cakes prepared by the Vestal Virgins were burnt.

It was also celebrated with games, and the winner was rewarded with a suit of brazen armour. With these rites, it was said that evil spirits were to be averted and to purify the city.



In the ancient Athenian calendar, the period between mid-January and mid-February was the month of Gamelion, dedicated to the sacred marriage of the Greek God Zeus and Hera. (Wikipedia)  In mythology, Zeus represents the planet Jupiter who is also the real king of planets in the AS ABOVE. This festival was honored at this time of year to celebrate Jupiter, which is the only planet visible throughout the night in February 2014.

This is when it is on the “cusp” of the incoming Sign of Pisces, whose ruler happens to also be the King, Jupiter. NASA describes this event as “The bright ‘star’ overhead after the Sun sets in the winter of 2014, it is our closest gas giant, Jupiter and the red supergiant Betelgeuse, 650 times bigger than the Sun, which is one of the shoulders of the ‘Great Hunter’ (Orion Constellation).”

Jupiter near star

Here is a great video below by Space.com that explains how after the sun sets on these winter days, a bright star shines in the night sky. However, this star is not really a star, but the King of all Planets, Jupiter. The ruddy planet of war, the planet Mars also shows its light this time of year. In addition, Sirius and the constellation of Orion appear to own the winter sky. In this video, you can see how Canis Major is dominated by the Dog Star, Sirius, and is on the footsteps of Orion with its heart called the “red supergiant Betelgeuse.”

This is why during the festival of the Lupercalia, the priests would sacrifice a dog to signify the Dog Star. This time of year also brings about Saturn (Set of Satan) in the early morning hours and one of the morning stars, the planet Venus which blazes a path out of the Eastern sky. Through a telescope, you can clearly see its crescent shape that looks similar to the moon which is the symbol of the Ancient Goddesses who represent Venus such as Isis, Ishtar, and Hecate.

Earlier in the month of February is also significant, because on February 10th, both Jupiter and the moon are shining together and becoming a full moon on Valentine’s Day. This AS ABOVE, SO BELOW event also coincides with the Festival of the Wolf, or Lupercalia, because we all know that wolves howl at full moons. Here is some current information on this wolf howl event from Space.com;

This evening, observers may notice a very bright, silvery “star” shining with a steady glow to the right or lower right of the moon. That’s not a star, however, but in reality, the biggest planet in our solar system: Jupiter. Both moon and planet will keep each other company as they move across the night sky through the course of the night.

The 1st century Greek historian, and biographer, Plutarch mentions during the festival a blood-ritual, “the blood symbolizing the bloodshed and terror of that time” and connects its origin with war. This makes sense since Valentine’s Day is essentially a “red holy-day.” 

In “Plutarch’s Lives of Romulus, Lycurgus, Solon and Others,” he writes;

As for the Lupercalia, by the time, it should seem to be a feast of lustration ; for it was celebrated on one of the inauspicious days of the month of February, which name denotes it to be the month of Purifying; and the day was formerly called Februata. But the true meaning of Lupercalia is the Feast of Wolves; and it seems, for that reason, to be very ancient, as received from the Arcadians, who came over with Evander. This is the general opinion. But the term may be derived from Lupa, a she wolf; for we see the Luperci begin their course from the place where they say Romulus was exposed.

However, if we consider the ceremonies, the reason of the name seems hard to guess:

For first, goats are killed; then two noblemen’s sons are introduced and some are to stain their foreheads with a bloody knife, others to wipe off the stain directly, with wool steeped in milk, which they bring for that purpose. When it is wiped off, the young men are to laugh. After this they cut the goat’s skins in pieces, and run about all naked, except their middle, and lash with those thongs all they meet . The young women avoid not the stroke, as they think it assists conception and childbirth. Another thing that propels this feast is, for the Luperci to sacrifice a dog.

The festival of the Lupercalia was held by the Luperci, who were the priests of Pan. The priests would run up and down the city streets naked, having only a girdle of the sacrificial victim’s skins around their waist, and thongs of the same in their hands as they would whip bystanders and especially married women that were alleged to make them prolific.

Crete aegean mapThese rites had come to Rome by way of the Holy Island of Crete. It was on Crete (Also known as Arcadia, Candia and in Latin, Cappadocia), where the priests of Pan had first originated and worshiped on the mountain called Lycaeus.  However, it was said that they originally had used to sacrifice humans instead of a goat and dog.

The Cretans and Luperci had also called Lycaeus the Sacred Mountain. Lycaeus is also known by the names of Mount Olympus and more commonly today, as Mount Ida. In ancient Greek Mythology, this was the same mountain where the God, Zeus was born, educated and hidden in a cave.

This story was then assimilated into Rome with a similar mythological event, wherein Rome there is a cave which was believed to have sheltered the founders of Rome, Remus and Romulus.

These festivals were banned for several years and later the restoration of the Rites of the Lupercalia in Rome from Crete is mentioned among the works of Augustus Caesar. They were not  abolished until the time of the rule of the Byzantine Emperor, Anastasius in 518 AD.

It was on Crete, where the priesthood known by many names such as the Luperci, Telchines, Curetes, Corbanytes , and the Priesthood of Jupiter Ammon etc. were placed in charge of protecting Zeus (Jupiter or Jove) by his mother Rhea from his vengeful father, Cronus (Saturn). I have written several articles on this ancient priesthood and also the island of Crete, in article such as,Crete: The Lost Island of Atlantis;

Herodotus had said that the Curetes had come to Crete with the Phoenician Prince Cadmus. In Latin Crete is called, “Cappadocia or Cappadocian” who were known as a large tribe of the Magi and are also called fire-kindlers. Herodotus tells us that the name of the Cappadocians was applied to them by the Persians, while the Greeks had simply called them, “Syrians” or “White Syrians.” The Latin name of the Cappadocians were known as “the men of Caphtor”, who we can call today, “the men of Crete.”


The pagan festival of the Lupercalia that contained blood and naked men running down the streets whipping people, would later change into a more respectable human Christian Holiday and Feast of the Purification that would officially be celebrated on the day of February 14, 40 days after Epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, “manifestation, striking appearance”). The Father of English History and Doctor of the Church, Saint Bede had written on these pagan events and heathen rites that were specifically practiced by the people of Sicily;

The procession of Candlemas consigned the Lupercalia to oblivion, and the Ambarvalia only yielded to the rustic pomps of the Rogations. As the peasants of Enna, in Sicily, could not detach themselves from the joyful festivals they always held after harvest in honour of Ceres, the Feast of the Visitation was retarded on their account, and they offered on the altar of Christ the ripe wheat-ears with which they had garlanded their idols.

Lupercalia and its procession had existed before, the feast of our Lady, but that the Christian religion had happily changed this ancient pagan custom of purification. He further states;

The people, priests and ministers, go in procession, with lighted wax tapers in their hands, singing hymns through the principal streets. The tapers, in his tunc, were consecrated for this purpose on Christmas day, and inscribed with the year of our Lord, which, commenced on that day observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi.


It was said that a dog was sacrificed during these rites because they were enemies to the wolf.  This is interesting because of the connection to the biblical Tribe of Benjamin, where “In the Blessing of Jacob, Benjamin is referred to as a ravenous wolf.”  The tribe of Benjamin were well known as great warriors who played an important role in Israelite history. The name Benjamin is derived from Banu-yamina.The ancient texts found in this city of Mari that date from 18B.C.were written in the Akkadian-language, and  refer to the Amorites by the name of the warlike tribe, ‘Banuyamina.’

Both names meaning, “the Son of the right hand” as described when Moses delivered Israel from Pharaoh, he became the right hand of God. In Colossians 1:16 – “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him;” Christ also ascended to heaven and sat down in the place of authority at the right hand of God as written in Peter 3:22 – Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.

Genesis 49:27 – Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf – It is plain, Jacob was guided in what he said by a spirit of prophecy, and not by natural affection, else he would have spoken with more tenderness of his beloved son Benjamin, concerning whom he only foretells, that his posterity should be a warlike tribe, strong and daring, and that they should enrich themselves with the spoil of their enemies, that they should be active in the world, and a tribe as much feared by their neighbours as any other; in the morning he shall devour the prey which he seized and divided overnight.

Teratoma Tumor: The demonic mass that grows teeth, eyes, feet, and organs

Teratoma Tumor: The demonic mass that grows teeth, eyes, feet, and organs

I would like to introduce to you a real life demonic type entity that grows inside of both humans and animals. It can form eyes, teeth, hair and even organs as it parasitically feeds on your body for its life.

In modern science, we call it by the name “teratoma tumor” which is Greek for monster and the Latin tumor, from tumere ‘to swell’ which refers to a mass that grows somewhere in the body.

As you can see for yourself, these tumors look like the scariest fricken monsters that I have ever seen and they are growing in people.

These tumors contain several types of cells and began to grow various forms of tissue such as hair, teeth, eyeballs and even organs and feet. These things are real-life entities growing within people!

Check out this report in 2008 in Colorado Springs, Colorado of a teratoma case involving a baby with a small tumor in his brain. Doctors operated on a three-day old baby removing the tumor and were shocked to find that it contained one fully-formed foot, another partial foot, and the beginnings of a hand and thigh. The doctor said;

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. It looked like the breach delivery of a baby coming out of the brain.”

There is the case of the 18-year-old Hispanic boy who was overweight and had breathing problems. One day, he had a coughing fit and was rushed to the hospital after his father insisted when he coughed up blood.

The doctors did x-rays revealing what they thought was a massive cyst, the size of a basketball, crushing his lungs. They performed emergency surgery and were shocked when they found a huge teratoma tumor with hair, teeth and what looked like eyes of an underdeveloped fetus.

The dude was literally carrying a monster baby in his body. It is like the invasion of the body snatchers, but real life.

According to the National Cancer Institute, the most common places for these parasitic entities to grow are within the ovaries, testes and the tailbone. The most common form is a dermoid cyst of the ovary, which contains epidermis, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands.

But sometimes they grow in our heads as in the recent case of this 14-year-old boy with right eye proptosis and visual acuity impairment, headaches, and a neuralgia-like facial pain was found to have a large tumor filling his right cavernous sinus. The doctors found that the had fat, cartilage, muscle strands, bone, and a primordial tooth.(See link for more info)

Or in the lungs like this modern horror story of the 22-year-old woman with a history of a cough was found to have a mass in the left upper lobe of her lungs, mimicking a fungus ball. Yup, there is that demonic fungus again! The doctors performed an upper left upper lobectomy revealing a teratoma tumor composed of skin, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, apocrine glands, smooth muscle, cartilage, fat, and respiratory epithelium.(source link)

The good news is that they performed surgery on the young lad and lady to remove the monsters and both lived happily ever after.

There are reports of these tumors all over the internet. Here are some more examples for you to take a deep dive down the demonic tumor rabbit hole.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that doctors remove the teeth and the tumor from the boy’s head during brain surgery. This is a form of teratoma called fetus in fetu, and may contain highly developed or even parafunctional organs.  The NE Journal reports:

“Multiple structures along the right periphery of the mass showed characteristics similar to those of teeth in the mandible (arrows). The patient underwent tumor resection through a right pterional approach; multiple fully formed teeth were seen in the tumor mass (Panel B). On pathological examination, an adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma was identified, which is a slow-growing tumor arising from Rathke’s pouch, an embryonic precursor to the anterior pituitary.

Such tumors consist of organized stratified squamous epithelium and wet keratin (keratin nodules) and may be cystic; the cysts are filled with viscous, yellow fluid containing cholesterol crystals. Histologically, adamantinomatous craniopharyngiomas closely resemble some odontogenic tumors and cysts. In the year since he underwent surgery, the patient has required shunting for bilateral subdural hygromas and receives thyroid and adrenal hormone-replacement therapy. He is making good developmental progress, and as part of his follow-up, he currently undergoes routine MRI.”

Livescience recently reported on one of the oldest cases when Spanish archaeologists found one of these monstor tumors calcified in the pelvis of a 30- year old Roman woman who died 1,600 years ago which had bone and four deformed teeth embedded within it.

In 2007 a Japanese woman had a teratoma tumour containing a lump holding a head, one fully formed eye and a number of internal organs removed from her right ovary.

In February 2014 the New England Journal of Medicine reported that doctors in Maryland in the US found fully-grown teeth growing in a 4-month-old baby boy’s enlarged head.

A 2018 study had shown that Intrapulmonary teratoma was misdiagnosed as aspergilloma is a 52‐year‐old woman who was complaining of intermittent episodes of hemoptysis for over 40 years. Chest computed tomography (CT) showed a cavitary lesion (5.5 × 5.3 cm) in the left upper lobe with heterogeneous components. The radiologic manifestations hinted a fungus ball (Fig (Fig1a).1a). Bronchoscopic biopsy and bronchoalveolar lavage failed to identify tumor cells or pathogens. A serum tuberculosis antibody test indicated no abnormalities.

The initial diagnosis was made by a local physician as Aspergillus infection because of positive results of Aspergillus galactomannan (GM) assay. The patient was administered voriconazole (4 mg/kg, q12h) for two weeks; however, her symptoms failed to alleviate. She was transferred to our hospital and underwent left upper lobectomy via a posterolateral thoracotomy through the fifth intercostal space. The specimen revealed a solid‐cystic mass containing yellow sebaceous material, hair and skin (Fig (Fig1b).1b).

Histopathological examination revealed a mature cystic teratoma lined by squamous epitheliums and sebaceous glands, hair follicles, mature adipose tissue, smooth muscles, cartilage and respiratory epithelium without any malignant cells. A final diagnosis of mature cystic intrapulmonary teratoma was established.

Postoperatively, the patient underwent a smooth recovery and was discharged at postoperative day (Source Link)

The word tumor is a general term for the mass that can be medically benign (generally harmless) or malignant (cancerous) growths which can proliferate the body uncontrollably and then destroy the healthy tissues as they spread systematically in the body.

The word cancer comes to us from the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates who in approximately 400 B.C. was said to have coined the term for these masses (tumors) he discovered growing in patients as karkinos — Greek for the word for crab because cancers “grab on and don’t let go.”

A malignant (cancerous) growth refers to a mass which we call a tumor that has the ability to invade surrounding tissues, metastasize (spread to other organs) and which may eventually lead to the patient’s death if untreated.

TOP IMAGE SOURCE:  Sculpture by Morgan Loebel (@morgansmutations) – This image was used to show what a human looking and fully formed tumor might look like.

Russian Orthodox Head: Antichrist is the person who will be at the head of the world wide web that controls the entire human race

As the Apocalypse evolves to its end stages, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and all Rus’, Patriarch Kirill had issued an ominous warning to Russians on state TV. as if it was taken out of an updated version of George Orwell’s 1984 but with a religious twist.

Kirill had said in an interview Monday that the data-gathering capacity of devices such as smartphones risks bringing humanity closer to the arrival of whom the Christians call the Antichrist who will control the world from the internet.

“Control from one point is a foreshadowing of the coming of Antichrist, if we talk about the Christian view. Antichrist is the person who will be at the head of the world wide web that controls the entire human race,” he said. (more…)

The mycomystery of doppelgänger

The mycomystery of doppelgänger

by John Wrench

I like to be polite to strangers.
It’s courteous to use their proper name,
to show an interest in the mob
they fit in, where they hail from.
But I reckon you’re a weirdo.
I mean, a creature of two worlds,
but then, no alien to where I tread.

Perhaps not so much two worlds
but showing some of each.
What is your dearest name?
The one revealing your true self?

I really cannot call you plant –
your vestment lacks a decent solid green.
Nor does animal seem appropriate
although your cloak is chitinous enough.
Your store of glycogen just simply
jumbles the whole issue even more.
Cohabiting with algae seems a ruse –

What price the loan of chloroplasts?

The other ruse is stinking of bad meat
Exploiting nosey flies for nursery jobs.
But wait, your toxins are not right for plants
No alkaloids, no aromatic oils, sweet smells
What’s more, you never fly or walk.
I give it up.

Fungus you will have to be
of many kinds, but quite unique.

You are a very singular mycomystery.(fungi-mystery)



In old German mysticism, a person’s double or what some would call the spirit double, second self, specter, ego or body’s oversoul was known as a “Doppelgänger”, which dopple means “double,” and -gänger, meaning “goer” – “double-goer”. Today in scientific jargon, the doppelganger effect is known as heautoscopy which I will explain below.

According to the old German ways, all living creatures have a double who is invisible but identical to the living person. The word doppelgänger was first coined in 1796 by the author Johann Paul Richter, who wrote under the pseudonym Jean Paul. Doppelgänger became an even more popular term after it was used in German horror fiction stories such as the 1846 novel The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Die Elixiere des Teufels, 2 vol. (1815–16; “The Devil’s Elixir”), by E.T.A.Hoffmann. (more…)

The Nicolaitans

The Nicolaitans

Not much is known concerning the famous Gnostic sect called the Nicolaitans. They are only mentioned in the Bible in the book of Revelation. As with almost all Gnostic groups, the various historical accounts that have been passed down to us are based on either biblical accounts and or by the testimony of several Church Fathers such as IrenaeusHippolytusEpiphanius,  Isidore of Seville, and Theodoret, stating that deacon Nicolas was the author of the heresy and the sect.

In this article, I would like to prove that the Nicolaitans were, in fact, ancient Cretans.

Isidore of Seville who is considered last of the Church Fathers had written, “The Church and sects (De ecclesia et sects)” and says, “The Nicolaites (Nicolaita) are so-called from Nicolas, deacon of the church of Jerusalem, who, along with Stephen and the others, was ordained by Peter.” (Etymologies, or the Origins, in the year 636 A.D. In Book VIII)

The Nicolaitans were the same Gnostics that St. John had opposed in the Apocalypse (2:6-15). The church at Ephesus had gone to war against these powerful Gnostics in “hating the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate” and the church in Pergamos is blamed “So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans.” (more…)

Chrisitians in Illinois fight the Satanic Temple over statue of Satan

Chrisitians in Illinois fight the Satanic Temple over statue of Satan

And so it begins. The “legal battle” for religious control of a nation whose motto is “In God, We Trust” has officially started.

A war of faiths in which many God-loving people feel this nation has gone to hell in a handbasket causing them to question “just which God do we Americans Trust?”

In the corner for the G-d Satan, we have the loud, proud, and the politically active organization known as The Satanic Temple who just won a lawsuit against the state of Illinois which allowed them to erect a 4 and a half-foot tall statue in the state’s capital building.

The statue says, “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift” and depicts the forearm of a young woman holding an apple which is entwined by a serpent representing the devil.

The statue seems to be pissing off a lot of conservative religious people.

This is nothing new for The Satanic Temple LLC who has been trolling Christians and Jews ever since it was formed back in 2012 by Douglas Misicko who goes by the pseudo name – Lucien Greaves.

A very public and even political campaign that this particular group of Satanists seems to be embroiled in just about every month since they began and why Misicko says that he has received many death threats, and deliberately does not use his legal name, to avoid threats to his family.

However, his name can be easily found on Wikipedia and he is now somewhat of a self-made Satanic media star who has been in just about every news publication in the country.

Misicko’s current media publicity stunt and assault on the religious right during their holiest months of the year for Christians and Jews and it looks like they are not going to back down without a fight. In fact, The Satanic Temple may have just officially shaken the religious hornet’s nest of this nation’s conservatives who may have had enough of their trolling.

After the statue was erected, thousands of upset people had bombarded their Illinois state representatives with calls and emails complaining that this statue was a direct attack on their faith and it must come down.

Just this week State Rep. Terri Bryant introduced House Resolution 1355 in the Illinois House condemning the decision by the Illinois Secretary of State to allow The Satanic Temple-Chicago to place a statue in the Statehouse rotunda along with displays that celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.

Bryant had told the media, “If the Satanists are protected by the First Amendment and are allowed to place that statue in our Capitol during this holiday season, then I am certainly within my rights both as an American and as a state representative to say that Satan or his worshipers are not welcome in the Illinois Capitol.”

However, just a day later, Bryant had issued a retraction saying that she didn’t mean to say that Satanists were not welcome at the Capital. Bryant had said, “That is not right and not what my intentions are.”

State Rep. Dave Severin, a Republican from Benton, co-sponsored the new resolution with Bryant had said in a press release, “I believe the decision to allow a Satan worship sculpture to be placed alongside emblems of the faiths of the Jewish people and Christians is a grave mistake and sends the wrong message during this time of reflection and celebration.”

On December 7, Illinois State Senator Paul Schimpf shared a letter on his Facebook page that he said he sent to Secretary of State Jesse White asking him to remove the statue.

In the letter, Schimpf wrote;

“Instead, the display seeks to provoke and antagonize members of the Christian and Jewish faiths,” Schimpf wrote. “As such, you (White) would have been well within your discretion to deny that display request.”

Senator Dale Fowler of Harrisburg feels Satanists are purposely being antagonistic and mocking people of other faiths with the statue. Fowler said in an official statement;

“The inclusion of the satanic display among long-standing religious displays in our state’s Capitol was, in my opinion, a disrespectful charade meant to undermine the tradition of religious expression. While I fully respect and support the rights to celebrate and observe religious holidays, I cannot and will not support a blatantly antagonistic effort to mock the intent behind declarations of faith.”

A representative from the Chicago Satanic Temple said on Friday that its statehouse statue is ‘not an attack.’ Lex Manticore, Satanic Temple-Chicago spokesperson, and co-chapter head, Lux Armiger, chairperson and co-chapter head, said in an interview Friday their group wants to be included in a place that’s meant to represent all people.

“We wanted to provide an alternative religious perspective that doesn’t often get heard,” Armiger said. The religious majority — Abrahamic faiths including Christianity and Judaism — often dominate the discourse, he said.

The members of The Satanic Temple-Chicago — which is the only official chapter of the temple in Illinois, and includes satanists all over the state and in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Missouri — wanted equal representation along with other public religious displays.

“The display is an affirmation of our own beliefs, not an attack on anyone else’s beliefs,” Manticore said. “I think misrepresenting us as attacking or this being a stunt is a misrepresentation of our intentions.”

Armiger said The Satanic Temple is “a non-theistic religious organization determined to halt the dangerous encroachment of theocracy into American government.”

“Just because we are not a theistic religion doesn’t make us not a religion,” Manticore said. “It’s common knowledge that we have no supernatural beliefs,” he said. But, he said, that does not mean they’re not a religious organization.

Not Your Mother’s Genes: Mitochondrial DNA Can Come from Your Father

Not Your Mother’s Genes: Mitochondrial DNA Can Come from Your Father

In my ongoing research into DNA Gnosis, a new revelation has been made changing the face of who we are and where we come from.

A biologist at Stanford University, Xinnan Wang, discovered that one of his patients, a four-year-old boy, was carrying two different sets of mitochondrial DNA: one from his mother, as expected—and another, from his father.

Previously it was believed that mitochondrial DNA could only be inherited from the mother, but this belief has been turned on its head by this new research.

Science Magazine reported that Huang who is a pediatrician and geneticist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, asked the patient to come back and provide fresh samples of blood, which Huang then split among several research labs to reduce any chance of error.

It was a finding that Huang knew would break a central tenet of human genetics—but time and time again, the outcome was the same – his mtDNA had also come from his dad.

Father-to-offspring transmission—which researchers have seen before in sheep, flies, and even mice—is probably rare in humans, but the new work suggests more of us may be carrying a mitochondrial legacy from our dads than we realized.

This was only the beginning. Using modern DNA sequencing technology, Huang and his colleagues have conclusively verified paternally-inherited mitochondrial DNA in 17 individuals spanning three unrelated families. Their work appears today in the journal PNAS.

“This is a really groundbreaking discovery,” says Xinnan Wang, a biologist at Stanford University who studies mitochondria but was not involved in the new findings. “It could open up an entirely new field… and change how we look for the cause of [certain] diseases.”

Read more @ Science Mag https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/11/maternal-dna-might-also-come-fathers?fbclid=IwAR2_DLTm8PUacjq7F3_4tqr0LfOEgxRA-Fs0isucLSRE2T0E_llFJ4aMPn4

Satanist Dr. Eric Sprankle needs to be educated about Virgin Births and Satan

Satanist Dr. Eric Sprankle needs to be educated about Virgin Births and Satan

In this article, I would like to address a tweet made by a Satanist named Dr. Eric Sprankle that is getting a lot of traction on Twitter. The traction is being fueled by the Age old battle between the followers of God, Jesus and his Virgin Mother on one side and the followers of self AKA the Dark Lord – Satan on the other.

Just to get you up to speed on what had occurred, Dr. Sprankle who happens to also be an Associate Professor
and Clinical Psychologist at Minnesota State University and a proud Satanist had tweeted a derogatory comment directed at Christians about their Holy Mother Mary.

Here is a copy of his tweet which to put simply, he is saying that Mary was criminally raped by God because there was no consent given.

As I’m sure he expected, many Christians around the Twitter globe are offended by Dr. Sprankle’s defamatory and might I add, ignorant tweet. After all, it is a direct attack on their religion and the very beliefs of the faith that billions of people around the world have been taught.

The Satanist Sprankle knows this. That is why he decided to publicly shame Christians on Twitter by trolling them with his December 4 tweet just 21 days before one of their most holy days of the year.

The problem with his tweet is not that it is just defamatory and shameful being that is coming from an Associate University Professor who should know better than to offend people’s religious beliefs during the holiest days of the year as if he some self-righteous and all-knowing Satanic Judge.

The problems are that his statement is neither historically and or scientifically correct. Meaning Dr. Sprankle does not know what he is talking about – nor does he understand the science of virgin births.

I have been writing about the Many Virgin Born Gods and the Science of Virgin Births since early 2015. In these articles, I explain how that over the course of written history, there have been many stories written about various gods, saviors, angels, demons, antichrists, and kings who were born of a virgin. These virgins who have sired many of these ancient men of renown and gods were sometimes called demons themselves who had been impregnated by some type of mysterious light, or demons who are sometimes called in mythology, dragons, serpents, and devils.

Some of the most famous people and gods who were conceived through this type of immaculate conception have been Horus, Moses, Attis, Dionysus, Jesus, John the Baptist, the Druid God Hu, Merlin, Quetzalcoatl, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jezeus Christna, Pythagoras, Plato, Alexander the Great, the Ptolemies, and Julius and Augustus Caesar who were said by many scholars to have been “virgin born.”

In regards to the actual science of virgin births, this phenomenon is called Parthenogenesis /ˌpɑrθənɵˈdʒɛnɨsɨs/, which is derived from the Greek term parthenos, meaning “virgin.” There are several species of animals, plants, and even humans who give birth to healthy offspring without having a sexual partner or sex.

There are also several documented cases of humans being born through virgin births.

For example, according to a 1995 report by the University of Edinburgh, Human Genetics Unit, Department of Medicine, Western General Hospital; “Where they demonstrate that parthenogenetic chimaerism can indeed result in viable human offspring, and suggest possible mechanisms of origin for this presumably rare event.

In 2009, a long-term study of reproductive health and published in the British Medical Journal, revealed that one in two hundred U.S. women said they have given birth without ever having had sexual intercourse. The study was based on the examination of 7,870 women and girls aged 15 to 28 from 1995 to 2009. 45 (0.5%) reported what is labeled a “virgin pregnancy, “unrelated to the use of assisted reproductive technology.” Meaning they had no vaginal intercourse or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

There is also the 2007 story of a Korean scientist who had claimed to clone human cells to create a human was actually the product of creating the first real “Virgin Birth” AKA human parthenogenesis. The Scientific American explains;

“Researchers say they have confirmed suspicions that embryonic stem cells claimed to be extracted from the first cloned human embryo by discredited South Korean scientist Woo Suk Hwang actually owe their existence to parthenogenesis, a process in which egg cells give rise to embryos without being fertilized by sperm.

A series of genetic markers sprinkled throughout the cells’ chromosomes show the same pattern found in parthenogenetic mice as opposed to cloned mice, according to a report published online today in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

The result suggests that, although Hwang deceived the world about achieving the first human cloning, his group was first to succeed in performing human parthenogenesis, which may offer a way of creating cells that are genetically matched to a woman for transplantation back into her body to treat degenerative diseases.”

The article further states that two other laboratories had created a “virgin birth” baby via human parthenogenesis which further proves that virgin birth is possible.

“The result follows on the heels of an announcement last month by another California stem cell company, International Stem Cell Corporation (ISC) in Oceanside, that it had successfully achieved human parthenogenesis for the first time. Last year, Italian researchers claimed to have achieved the same feat but have yet to publish their results.”

“The fact that this has now been achieved by two independent groups gives me a far greater degree of confidence,” Lanza says.

For the Satanist, Dr. Eric Sprankle to issue such an ignorant and defamatory tweet without first being educated on this subject is a shame, to say the least. But what do you expect from a modern man Heretic who unknowingly follows a real historical person passed down to us by the very Chuch he trolls on Twitter.

Yes, Dr. Sprankle, there was a real person named Satan whose name was Simon Magus and he was a Christian and also known as the First Gnostic.

By the way Eric, if you ever want to debate me and or have an open forum discussion about these Gnostic facts I present in this article and or any of my hundreds of articles, including those I have written about the Real Satan, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or email me at [email protected]

But something Satanic tells me that you only like your buddy’s Manson dildos – I mean to troll ignorant Christians…

The Kohanim Levites of Athens, Greece

The Kohanim Levites of Athens, Greece

In my continuing quest into the history of my ancestors, I have come across some interesting history for my fellow Kohanim Levite relatives around the globe. This research proves that Kohanim had a big influence on the ancient cosmopolitan city of Athens, Greece in approximately 6 BC. A time when Athens ruled much of the world and instituted the archon laws of Solon -AKA Epimenides the Cretan (Rule of Law).

As I have explained in my previous articles on the Kohanim, a person (race) who comes from the island Kos (Coos) is called a Koan in English, and a Cohen or Kohen (or Kohain; Hebrew: כֹּהֵן, “priest”, pl. כֹּהֲנִים Kohanim) which is simply the Hebrew word for priest. To get up to speed on this history,  I suggest you read my previous articles, The Origins of the Kohen PriesthoodDragon Isle: The Kohen of the Lost Island of DiaThe Royal Purple Silk ProstituteThe Lost Priesthood of the Kohen,and Kohen Levite DNA.

The Scripture states that the Kohanim were consecrated to serve in the Sanctuary of the Temple as the High Priests of Ancient Israel up to the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE.  The “legal descendants of Aaron,” who was the first kohen gadol; high priest of Israel, who were designated as the priestly class, the kohanim

Now, a barren wasteland that was once home to some of the most famous people in the ancient world.

The research I found that connects the Kohanim Levites to ancient Athens is from the Hungarian scholar Gyorgy Nemeth who created a list of all the foreigners living in Athens during the 6th-5th centuries BC based on their place of origin. (Transcribed by Dienekes Pontikos)

Nemeth found that the top sources of foreigners was from the island of Cues, AKA Kos, now known as Dia. Here is his list (out of 337 known):

Ceos (Greek island) 15
Plataiai (Greek city) 14
Samos (Greek island) 11
Thrace (territory) 8
Miletos (Greek city) 7
Megara (Greek city) 7
Syrakousai (Greek city) 7
Thasos (Greek island) 7
Aigina (Greek island) 6
Torone (Greek city) 6
Caria (territory in SW. Asia Minor) 6

Read more from  Dienekes Pontikos

Therefore, we can safely say that the Kohanim had most likely had a significant influence upon ancient Greek civilization. This makes perfect sense given the fact that their priests were some of the most famous healers and wise men to ever live in this region of the world such as  Prodicus (Greek: Πρόδικος, Pródikos; c. 465 BC – c. 395 BC), a Greek philosopher, who was part of the first generation of Sophists who went to Athens as an ambassador from Dia (Kos)

There are many other world-famous people and families that had hailed from the ancient island of Kos that I have documented on my blog before such as the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates  (Greek: Ἱπποκράτης; Hippokrátēs; c. 460 BC – c. 370 BC) who was born there, and also where he had operated his world-famous school of medicine.


[1] Nemeth, G. (2001) Metics in Athens, Acta Ant. Hung. 41, 2001, 331-348 
[2] The Foreign Residents of Athens: An Annex to the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names: Attica, by Michael J. Osborne and Sean G. Byrne (British Academy)

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